Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament (11/10/19 Event)

Sponsored by the Order of the Silver Gryphon and Helden Hall

When: Sunday, November 10th, 9PM Elven

Where: Helden Hall, Wehnimer's Landing (down the cobblestone path off North Ring Road)

Helden Hall and the Silver Gryphons invite you to the Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament. This tournament represents the memory of lost members of our organizations, namely Dame Wanton, whom it's named after, and Sir Yarx, but for all of those who have left this realm to the next.


Rules of Helden Hall fighting pit

Arena Mechanics: (Will crash Arena/game if violated)

NO AOE spells
NO Implosion
NO Invisibilty
NO Sandstorm, NO Insect Swarm (They do not stay within combat area)
NO Carn's Cry
NO V’Tulls Fury
NO Weapon fire
NO Maelstrom
NO Meteor swarm
NO Gerrelle's Growl

3rd Annual Dragonspine Darts Tournament

Come join the Order of the Silver Gryphon for the 3rd annual Western Dragonspine darts invitational at the Gryphon Holding. Prizes will be given for first, second and third place winners. Sir Goldstr's Champions challenge returns for anyone who beats his overall score will receive a 500,000 silver kicker! (Way up from 50,000 last year). The dart game will occur on the 20th of Jastatos (October) at 9 PM Empire time (Eastern). Escorts will be available at the North gate to the Holding.

Website Work & Updates

Added our Bylaws amendment from 2017 in the Bylaws section to represent we allow ALL professions.

Updated current membership as we've several new squires and returning full members. Huzzah!

Updated Meeting Minutes for 2015-2019. I'm still in the process there as it's a lot of work.

Opening the Holding (4/28/19 Event)

When: Sunday, April 28th, 8PM Elven

Where: Gryphon's Holding, Lyserian Hills

For those who are curious or social and would like to spend time with the members of the Order of the Silver Gryphon we open our Holding up to all of the lands. Join us on Restday, the 28th of Olaesta (4/28/19) at 8pm Elven (EST). We'll present a tour and mingling opportunities at our headquarters. You may inquire early with any requests in advance. We'll have some fun and prizes as additional opportunities for those who attend.

We'll also be opening the first Forge in the lands and the under tunnels of the Holding with story telling and background shared.