Order of the Silver Gryphon - Imperial Heraldry Presentation

Attendees: Akenna, Alosaka, Sir Balantine, Sir Bristenn, Grand Lady Cinabar, Sir Cryheart, Darcena, Elbromo, Ifanna, Sir Geijon, Goldstr, Lord Gregov, Arena Champion Guarrin, Jaysehn, Lord Khazaann, Seward Koergun, Arena Hero Madmountan, Murgin, Meril, Lady Misun, Great Lord Nazarr, Lord Perivan, Magister Raelee, Roelaren, Tabubu, Yukito

[Gryphon Holding, Great Hall]
A light draft stirs the banners draped overhead, each measure of silk representing a knight of the Order. Dominating the room is a massive oak table with a dozen tall chairs around it. Three smaller tables are set up in an alcove off the eastern wall for more private gatherings. Elaborate figurines of former members line the mantle of a huge fireplace set at the far end of the room. Flanking the hearth, floor-to-ceiling shelves hold a wide selection of reading material and ancient tomes. You also see a varnished pale oak cart with some stuff on it, a wooden ladder and a newel staircase.
Obvious exits: none

Geijon recites:

"Please settle in. We'll begin with the presentation."

Alosaka recites:

"We'll start in a moment, friends. Please grab any refreshments and get comfortable."

Alosaka recites:

"I am Alosaka, Squire of Guarrin. With me tonight is Lady Akenna"

Akenna says, "I am Akenna, squire to Sir Cryheart."

Akenna says, "It is a pleasure to see you all here."

Akenna smiles.

Alosaka recites:

"And I hope we will be able to inform, please, and entertain you all tonight."

Alosaka bows.

Akenna surreptitiously glances at Alosaka.

Akenna nods in agreement.

Alosaka says, "Imagine with me for a moment, friends."

Alosaka tilts his head down.

Alosaka despairingly exclaims, "Disaster!"

Akenna raises an eyebrow.

Alosaka exclaims, "It is summer, and we have been at war for months. The armies of the Pretender Baron crash against the walls of the Landing like the tides. For days they have laid siege to us, and our hope is running low!"

Alosaka buries his face in his hands.

Alosaka says, "The wounded lie in the streets, begging for aid. Overwhelmed empaths tend to the bleeding, the screaming, and the dying."

Alosaka exclaims, "As you stand on the walls and look outside at the Dragonsclaw, it is as though the grass has been replaced by our enemies. Serried ranks of cavalry, archers, infantry, they all stand, just waiting for the order to launch the last attack, the on that will batter down our gates and expose our beating heart to their blades!"

Alosaka slowly empties his lungs.

Alosaka says, "There is only one hope. The mayor hands you a scroll. "Take it," she says, "Deliver it to the armies of the Barony of Vornavis, who ride to our defense! It will show them where to strike, and when, and together we shall defeat our foes!"."

Alosaka nods.

Alosaka renders a sharp hand salute.

Alosaka exclaims, "You salute sharply and take the message. You sneak through the catacombs beneath the town, emerging outside. All around you are soldiers, but you are yet to be seen! As quick as you can you race through the forests, desperate to find the forces of Vornavis!"

Alosaka excitedly exclaims, "There, THERE!"

Alosaka points south.

Alosaka exclaims, "You spot the baron himself! Riding with his knights! You race up to the standard-bearer, the knight holding the flag, the proud Black Triskelion on a field of red like blood!"

Alosaka says, "And..."

Alosaka ponders.

Alosaka says, "That that is the right flag, isn't it? I mean, it's been a while since you studied the Imperial Crests. And there's so many of them."

Alosaka exclaims, "Who has time for that, right? You're a busy adventurer. Crests are crests. And so, you march smartly up to the standard bearer, who flies the proud Black Triskelion of Vornavis probably Vornavis and hand him the scroll!"

Alosaka says, "He takes it, returns your salute, and promptly runs you through with his spear. Because Vornavis' crest is an ivory swan on an emerald field."

Alosaka says, "Friends, don't let this happen to you. Know the crests! Which is what we're going to do tonight."

Akenna snickers.

Alosaka says, "I will be discussing a few of the Northern Baronies and their crests. These baronies are quite important to us, as they are right on the doorstep of the Landing."

Alosaka says, "Lady Akenna will discuss the baronies in the heart of the Empire, and a few of particular importance to her own self."

Akenna smiles.

Alosaka says, "And I will close with a brief overview of the very south of the Empire, where we rarely travel. But, who knows! Armies are adventurous."

Alosaka recites:

"Let us start with the baronies of greatest importance to us... Jantalar and Vornavis."

Alosaka recites:

"Vornavis, you should know. It is so close! As we learned, they fly the standard of the Ivory Swan, facing right, on an emerald field."

Alosaka recites:

"If you have been to Solhaven, you have seen this pennant flying from the walls of Vornavis, right across the river. You may have seen it in town yourself!"

Alosaka recites:

"It is the standard of Baron Dunrith Malwind, who has a rather tense relationship with the next standard we will discuss, one of equal importance..."

Alosaka recites:

"The Black Triskelion of Jantalar! A triskelion, of course, can take many forms, but always in three. Three arms, three circles, three rings, three sigils, all on a field of Gold and Red. It is a martial barony, given to war. Many times the Baron of Jantalar has brought war to his neighbors, seeking through force of arms what he cannot gain by treaty or trade."

Alosaka offhandedly says, "As an aside, most of the noblemen and women in this room have their own histories with Jantalar. I encourage you to ask them about it."

Alosaka recites:

"Jantalar, the Black Triskelion, has had a rough past with its neighbors. They have attacked Vornavis, the Landing, and poor Mestanir."

Alosaka recites:

"Ah, Mestanir! Land of hedgewizards, who seek to practice arcane arts outside writ of the Hall of Mages. They felt Jantalar's wrath. Their crest, a Gold Crown on a white circle on a red field, was cast to the ground and trampled into the mud by Jantalar's soldiers."

Alosaka recites:

"And then, lest we leave anyone out, there is faraway Talador. As close to Icemule Trace as they are to us. When you see the standard of a White Square on a field of Black, you know you have found them."

Alosaka recites:

"Before I turn over to Lady Akenna, I return to our dear friends, Vornavis and Jantalar. The Ivory Swan on an Emerald Field, and the Black Triskelion. Know these two. Remember these two. They are the ones we live and die by."

Alosaka exclaims, "And for Kuon's sake, don't get them mixed up!"

(Akenna turns to face those gathered and gives a short bow.)

Akenna says, "I am by no means a gifted storyteller like Alosaka is, I ask you to please bear with me."

Akenna says, "I will be covering the East and Western provinces of the Empire."

Akenna removes a silver silk pennon adorned with crossed purple lances from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna says, "I will start with the Earldom of Honneland. Their ruling family is the line of Feurstein. Their crest is crossed purple lances on a field of silver."

Akenna taps her silver silk pennon on the ground before her in a slow, rhythmic beat, drawing attention to herself.

Akenna elaborates, "This crest reflects what the Earldom is famous for, chivalry and tourneys."

Akenna notes, "They have a general tourney that is held in Immuron called The Feat at Rallick's Field. It is held to test all the skills of the knighthood yearly and is hosted by the city's defenders, the Silver Shields."

Akenna continues, "The first tourney is said to have occurred in 4769 when the Emperor Rallick Anodheles the Valiant paused and Immuron to call upon the earldom's knights for service in the Second Elven War. The tourney was held to select officers for command of the force, to discern the most skilled knight to lead."

Akenna says, "Since that era, a special banner with Honneland's crest is displayed on the Rallick's field viewing tower. The colors of the banner are changed to reflect the house who won that year's competition."

Akenna put a silver silk pennon adorned with crossed purple lances in her almond leather bag.

Akenna removes a ruby red silk pennon emblazoned with a silver gryphon from in her green suede duster.

Akenna removes a dark green silk pennon adorned with two black towers from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna clears her throat.

Akenna glances at a dark green silk pennon adorned with two black towers in her hand.

Akenna says, "Now we move on to the County of Trauntor. This one is a bit of a sensitive subject for me personally, but I shall move through it as best as I can."

Akenna clears her throat.

Akenna taps her green silk pennon on the ground before her in a slow, rhythmic beat, drawing attention to herself.

Akenna evenly says, "The current ruler of Tauntor is Count Merlonus Greythane. The crest is two black towers on a field of dark green."

Akenna tightly continues, "They say the crest was decided upon the moment the last stone was set in place to complete the fortress of Barrett's Gorge."

Akenna begrudgingly says, "It was a show of dominance over their elven foe, hence the dark green of the banner. Which is said to signal their defeat of the house of Nalfein."

Akenna adds, "You will find that Trauntor is also home to Demonwall and the famous Order of the Glovern Star. The Order aids the imperial military in times of battle especially along the said Demonwall."

Akenna suddenly concludes, "That's all I think we need to say about that."

Akenna put a dark green silk pennon adorned with two black towers in her almond leather bag.

Roelaren smiles at Akenna.

Akenna removes a white silk pennon embroidered with three black yew trees from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna cheerfully says, "Now on to the Barony of Bourth, which I am sure some of you are familiar with. Ruled by Baron Spensor Caulfield. The crest of Bourth is three black yew trees on a field of white ringed by five hawk feathers."

Akenna taps her white silk pennon on the ground before her in a slow, rhythmic beat, drawing attention to herself.

Akenna quickly explains, "The yew trees placed on the crest to pay tribute not only to the Caulfield's success and wealth through supplying wood, but also the Wyrdeep Forest which borders the Barony."

Akenna states, "While black and white were the original colors of the crest, these colors had been replaced with red and white until recently, when Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles was made emperor. Due to the Emperor's favor of Voln it led the current baron to return the crest to its colors of origin."

Akenna says, "Which... I think looks better anyway..."

Akenna put a white silk pennon embroidered with three black yew trees in her almond leather bag.

A small glossy black spider on Madmountan crawls over to his head.

Akenna removes a red silk pennon emblazoned with a white bear in manacles from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna surreptitiously glances at a red silk pennon emblazoned with a white bear in manacles in her hand.

Akenna slowly empties her lungs.

Akenna glances around the room.

Akenna quietly says, "On to Highmount."

Akenna taps her red silk pennon on the ground before her in a slow, rhythmic beat, drawing attention to herself.

Akenna sympathetically says, "This one, I would like to apologize to any of the bear clan here, as this one may be a bit--of a sore subject much like Trauntor is for me but please, bear with me as I go over this crest."

Akenna says, "The current ruling family of the Barony of Highmount is house of Hammarskal. The crest is a white bear in manacles facing left on a field of red."

Akenna carefully explains, "The present crest of the barony dates back to the second conquest of its eastern lands over the T'Kirem, the prior inhabitants of the area. The bear being a symbol of the T'Kirem clan the crest was designed to represent the victory of the empire. To honor its fallen foe and the blood spilt in the process."

Akenna quietly continues, "Since the success corresponded with the recapture of the fortress-city of Kragsfell, the crest when seen on a flag is often refferd to as the 'Kragsfell Banner.'."

Akenna smiles tightly, her expression apologetic.

Akenna put a red silk pennon emblazoned with a white bear in manacles in her almond leather bag.

Akenna removes a green silk pennon crested with a red bighorn ram from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna says, "I think I like this one best."

Akenna says, "On to the Barony of Dragach."

Akenna taps her green silk pennon on the ground before her in a slow, rhythmic beat, drawing attention to herself.

Akenna says, "The current ruler of Dragach is Baron Firmin McGarry. The crest is a red bighorn ram facing right before white mountains on a green field."

Akenna says, "Nearly synonymous with Dragach is the bighorn ram, the very animal gave Krinklehorn its name. The animal roams the peaks of the Dragonspine that envelopes the barony. You will often find the crest trimmed in tartan, while a black banner variant is hoisted on occasion of the death of a member of the McGarry clan who rules."

Akenna says, "That concludes the crests of the eastern Empire. Now, on to the western part of the Empire."

Akenna put a green silk pennon crested with a red bighorn ram in her almond leather bag.

Jaysehn turns an inquisitive ear toward Akenna.

Akenna removes a dark crimson silk standard adorned with a golden sunburst from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna says, "We will lead with of course, the Duchy of Selanthia. Which is ruled by Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles. The crest is a crimson sunburst on a field of gold, an exact reverse of the present Turamzzyrian crest, which represents the crest of the ruling Imperial family. The Anodheles have ruled Selanthia so long that their family crest has become the crest of the dukedom."

Alosaka nods.

Akenna taps her crimson silk standard on the ground before her in a slow, rhythmic beat, drawing attention to herself.

Akenna says, "Unfortunately, I do not have a Duchy of Selanthia banner, but a standard of the Empire, as you can see it bears similar resemblence, wth the colors switched."

Akenna says, "Any Anodheles Emperor or Empress, as heads of the Anodheles family, also retains the title of duke or duchess of Selanthia and as a result, the Selanthian crest is often placed alongside the Imperial crest at official functions."

Akenna removes a light blue silk pennon embroidered with a white stork from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna says, "On to our neighbors the County of Torre. The current ruler is Count Clarence Claybourne and its crest is a white stork on a field of light blue."

Akenna taps her blue silk pennon on the ground before her in a slow, rhythmic beat, drawing attention to herself.

Akenna says, "The present crest of Torre is traceable back to the royal decree by Gardiel of Torre. The first king of the Kingdom of Torre. The stork was officially selected because it was the symbol of the city of Fairport, where many of the birds dwell."

Akenna continues, "It signified dominance of the new capital over the region. The field of blue, the decree explained was selected to reflect the fallen Kingdom of Elanith and its capital city, River's Rest, which was once the center of culture and arts prior to the collapse of the Kannalan Empire."

Akenna put a light blue silk pennon embroidered with a white stork in her almond leather bag.

Akenna removes a silver silk pennon adorned with a golden sheaf of grain from in her almond leather bag.

Akenna says, "Last but certainly not least, is the Barony of Oire. Its current ruling family is the House of Villaunne. The crest of the barony is a golden sheaf of grain encircled by a grape vine on a field of silver."

Akenna explains, "As an agricultural barony the people of Oire hold Imaera in high regard so much so they have placed her own symbol in their crest. While the grape vine signifies their prized and protected grapes which they use in their famous wines."

Akenna cheerfully concludes, "Thus is the end of my lecture on the Crests of the Western and Eastern regions of the Turamzzyrian Empire. I hope you found it enjoyable and informative."

Alosaka stands up.

Akenna put a silver silk pennon adorned with a golden sheaf of grain in her almond leather bag.

Akenna bows.

Alosaka recites:

"Thank you, Lady Akenna! And with the heart of the Empire so dispatched, we now proceed to the southern baronies!"

Alosaka exclaims, "I'll be honest. Some aren't quite as exciting as what you just heard. But they are still a part of the empire!"

Alosaka recites:

"Sing, muses, of barren Aldora! That mountainous barony whose hard men and women scrape a life from the soil with their bare hands."

Alosaka recites:

"Aldora is a dry, mountainous region, whose people tend flocks of sheep as their dominant trade. This has led, quite reasonably, to their standard: a Gold Ram's Head facing left, within a Crown, on a Field of Black and White Lines."

Alosaka leans forward.

Alosaka recites:

"They say, that wool shorn from these sheep and spun by the seamstresses of Aldora is more valuable than gold, but the men and women of the barony refuse to export this best, this perfect wool, and all we have are their leavings. The cast-off dregs."

Alosaka sighs.

Alosaka says, "I do not know if this is true. But someday I hope to touch one of these fabrics, and see for myself."

Alosaka recites:

"Estoria! The storm-swept rock of the empire! Sing, muses, of Idolone! That great city whose arms encompass all the trade of the world!"

Alosaka recites:

"We rarely travel to Estoria from here, but we see their merchant fleets. These proud ships fly a pennant of a white horse clenching a black rose in its teeth on a field of blue. The legends sing of a horse that races across the waves, calming them, before the storms."

Alosaka offhandedly says, "You may have heard the term, "By Niima's mare!" as an expression of shock or surprise. That is, allegedly, the same horse."

Akenna takes a tiny sip of her bergamot tea, warming her lips and making sure it's cool enough to drink.

Alosaka says, "I have never seen a horse galloping across the water. If any of you ever do, please tell me."

Alosaka recites:

"Beautiful Chastonia! Land of farms and vines! Of traders and merchants and occasional raiders from beyond the Empire's borders!"

Alosaka recites:

"Chastonia, whose pennant is a Golden Hawk on a Field of Kestrel Blue, is a land of trade and hard-fought wealth. Long tied to Selanthia, their colors nod back to the Anodheles family."

Alosaka offhandedly says, "They say that men and women from Chastonia carry with them a bit of in a pouch around their necks, to ward off illness and dark magic. I have yet to try this myself, but I've been killed enough times by dark magic that it might be worth a shot."

Alosaka corrects, "A bit of dirt."

Alosaka recites:

"Finally, finally, Allace! Sing, muses, of the beaches of Allace, whose white sands gleam in the hot southern sun! Whose emerald waters echo with the crash of waves!"

Alosaka recites:

"Their crest... not entirely originall.. is a White Seagull with widespread wings facing to the left above a mountain peak on a field of dark blue"

Alosaka recites:

"But it is an honest crest, and never will you confuse it for any other barony!"

Alosaka offhandedly says, "They say the seagull represents an old legend, of a bird who led a fisherman back to shore when he was lost, and this port became the city of Ubl."

Alosaka says, "I don't follow birds very often myself, certainly not when lost, but when I'm next at sea with Jaysehn and Lady Akenna, and we're drifting, shattered, broken, desperate to escape from the Krolvin Brig chasing us, I'll give the seagull a shot."

Alosaka recites:

"I have been asked to provide a short aside on one of Allace's great resources, the Kraken Squadron!"

Alosaka recites:

""i've learned a bit about sailing lately. Okay, once. I've gone sailing once. And I died. Jaysehn was the captain."

Alosaka offhandedly says, "He died too."

Jaysehn says, "I did not."

Alosaka recites:

"But the Kraken Squadron knows no defeat!"

Alosaka recites:

"Sailing from the port city of Ubl in the county of Allace, they battle the krolvin raiders who plague the waters, feasting on traders and fishermen!"

Akenna whispers aloud, "Yes you did dear... I had to get us back to port. It was very terrible."

Speaking to Jaysehn, Akenna whispers aloud, "Remember, I got lost."

Akenna's cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening her freckles even more.

Alosaka recites:

"Lady Cera, the grand, the magnificent! She led their greatest assault in 5026, bringing the Squadron head-on against a Krolvin fleet! She tore them apart, burning them, shattering them! And though it cost her life, she brought victory on the seas to Ubl!"

Cryheart roars!

Alosaka says, "And now, with that brief aside, we conclude our formal discussion of the Crests of the Turamzyrrian Empire."

Alosaka says, "We will now open the floor for any questions, comments or discussion. And corrections! Corrections are always welcome. Usually there are lots of them whenever I finish speaking."

Alosaka says, "Yes, the giantman in the front."

Madmountan asks, "One of you mentioned tartan being around one of the crests. Is that the um...kilt pattern stuff?"

Madmountan exclaims, "Thought so!"

Speaking to Madmountan, Perivan says, "Think Metadi."

Geijon says, "Ruffelin had a fine green kilt."

Alosaka asks, "Dra...Dragach?"

Alosaka asks, "I think?"

Balantine agrees with Geijon.

Akenna says, "Tartans are also worn by the people of Dargach."

Guarrin says, "Yes, I believe Tadi is from Dragach."

You say, "It was the Barony of Dragach with the ram."

Bristenn agrees, "Right, Treyetha is from Krinklehorn."

Bristenn slowly clarifies, "Sir Metadi Treyetha, Imperial Knight of Hendor and man-at-arms of this order."

Guarrin says, "I've heard that it is left over from Kannalan traditions or taken from interactions with the Highmen."

Alosaka asks, "Any other questions? Are we all confident we would know which crest to approach, if the Landing is ever under seige by the evil pretender baron?"

Balantine quietly asks, "Forgive me if I missed it, but who currently rules Jantalar?"

Ifanna chews nervously on her lip.

Ifanna shyly mumbles, "Def know this'n."

Cryheart says, "Her Excellency, Delphinurnia."

Alosaka says, "Well, with the passing of the late, unlamented Baron Hochstib..."

Balantine quietly says, "Thank ye."

Cryheart says, "Welcome."

Murgin mutters, "Good riddance to bad rubbish."

Cryheart says, "Guarrin and I met her once."

Cryheart coughs.

Alosaka says, "Her excellency, the Baroness Delphinuria Hochstib."

Cryheart mutters kidnapped.

Alosaka says, "Less of a warmonger than her brother, I'm told."

Cryheart says, "We were kidnapped by Baron Hochstib during the war with Jantalar."

Alosaka asks, "Any other questions? Comments? Corrections?"

Meril says, "And she was in Talador for a time, before the cataclysm."

Geijon recites:

"Let me first commend Akenna, Alosaka and Draught, squires of the Order of the Silver Gryphon for their research, review and entertaining show tonight"

Geijon says, "Draught could not be here, but he contributed as he could and it was significant."

Alosaka says, "Draught provided all of the material for the discussion of the Northern Baronies."