Silver Gryphon Squire Handbook

Version 2.0
Accepted by Gryphon Council on 3 Koaratos, 5100 (3 July, 2000)
Revised on (28 April, 2002)


I Dedication
II Introduction
III A Brief History
IV What is an Apprentice?
V Some Basics
VI OOC Information

I Dedication
This tome is dedicated to the memory of Lord Errick Dyfedd, first Scribe and Herald for the Order of the Silver Gryphon and, by decree of Baron Dunrith Malwind, Herald to the Court of Vornavis. Lord Errick served the Order with distinction for several years. He is distinguished as the first non-warrior Member of the Order. His legacy includes a vast collection of meeting minutes, informational scrolls, and the original concept upon which this Apprentice Guide is based.

II Introduction
Hail and welcome to the Squire Program of the Order of the Silver Gryphon!

The information contained herein is intended to provide you with some background on the Order of the Silver Gryphon, outline your responsibilities as a squire, and give you a rough idea of what to expect.

By now, hopefully, you have attended one or more of our meetings, met some of our Members, and come to feel at ease among us. While this guide attempts to make your place as a Squire clearer, it is by no means a substitute for the wisdom and tutelage of your Sponsor. The best way to learn about the Order and our goals is to spend time with your Sponsor and with other Members and Squires. Do not be shy and do not hesitate to ask questions.

III A Brief History
The Order of the Silver Gryphon was created several years ago under the guidance of Sir Maldon Wellesbourne, a knight formerly of Jantalar. A chivalric Order, its original purpose was to protect Wehnimer's Landing and nearby areas of Elanthia from the evil influence of Baron Hochstib of Jantalar. While the threat of Baron Hochstib still looms ominously, our charge has expanded and is best defined by the words engraved upon the plaque outside our Holding:

To Defend Our Town and The People Who Live Within It.
To Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves.
To Aid Those Who Are In Need, If Their Cause Is Just.
To Serve With Honor, By Example And By Deed.

Our first knights, Sir Cemb and Sir Welan, were awarded their spurs by Baron Malwind of Vornavis for courage in personal combat with a foe named Gurbah, who later turned ally to the Barony of Vornavis and to the Order. During a mission to rescue Korm, a Friend of the Order, from the dungeons of Jantalar, Sir Welan and Sir Cemb engaged Gurbah in personal combat. Some time later, in a rare public ceremony here in Wehnimer's Landing, Baron Malwind of Vornavis proclaimed four additional individuals worthy of the rank of knighthood. Thus our knights grew to include Sir Brinn, Sir Hyoko, Sir Waldo2, and Dame Wanton. Most recently, Baron Malwind granted spurs to Dame Deavon and Sir Ruffelin for service to the Order.

The Members of our Order strive to promote knightly virtues such as honor, courage, humility, respect, duty, open-mindedness, and fair judgment, just to name a few. This is accomplished not only by setting an example for others but by taking time to talk to and assist other individuals and organizations at any opportunity.

Working with our fellow citizens, we defend the town against any and all invaders, especially the ever present Jantalarian threat.

For more in-depth information about the Order and its history, see section VI below.

IV What is an Apprentice?
You have a Sponsor, you've been accepted as a Squire, and you've been handed your key to the Holding. Now what? What exactly does it mean to be an Apprentice?

Full Members consider themselves to be, essentially, knights in training. Squires are potential Members in training. Being accepted as a Squire is cause for celebration and should be considered an honor. It means that the Members of the Order have seen in you a kindred spirit, someone who has demonstrated such admirable traits as honor, responsibility, and nobility of character. We are constantly watching for individuals who share our values and may be able to work with us towards our goals.

Your time as a squire is the period during which we all come to know each other better. During this time, you will learn more of our beliefs and ideals. You will meet with us, hunt with us, work with us, and socialize with us. Your Apprenticeship allows us to evaluate not only your actions, but your character and your compatibility. Apprentices are expected to uphold the same code of conduct as full Members of the Order, and are thus proven worthy to become full Members.

In addition, your apprenticeship period should serve to reinforce your desire to be a member of the Order in your mind. You may find that, once exposed to the Order in a much greater level of detail, that you are no longer interested in membership. This is not the norm, but this is the correct time to discover any such problem. So, not only are you under evaluation by the Order, the Order is under evaluation by you.

The next section will outline what is expected of you and what you can expect from us.

V Some Basics
1) Your Sponsor is your primary source of information and training. You are encouraged to spend time with other Members and Squires so that you may get to know each other better. If you have questions, first seek out your Sponsor. If your Sponsor is unavailable, any Gryphon may be consulted.

2) During your time as a squire, you are expected to listen and observe with quiet respect during meetings or formal gatherings. If you wish to speak during a meeting, raise your hand and wait to be recognized by the Chairperson. Some Sponsors request that you consult with them, via whispers, prior to speaking out in a meeting. Remember that your conduct during meetings reflects not only upon the impression you give to the Members who will later vote on your fitness for membership, but also reflects upon your Sponsor. Consider sitting quietly through meetings as a lesson in patience, self-control, and humility.

3) Keys to the Holding remain the property of the Order. You are entrusted with the safekeeping of your key. It may not be loaned or given to anyone (family members, friends, etc.) except other Gryphon Members. If, for any reason, an individual leaves the Order, the key must be returned to the Order.

4) Guests are allowed in the Holding, but may not go beyond any locked door without being accompanied by a Gryphon Member (or Friend of the Order, etc.)

5) Armor and equipment stored in the two racks and the chest at the Holding are for use by Members only, usually during a testing, or with permission of the Leader, First, or Council for other uses. You are not to remove any item in the racks or the chest from the Holding, unless you have placed them there yourself.

6) The Silver Gryphon symbol may be worn and/or used by Apprentices in any form except that of a bracer, which is reserved specifically for full Members.

7) It should be understood that Order business, certain topics of discussion, and the comments of Members and fellow Squires during meetings should not be discussed with others outside the Order. We trust each of you to use common sense and show proper discretion when necessary. However, if you have any question at all as to whether something is sensitive, ask your Sponsor before discussing it.

Occasionally certain topics of discussion will generate heated debate. Some individuals feel very strongly about these issues and may make comments or pose questions within the Order which, if taken out of context or discussed with non-members, may create hard feelings, spark rumors, or cause misunderstandings. If you are in doubt about any subject's suitability for discussion outside the Order, please consult your Sponsor or other full Members for advice.

8) Squires are expected to attend meetings and Order functions as often as possible. Remember that these events may be the only times that some full Members may be able to interact with you, thus it is important that you make yourself available whenever possible.

9) Squires may not make statements or speak on behalf of the Order without consulting with a full Member. However, it must be remembered that you are a representative of the Order in that you are associated with us and your actions may reflect upon the Order for good or ill.

10) Squires are not permitted to vote on Gryphon issues, but their input is always welcome. If you have an opinion on a matter to be voted upon, please express your views directly or through your Sponsor. Your view may provide insight for others or present information not previously considered.

11) Squires may carry a proxy vote forward for their Sponsors in the event that a vote is scheduled, the Sponsor cannot attend, the Squire can, and they have fully discussed the vote before the meeting. The Sponsor should inform at least one other full Member that the Squire will be acting in proxy.

12) Squires may be put forth by their Sponsors for full membership when the following conditions have been met:
a) Sponsor and Apprentice mutually agree that the Apprentice is ready.
b) Apprentice has been active within the Apprentice program for no less than 3 months.
c) Apprentice has a minimum of 25 trainings.
d) An opening must exist (i.e. any membership limits may not be exceeded).

13) Upon completion of the Apprenticeship and testing, Apprentice must pass a unanimous vote of the existing full Members in order to attain full Member status.

VI OOC Information
The Order of the Silver Gryphon is an excellent opportunity to promote Role-Play. We encourage remaining "In Character," except in special circumstances where something cannot be expressed in genre terms.

The website is located here:

There is history here that you are encouraged to read, as well as some individual's stories. If you have a story you'd like to include, feel free to mail it to the Leader, our webmaster, or find one of us in the game and let us know that you have something for the website.

In addition to the website, there is a mailing list for the members.

Some terms you should know:

Leader - Elected leader of the Order.

First - Advisor and administrative assistant to the Leader.

Council - Three member group of individuals who advise the Leader and serve as counterbalance to the Leader. Elected by the Members, they serve as representatives of the Membership.

Friends of the Order - Non-warriors who serve along side the Members and are recognized by the Members as valuable contributors to the causes of the Order.

Knight - Anyone who has been awarded the golden spurs of knighthood by Baron Dunrith Malwind.

Member - Warriors who have completed Apprenticeship or were founding members of the Order. Allowed to vote and wear the symbol of the Order, the Gryphon bracer.

Squire - Apprentices who are paired with a Mentor in training and introduction to the order. (you)