Order of the Silver Gryphon - Duty

Cryheart recites:

"As a knight my duty is to my liege and to Wehnimer s Landing and its citizens. I swore an oath of allegiance to both. My service is to the duty of my oath. It is not an easy path to follow, but one I follow willingly."

Cryheart recites:

"My oath is to defend our town and the people who live within it. To protect those who cannot protect themselves. To aid those who are in need, if their cause is just. To serve with honor, by example and by deed ."

Cryheart recites:

"We are here to discuss the concept of duty. What is yours? To what or to whom do you feel responsible?"

Kothos says, "To my Mistress."

Cryheart recites:

"Before we commence, any questions about the little song I sang?"

Cryheart says, "Let me remind ye again."

Cryheart says, "Ahem."

Cryheart sings melodically:

"Landing Safe and People true The warriors pledged their strength to You A dozen warriors a fortress Holding small Warriors defend against the Landings fall"

Balantine asks, speaking to Cryheart, "Nice rhyme, who's the author?"

Cryheart says, "Tis an old song...bout the beginning of our Order."

Cryheart says, "The first twelve warriors of our Order."

Cryheart says, "Who swore the oath of duty."

Cryheart says, "Hmm..Berr, Geof, Pip, Brinn....."

Balantine says, "First I've heard o' it, good history that."

Cryheart asks, "Anyone here hae sworn an oath of duty?"

Cryheart asks, "What was the duty?"

Cryheart asks, "What was the oath, Brother Blud?"

Kothos says, speaking to Cryheart, "I took an oath to be Her agent in my Service and my faith. To teach and to protect Her Temple and its denizens."

Kothos says, "And to care for those She has given hospitality."

Cryheart asks, "For those who dinnae know who She is...mind saying it?"

Geijon says, "Pip could sing. Berr had a great sense of humor."

Kothos says, "I am a priest of Ivas, in the Vipershroud Temple."

Guarrin casually mentions, "I believe Errick was the author of the song, by the way."

Kothos says, "I am responsible for teaching new acolytes and in greeting and assessing the needs of the pilgrims who visit us."

Balantine says, speaking to Guarrin, "Thank thee fer that, like to know the source of those rhymes."

Kothos says, "I also offer care and solace for the Children of Ivas who are our charge."

Guarrin says, speaking to Balantine, "There are more of his writings in the library. He has some others, I believe."

Cryheart asks, "Are there consequences for nae following that duty?"

Geijon says, "First scribe of th' Order and th' first non-warrior if memory serves as he was a rogue by training."

Kothos says, speaking quietly to Cryheart, "There are."

Cryheart says, "Errick was indeed a rogue."

Kothos says, speaking to Cryheart, "The Children would be lost without us. Abandoned."

Cryheart says, "Good evening, Magister Raelee."

Kothos says, "Our consequence would be grief and guilt."

Seok asks, "Who are the Children of Ivas?"

Geijon says, "And a betrayal of our oath."

Balantine says, speaking to Kothos, "Tis rare to find a follower of Ivas with honor, I knew one other...long ago, but few others."

Kothos says, "Which lessens Her presence in the world."

Cryheart says, "I shall allow Brother Blud to answer that question."

Cryheart says, "Someone asked who was the Childrein of Ivas."

Kothos says, speaking to Balantine, "You are part of that reason."

Kothos says, speaking to Balantine, "You all came, the night we were woken with fire and violence."

Kothos says, "You came to help us. And I will never forget that."

Cryheart asks, "Kothos, the Children of Ivas are her followers?"

Kothos says, "No. They are those who have been afflicted with a curse, injury or disease, who cannot be cured."

Kothos says, "We take them in when their families no longer have the means to care for them."

Kothos says, "...and sometimes we find them abandoned in the swamp or the Glatoph nearby."

Kothos says, "We cannot cure them, but we keep them comfortable."

Kothos says, "For whatever time they have left."

Cryheart asks, "So that is your duty?"

Kothos says, "It is one aspect, and in a personal sort of definition, it is my chief duty, as it would stand. The rest is Service."

Darcena asks, "My turn?"

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Darcena says, "I have multiple responsibilities, duties, and oaths I have sworn. I sometimes wonder how I ever saddled myself with so much when I was once so much more free."

Darcena says, "I will speak on two of them."

Darcena says, "The first is to House Sovyn. Over two decades ago I promised that I would assist any seriously injured or deceased person without fail."

Darcena says, "There is a consequence to not following that."

Darcena says, "I will be removed from the House."

Darcena says, "I will talk about a less direct consequence in a moment."

Darcena says, "The second oath I want to speak on is to the Order of Lorekeepers."

Darcena recites:

"To go forward from this day with a mind free of prejudice in our service as mentors. To gather, collect and distribute all manner of lore and knowledge for the betterment and prosperity of society. To hold ourselves with pride, dignity and honor, serving as a shining example to those around us. To aid those in need, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or profession. To hold sacred the oath of those who came before us and the secrets found within the order."

Darcena dryly says, "The third one is often the most difficult for me."

Darcena says, "The consequence to breaking that oath is also, likewise, to be removed from the Order."

Darcena says, "However, there is a more important consequence to breaking both of those."

Cryheart asks, "Aye?"

Darcena says, "Whatever I do reflects upon the Order of the Silver Gryphons, House Sovyn, the Order of Lorekeepers, and the many other entities to which I bear responsibility."

Darcena says, "When I break my oaths, I reflect poorly on them and they are seen in a lesser light."

Darcena says, "While that is not a direct consequence, it is one that I hold so much more dear."

Darcena says, speaking to Cryheart, "I hope that answered your questions sufficiently."

Cryheart says, "You have several oaths of duty to consider."

Darcena says, "Indeed."

Cryheart says, "Thank ye."

Balantine recites:

"I grew up with the Code of Chivalry"

Kothos says, speaking quietly to Raelee, "My pardons, Magister Svala, I missed your arrival. I hope you are well tonight."

Balantine recites:

"And I've walked a crooked path in pursuit of it, long as I can remember"

Balantine recites:

"But my first oath, was nae until I met Sir Morgiest and House Dangneach Onoir"

Balantine recites:

"The House motto is: Honor, Duty, Loyalty"

Balantine recites:

"And though Duty is nae spelled out, I would put it's meaning as..."

Balantine recites:

"An unspoken oath to those in our care"

Balantine says, "Lord Morgiest taught me much, but more by example than by word, as all of House Onoir."

Balantine says, "And those that know him, know he's nae brief in his teachings."

Cryheart says, "Sir Morgiest was a warriior who refused to take on spells to protect him, if any dinnae know who he was."

Balantine recites:

"In any case, I also took the oath to the Order of the Silver Gryphons"

Balantine says, "A True follower of Kai, and dedicated to the Code."

Balantine says, "I take my oaths very seriously, and nae offer my word to many."

Balradrung says, speaking to Cryheart, "It's a family resemblance."

Cryheart asks, "Anyone else hae a duty the swore an oath to?"

Cryheart asks, "Anyone?"

Darcena dryly says, "I have more I could recount."

Meril curiously asks, "One needs not have sworn an oath, to have a duty, yes?"

Cryheart says, "You can hae a duty."

Cryheart says, "Without an oath."

You say, "I have but yeothers spoke da words a explanation."

Seok says, "I have a duty to oppose the Grimswam and their allies at every opportunity."

Guarrin says, speaking to Meril, "An interesting question."

Cryheart asks, "A good point..what other duties to ye hold to?"

Vaikhen offers, "And likewise, many of us to the Order of Voln."

Akenna says, "Not only have a sword an Oath to the Order of the Silver Gryphon. I also have a duty to the town of Mist Harbor as apart of their militia."

Akenna says, "I did not swear an oath, but I do consider it a serious duty to protect them as well as the Landing."

Dendum offers, ""Have sword an oath to the Willow Hall."

Dendum says, "Sworn even."

Cryheart says, "Consideration for one's duty is the same as an oath as I see it."

Falvicar quietly says, "'Sworn to the Night's Blade and the Silver Gryphons."

Seok says, "It all comes down to promises to help or protect others, not just because we want to and not just when we want to but always. Because it's necessary. And what's needed can't just be done when you feel like it."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Meril says, speaking thoughtfully to Cryheart, "For my part, my duty is to the wounded no matter who they might be, much as Darcena, though I have never sworn it in words. The gift is healing is one that the goddess has entrusted to me, and so I cannot take it lightly."

Meril adds, speaking to Cryheart, "And of course the sylvankind have a duty to all of Elanith as well, in much the same way."

Cryheart says, "Again, serving a duty you are sincere about is the same as an oath, if unspoken."

Cryheart says, "I know someone here who has served Voln in a dutiful manner."

Cryheart says, "Besides those who has spoken up."

Darcena playfully adds, "Someone who may need to know what your questions were."

Darcena says, "As he arrived late."

Cryheart says, "Duty."

Jaysehn says, "Oh....sorry."

Jaysehn says, "Duty. Um...yes."

Cryheart says, "I swore an oath of duty."

Darcena says, "To whom do you owe duty and what are the consequences of not fulfilling your duty."

Darcena whispers aloud, "I think."

Missoni amusedly says, "It is always helpful to repeat questions."

Jaysehn asks, "Oh...am I to answer?"

Kothos says, "Yes."

Cryheart says, "If ye wish."

Jaysehn says, "Well....though he was an awful man...I thought my father was quite correct when he spoke of duty to us."

Jaysehn says, "He said that Duty is a thing you owe to yourself, as you will know when you have lost it and you will never be able to recover it. So do not pledge it unless you mean to never forget it."

You say, speaking to Jaysehn, "Well put."

Jaysehn says, "It has served me well enough. I serve the Order of Voln, but I suffer the consequences of failure, not the Order."

Alosaka quietly says, "Very aptly spoken."

Kothos says, "I was just thinking, that sometimes, the part of my faith that is Duty, is that which...if I am honest...I sometimes do not wish to do. But I do anyway."

Cryheart asks, "So would ye say that your duties are a moral obligation, if nae a legal one?"

Cryheart asks, "Any of you have legal obligations to your duty?"

Fremie says, "Legal? eh. um."

Fremie says, "Nope."

Perivan says, "My family holds lands in North Hendor. Our duty to Earl Jovery is moral, but it is also legal in nature."

You say, "I might think da me Oath to da Nothern Sentinel be me only Legal duty."

Cryheart says, "His Excellency, Earl Jovery, the Northern Sentinel."

Cryheart says, "Evening and welcome."

Cryheart says, "Let me share you something about those who were knighted by Earl Jovery and consequences."

Cryheart asks, "Recall the war with Talador?"

You say, "We paid der."

Cryheart says, "Talador wished to impose their will on the Landing."

Cryheart says, "Earl Jovery ordered the Order of the Silver Gryphon to stand down."

Cryheart says, "So in the beginning, we did."

Cryheart says, "As Talador just made threats."

Cryheart says, "Then Talador begin firing their trebuchets against the Landing, killing some citizenry including children."

Cryheart says, "That took precedence to us according to our Oath."

Balantine says, "First fireball landed right in Town Center."

Cryheart says, "Therefore the members of my Order joined in to fight."

Geijon says, "Davard."

Cryheart says, "As a result of us engaging against the Talador forces."

Dendum asks, "Was the Davard as broken as he may have become not also doing his duty?"

Cryheart says, "Earl Jovery had troops take over the Holding of our Order."

Cryheart says, "We dinnae hae access to it for a long time."

Lehon says, "Coward."

Cryheart says, "Then he heard about our oath to the Landing."

Falvicar quietly says, "Excuse me."

Cryheart says, "He eventually allowed us back in."

Lehon asks, "He can read?"

Cryheart says, "Well..he keeps to Northern Hendor."

Cryheart says, "Soooo."

Geijon says, "Our Order was struck from th' Imperial rolls for organizations as well."

Alosaka says, "How beneficent ofhim."

Guarrin reminds, "It was also the Earl that sent troops to aid us when Hochstib attacked."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Cryheart says, "He is nae duplicitious, just makes sure we honor our duty and oath."

Cryheart asks, "Anyone else hae a duty they serve?"

Cryheart asks, "By legal or moral obligiation?"

Fremie says, "We spoke ta the town council last evenin'."

Guarrin says, "The Earl did later restore the Order to the lists and returned the Keep."

Guarrin says, "Once the matter was ...sorted out."

Balantine says, "Too bad he fergot to clean up the tunnels."

Lehon says, "E messin with the worng folks."

Geijon says, "We later rescued him after Chaston sought to destroy Tamzyr, but ended up creating th' Bleaklands and displacing th' surviving Talador individuals. Malvernus and th' Hall were able to save a great many, which led to Lady Kasendra's relief efforts from th' Empire."

Cryheart says, "Oh..and that."

Geijon says, "Th' Talador ended with Mayor Walker becoming th' abomination as he slaughtered th' baggage train of th' retreating Taladorian armor."

Cryheart says, "After we rescued him..the others went into Talador to chase after Chaston...I stayed with his Excellency."

Guarrin says, speaking to Cryheart, "If I may, I would like to share some of Sir Brinn's words on the topic."

Geijon says, "War and army. Correction."

Guarrin says, "I apologise, as this is an exerpt from a much longer text."

Guarrin says, "And I likely will not do Sir Brinn justice."

Guarrin says, "To choose consciously all of your actions to be in accordance with the benefit of your liege, your charge, and your vows, and conversely to never act in a way detrimental to your liege, your charge, or your vows."

Geijon says, "I've never managed."

Fremie asks, speaking to Cryheart, "The Gryphons still hold that oath to the Landing then?"

Guarrin says, "To do what is known to be right, regardless of the conflicts that arise in you, and regardless of the personal cost to you."

Cryheart says, "Always."

Guarrin says, "To be answerable for all you do, regardless of the reasons for choosing your path."

Fremie says, "Ye may wish to know of words spoken last eve per'aps."

Cryheart says, "Chivalry."

You say, speaking to Guarrin, "Good words to live by."

Guarrin says, "I have often found them to be very useful over the years."

Geijon says, "Brinn spoke on knighthood as well. Tis an ideal to strive for, a white cloak will get mud on it, but remain true to th' pursuit."

Cryheart asks, "Fremie, you stated something about what was said last evening?"

Fremie says, "Amos plans to build his bazaar, regardless of bein' mayor. The location could become a pro'lem for the poor in Shanty Town. And there aren't many who would stand up ta him."

Seok asks, "How could shops be a problem?"

Fremie says, "He has enough coin ta spread around."

Fremie says, "Well, ya bring in coin... those without it aren' going to be seen in as favorable an eye."

Dendum says, speaking to Fremie, ""Hrmm he put this proposal before a council for them to vote on it...this is hardly forcing his way."

Alosaka remarks, "Tangential to this discussion."

Cryheart says, "My understanding that Shanty Town would get rebuilt."

Darcena thoughtfully says, "It seems like something we are likely to discuss in our regular meetings, although we do not take sides in political matters."

Fremie says, speaking to Dendum, "Wouldn't be the first merchant to come here and start a war over it."

Darcena says, "And tonight the discussion is on duty itself."

Cryheart says, "Ahem."

Fremie says, "If the council fails in their duty."

Seok asks, "And where would the poor go once their houses were gone?"

Guarrin says, "Sometime to keep an eye on certainly."

Cryheart says, "Aye, our Order is nae a political order...but a chivalric order."

Cryheart says, "But we do keep vigil."

Alosaka asks, speaking dryly to Fremie, "Would anyone notice?"

Geijon says, speaking to Seok, "Wehnimer's has a bery of cooperative houses. I'd expect we can find them shelter."

Dendum says, speaking to Seok, ""There was no plan to knock down housing for this Bazaar but rather to build it near the workers so they would have more jobs."

Fremie says, "Fine by me. I don' mind runnin' off a few merchants."

Fremie says, "As long as yer duty don't get in my way."

Vaikhen quietly observes, "What I am gathering is that sometimes your sworn duty could conflict with what is morally right. And you must have the strength of will to follow what is right."

Alosaka says, "We're not here to debate politics."

Kothos says, "To navigate those questions, though..."

Kothos says, "We should have a separate discussion, perhaps later."

Lehon says, "They have to get a permit if they cuttin trees down."

Guarrin says, speaking to Vaikhen, "Yes, I believe that is the point that Sir Cryheart and Sir Brinn were making."

Missoni asks, speaking to Cryheart, "May I ask a question about the separation of politics and duty?"

Kothos says, speaking quietly to Vaikhen, "Well-said."

Cryheart says, "Sure."

Geijon says, speaking to Vaikhen, "That can be th' quandry. We've often been told how we'll react where it is far more nuanced."

Geijon says, "Cryheart pointed it out being a knight sworn to a liege and his oath to th' Landing."

Missoni asks, speaking to Cryheart, "Is it against duty then for those who have taken the oath to do things individually, such as vote?"

Geijon says, "We don't confuse protecting th' landing with our spurs."

Missoni says, "Or is it more that the Order as a whole does not get involved."

Cryheart says, "One can vote as a citizen..some choose to do so and some dont."

Missoni says, "It is an interesting distinction."

Cryheart says, "Let me repeat our oath for those who were late."

Cryheart recites:
"My oath is to defend our town and the people who live within it. To protect those who cannot protect themselves. To aid those who are in need, if their cause is just. To serve with honor, by example and by deed ."

Cryheart says, "That is the basis for us."

Cryheart says, "If thei cause is nae just..well that is another matter."

Missoni says, "One could read voting as serving others, or not, depending."

Meliyara curiously asks, "Who decides what is just?"

Fremie says, "So if Amos starts tossin folks outa their homes. I know who to come to. I already expect politics to fail in the Landing, by it's nature, and wasn't really involvin' all them."

Cryheart asks, "What is right or wrong?"

Cryheart asks, "What is just?"

Cryheart asks, "What is unjust?"

Meliyara amusedly observes, "Eii, that is my question."

Lehon says, "The answers are within."

Geijon says, speaking to Fremie, "I said as much to Thadston, but who is Mayor doesn't matter. We'll guard th' gate either way."

Vaikhen wryly says, "I feel that could be another discussion unto itself."

Cryheart says, "But the last of our oath gives an idea...honor, deed."

You say, speaking to Cryheart, "Personal decision on dem."

Cryheart says, "And by example."

Cryheart says, "Thank ye Darcena."

Cryheart says, "Evening Yukito."

Geijon says, "Principle. Fairness. Just. That could indeed be a discussion."

Cryheart says, "We could go on an eternity with defining each part."

Geijon says, "I am usually most concerned with intent in how I make decisions or viewpoints."

Geijon says, "But duty is service and that is collective."

Fremie says, "Imagine that debate. Elves would certainly win just by the years they live."

Alosaka asks, "What if one has two oaths or duties that conflict with each other?"

Cryheart asks, "Explain?"

Cryheart asks, "You mean if they are the exact opposites?"

Cryheart asks, "Like an oath to Lornon and another to Liabo?"

Alosaka asks, "A knight may be sworn to his leige, but a knight may also take a vow to protect the innocent. What if his leige then orders him to do something that will harm the innocent?"

Cryheart asks, "Then that cause would nae be just, ye think?"

Akenna says, "Then I suppose one must take the side they feel is just and then reap the consquences of breaking the other."

Seok says, "Then his liege is wrong, and the knight has to do what he must to protect the innocent, even from his liege."

Alosaka asks, "So it is up to the knight to decide which oath he will obey?"

Cryheart says, "That is possible."

Akenna says, "I would say so."

Akenna says, "In the end, it is up to you."

Guarrin repeats, speaking to Alosaka, "To do what is known to be right, regardless of the conflicts that arise in you, and regardless of the personal cost to you."

Cryheart says, "There are consequences for any thing we do."

Seok says, "People make judgments about what is right or wrong--or what promise they will keep--every day."

Guarrin says, speaking to Alosaka, "Sir Brinn really did have a good grasp on this."

You say, "As Sir Cryheart gave example bout Talador."

Missoni says, "Is it breaking the oath if the person to whom you swore it is corrupted? I think there is a burden on both sides to uphold an oath."

Fremie says, "Pardon me a moment."

Kothos says, "Perhaps the very nature of these oaths means that we know they will be tested."

Kothos says, "Mor than once."

Alosaka asks, "Must one voluntarily assume a duty for it to truly matter?"

Kothos says, "And harshly."

Cryheart says, "Aye, breaking an oath to a liege, one must consider what is just or not."

Geijon says, "Gedrick is an interesting example of a man who slew a knight for behavior against th' people."

Seok says, "If someone forced you to take an oath, I would not think it was binding."

Cryheart asks, "What is honorable?"

Geijon says, speaking to Cryheart, "And consequences, like those levied on Cemb."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Jaysehn says, speaking to Missoni, "That is a... poignant observation."

Akenna says, "If my leige told me to act dishonorably, I would assume that he had broken his part of my oath sworn."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Kothos says, "Treating one another fairly, to use perspective to understand and appreciate where another is coming from."

Kothos says, "And use that patience to resolve a conflict, even if it means a battle. Or a war."

Jaysehn says, "Mutual obligation seems only sensible in an oath between individuals."

Cryheart says, "A mutual understanding must occur."

Dendum says, "Hrmm."

Kothos says, "Perhaps their is as much on the line to one you give the oath to."

Jaysehn says, "But if duty were easy, it would not be worth such a lively discussion in the first place."

Cryheart says, "I do think Earl Jovery now understands our oath."

Kothos says, "And if you are given an order that violates your honor, perhaps they've broken with you."

Alosaka says, "Last one, I promise..."

Cryheart says, "Is ok."

Dendum muses, speaking to Cryheart, ""We may hope it is a long time before two oaths collide and bleed the landing again."

Alosaka asks, "Are there any duties or obligations that all of us, simply by dint of being residents of this town, or any town, have?"

Missoni says, speaking to Kothos, "As Darcena mentioned earlier, the oathtaker is a representative who can reflect well or poorly on an organization."

Geijon says, "A farmer has a duty, to his crops, even in lack of rain to be creative, as it's food for their family and community. Duty is not necassarily a matter of knighthood either."

Alosaka asks, "That is, not duties we have agreed to, or even spoken, but nevertheless must uphold?"

Cryheart asks, "Like finding bandits and such?"

Geijon says, "As plenty of lords, like Hochstib, had knights serve their agenda. Knight doesn't equate to goodness."

Cryheart says, "Or freeing the undead."

Alosaka says, "Obeying laws."

Cryheart says, "Yep."

Cryheart says, "Historically there are mercenarys who may be hedge knights."

Cryheart says, "Those who serve the might silver and not of honor."

Cryheart says, "Mercenaries for hire."

Cryheart asks, "Any last question or statement?"

Kothos says, speaking to Cryheart, "You certainly fielded a lot of them."

Cryheart says, "If not, I would like to thank ye all for coming and participating."

Guarrin says, "Thank you Sir Cryheart."

Akenna says, speaking to Cryheart, "Thank you for having this discussion."

Cryheart says, "May Kai protect ye all."

Kothos says, speaking to Cryheart, "Thank you. It was inspirational. Makes for some puzzlers in my head, though."

Missoni says, speaking to Cryheart, "Thank you."

Lehon says, "Thank you sir."

Cryheart says, "Welcmoe all."

Vaikhen says, speaking sincerely to Cryheart, "Thank you, and your Order, for hosting another discussion."

Cryheart says, "Welcome too."

You say, "Take care folks .. I hear Helga a callin me."

Augustinia says, "Thank ye Sir."