Malwind's Audience - The Bonds of Alliance

The chamberlain says, "The Baron will see you now."

The chamberlain just went through a small side door.

Cryheart's group went through a small side door.

[Vornavis, Great Hall]
On a low dais, spanning the southern end of the hall, three regal chairs of state rest before an embroidered tapestry of the Rising Swan of Vornavis that covers the wall behind them. Banners bearing the coats-of-arms of knights in service to the barony hang from the railing of the second floor gallery that lines the other three sides of the Great Hall. Opposite the dais a pair of large, fel doors, inlaid with gold scrolling, are set in the north wall You also see the chamberlain.
Also here: Typhus, Shirkon, Goldstr, Lady Deavon, Brinn, Lady Yviara, Thrudh, Shallimar, Great Lady Evia, High Lord Dalimar, Strathe, Zyanna, Lord Yarx, Drallen, Eahlstan, High Lord Cemb, Ruffelin, Cryheart, Baron Dunrith who is sitting, Captain Kimrella, Salnim who is sitting, Lady Athalia who is sitting
Obvious paths: none

The chamberlain says, "Milord, may I present the various and sundry members of the Order of the Silver Gryphon."

Eahlstan faces Dunrith and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.

Dunrith bows.

Eahlstan says, "Good evening, Baron Dunrith Malwind. I am Lord Eahlstan Hjeldin, Herald of the Order of the Silver Gryphon. I am pleased to present to you, the Members of the Order of the Silver Gryphon."

Eahlstan says, "Each member will introduce themselves now."

Eahlstan smiles.

Dunrith says, "Very good."

Dunrith sits down.

Eahlstan nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart bows to Dunrith.

Cryheart says, "Lord Cryheart Thaxin at your service, Sire"

Eahlstan nods to Cemb.

Cemb asks, "Cemb, how ya doin?"

Cemb grins.

Cemb bows.

Eahlstan nods to Brinn.

Dunrith chuckles.

Brinn says, "Baron Malwind, Lady Athalia, Lord Salnim, Captain Kimrella. I am Sir Brinn Mithrandir, member of the House Arcane of Wehnimer's Landing, Council Member for the Order of the Silver Gryphons, and knight in the service of Baron Dunrith Malwind."

Brinn bows.

Eahlstan nods to Deavon.

Deavon says, "Greetings Baron Malwind. A pleasure to see you again."

Deavon curtsies.

Deavon says, "Dame Deavon Laeren, at your service."

Eahlstan nods to Ruffelin.

Ruffelin faces Dunrith and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.

Ruffelin says, "Sir Ruffelin Highstem, First ta' Lord Cryheart an' th' Order o' th' Silver Gryphon, at yer service, Excellency."

Eahlstan nods to Typhus.

Typhus says, "Greetings sire. I am Typhus Marcolin, council member of the Order of the Silver Gryphon, at your service sire."

Typhus bows to Dunrith.

Eahlstan nods to Morgiest.

You see Baron Dunrith Malwind.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He appears to be in the prime of life. He has green eyes and fair skin. He has receding, light brown hair.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a baronial coronet, a deep burgundy cloak, a gold-trimmed burgundy doublet, a gold link belt, a gold-trimmed black leather scabbard, a gold-trimmed belt pouch, some gold and grey striped trousers, a pair of polished black boots, and a pair of golden spurs.

Morgiest deeply says, "Morgiest Frostgiant, Castellan of the Silver Gryphons, Lord Paladin of Daingneach Onoir."

Morgiest bows deeply at the waist, honoring Dunrith.

You see Lady Athalia Aricia.
She appears to be a Human.
She appears to be very young. She has mischievous blue-green eyes and milky white skin. She has very long, thick golden brown hair pulled into several tight braids plaited to wrap the crown of her head. She has a heart-shaped face, an upturned nose and full lips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a delicate gold coronet, a pair of emerald-inset silver stud earrings, a braided gold and silver chain, a scoop-necked emerald velvet dress with billowing sleeves and silver knotwork trim, a pair of fine kidskin gloves, a ring of silver ivy leaves twined about a blood-red ruby, and some soft kidskin boots.

Athalia smiles.

You see Captain Kimrella de'Naut.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She appears to be very young. She has alert green eyes and tanned skin. She has shoulder length, dark brown hair. She is in good shape.
She is wearing a bloused-sleeved white linen shirt, a deep green brigandine vest, a gold-stitched black leather swordbelt, a gold-trimmed black leather belt pouch, some bloused black silk pantaloons with a single white stripe down the seam, a dark green cloak with braided white epaulets, and a pair of seathrak hide seaboots.

You see the young noble, Salnim, who appears to be in his mid-teens. He's wearing a long, dark green cloak lined with white silk, a silvered hauberk of finely-linked mail, tan riding trousers, shiny black leather boots and a small glaes ring with the baronial crest on it.

Eahlstan nods to Evia.

Evia says, "Good Evening, I am Evia Aramathia, simple warrior, at your service."

Evia curtsies to Dunrith.

Eahlstan nods to Strathe.

Strathe strides a few steps forward.

Strathe bows.

Strathe says, "Strathe duBane."

Strathe takes a few steps back.

Eahlstan nods to Zyanna.

Zyanna says, "Zyanna Jgrii Crushbone"

Thrudh grins.

Eahlstan nods to Thrudh.

Thrudh says, "Thrud, Dogor-Friend, Man For Zyanna Lady Warrior Friend"

Kimrella appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Thrudh nods.

Eahlstan nods to Yviara.

Yviara says, "Lady Yviara Na'Savar of the Order of the Silver Gryphons"

Eahlstan nods to Dalimar.

Dalimar says, "I am Dalimar Lowenhaugh, m'lord. It has been too long since I have visited your court."

Dalimar bows to Dunrith.

Eahlstan nods to Yarx.

Yarx says, "Lord Yarx Teelf, at your service."

Yarx bows to Dunrith.

Eahlstan nods to Shallimar.

Shallimar bows to Dunrith.

Shallimar deeply says, "Lord Shallimar Wyldcat, Squire to Lord Eahlstan Hjeldin"

Eahlstan nods to Drallen.

Drallen says, "Drallen Gra'ete, scribe of the Order ... at your service, Baron Malwind."

Drallen bows deeply at the waist, honoring Dunrith.

Eahlstan nods to Goldstr.

Goldstr softly says, "I be Squire Goldstr Aimright, squired ta Lord Morgiest of da Silver Gryphons"

Goldstr bows to Dunrith.

Dunrith smiles.

Eahlstan says, "We have these gifts for you, sir."

Eahlstan offers Dunrith a snifter of 75 year old cognac.

Dunrith accepts Eahlstan's 75 year old cognac.

Deavon removes an indigo velvet pouch trimmed with golden silk braid from in her tartan arisaidh.

Eahlstan offers Dunrith an indigo velvet pouch trimmed with golden silk braid.

Dunrith smiles.

Eahlstan removes a bottle of pungent brandy from in his sage green silk cloak.

Eahlstan offers Dunrith a bottle of pungent brandy.

Dunrith accepts Eahlstan's pungent brandy.

Eahlstan says, "For your private stocks,"

Eahlstan accepts Deavon's indigo velvet pouch.

Cryheart smiles.

Eahlstan says, "And this gift, from Dame Deavon, for your personal use."

Dunrith says, "I do hope you won't mind if I wait until after the audience to sample such fine gifts."

Deavon blushes a nice shade of rosy pink.

Dunrith put a snifter of 75 year old cognac in his belt pouch.

Dunrith accepts Eahlstan's indigo velvet pouch. D

unrith just opened an indigo velvet pouch trimmed with golden silk braid.

Dunrith removes a silver flask emblazoned with an enameled Malwind baronial crest from in his indigo velvet pouch.

Deavon says, "For when it gets cold outside."

Kimrella clasps her hands behind her back and closely watches the proceedings.

Dunrith put a bottle of pungent brandy in his belt pouch.

Dunrith put a silver flask emblazoned with an enameled Malwind baronial crest in his indigo velvet pouch.

Eahlstan says, "I will now allow Lord Cryheart to take over and speak for the Order, as Leader."

Eahlstan faces Dunrith and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.

Dunrith nods to Eahlstan.

Cryheart bows to Dunrith.

Dunrith nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "Sire, the Order has a few questions to ask "

Dunrith says, "Certainly, please ask what is of concern to you."

Cryheart asks, "do you know the whereabouts of Sir Maldon?"

Cryheart says, "we are deeply concerned for his well being"

Dunrith says, "The last I had word of him, he had returned to Jantalar and was serving the baron in some closely-overseen capacity."

Cryheart nods.

Dunrith says, "I have heard nothing more precise than that."

Cryheart says, "second questoin..."

Cryheart says, "we have developed a code of conduct..and wonder how ye enforce yours"

Dunrith blinks.

Dunrith says, "Well..."

Dunrith says, "By first making the expected conduct clearly understood and then disciplining those who fall short on notable occasions."

Cryheart nods.

Kimrella says, "You will have to forgive the Baron, he has been a bit under the weather lately."

Cryheart says, "third question...Does the empire/empress recognize us or is aware of us?""

Dunrith says, "Hmmmm, well I would expect that she is aware of you, in some capacity. Whether or not she does or would recognize your organization in a formal sense is nothing I have ever heard an explicit statement on. I suspect you would need to send a petition to her for official recognition of your order within the Empire."

Cryheart nods to Dunrith.

Cryheart asks, "fourth question....are the knights of the Order...deemed knights of Vornavis..or knights of Wehnimer...and what does it mean?"

Dunrith says, "Since I am unaware of Wehnimer's Landing existing as an official fief within the Empire, I know of no reason they would be deemed knights of it. They are presently knights errant, knighted by myself and under no obligation to this barony other than to not aid its enemies nor raise arms against it."

Cryheart says, "back to the third mentioned a know the manner on how we could get that through to the Empress"

Dunrith says, "Well, you could send one of your number to deliver the petition personally, or I could have one of my courtiers carry it with them when they journey to Tamzyrr on baronial business."

Cryheart nods.

Cryheart says, "I think our Herald would volunteer for the job Sire"

Cryheart smiles at Eahlstan.

Dunrith nods.

Eahlstan says, "I would indeed volunteer for that duty, if it could be arranged."

Eahlstan bows.

Dunrith says, "I suspect it would take significantly longer to accomplish if done in person, but there is also rumor of the Empress making a tour of the Empire in the near future. Perhaps your journey would not be as long as normally expected."

Cryheart asks, "next question..and almost know of the Jantalarian encampment close to Voranavis I am sure...know how we shall deal with them?"

Cryheart asks, "or contain them?"

Dunrith asks, "Jantalarian encampment? You mean their recent incursion across our eastern border, into an abandoned holding?"

Cryheart says, "aye SIre"

Dunrith nods.

Cryheart says, "we have come across them a few times"

Dunrith says, "I expect that location will be contested for some time to come. Since it has not been inhabited for some time, I am reluctant to expend lives denying it to them."

Cryheart nods to Dunrith.

Cryheart asks, "we had a meeting awhile back with Sir Edumond, a knight of the Order of the Golvern Star...he told us of a plan by Baron Hochstib to discredit the knights of the Order of the Silver Gryphons to allow him to lay claim to the Landing..have ye heard of that plan Sire?"

Cryheart asks, "and do you still see Jantalar posing a threat to the Landing or Voranavis in future?"

Dunrith says, "I hadn't heard of that one specifically, but since Hochstib is not yet resigned to ruling only what he presently grasps, I don't doubt that he has more than one scheme afoot to discredit and to gain position and credence for his own ends."

Cryheart nods.

Dunrith says, "And yes, I do see Jantalar as still posing a threat to both the Landing and this barony."

Cryheart asks, "if he Baron Hochstib does plan to discredit the best do we combat that?"

Dunrith says, "I suppose that would depend on what he tries, but I would think that preventing him from gaining an opportunity in the first place might be the best defence."

Cryheart says, "Dame Deavon will be speaking next, Sire"

Dunrith nods.

Deavon turns to face Dunrith.

Deavon says, "Sir, if it is your wish..."

Deavon says, "The Order would like to suggest several candidates for knighthood."

Deavon says, "Based on the recommendations of the current knights and the members of the Order..."

Deavon says, "We would like to present for your consideration..."

Deavon says, "Lord Yarx."

Deavon touches Yarx.

Deavon says, "Lord Strathe."

Deavon touches Strathe.

Deavon says, "Lord Typhus."

Deavon gently rests her hand on Typhus's shoulder.

Deavon says, "And Lord Cryheart, who serves as the leader of our council."

Deavon touches Cryheart.

Cryheart bows to Dunrith.

Typhus bows to Dunrith.

Deavon curtsies to Dunrith.

Dunrith nods to Deavon.

Dunrith asks, "I take it these candidates have met whatever criteria your order has in place?"

Deavon smiles at Dunrith.

Deavon says, "With due honor, M'Lord."

Ruffelin says, "If I may, aye, Excellency. Each hae distinguished 'imself in th' Order, in battle an' in other respects."

Dunrith nods.

Ruffelin bows to Dunrith.

Dunrith asks, "Any other speakers, Herald Eahlstan?"

Eahlstan says, "That concludes all of our speakers, Sire."

Dunrith says, "Very well, then I have a point or two I would like to touch upon and then provide this as an opportunity for my children to participate in this courtly function, if your order would be so kind as to indulge."

Athalia raises an eyebrow in Kimrella's direction.

Salnim smiles.

Dunrith says, "First, I have heard of Lord Morgiest in the past, some journey into the heartland of the Empire and of his participation in another chivalric order. I am curious to hear briefly of his sojourn and also if he feels there are members of this other order who might also be fitting candidates for spurs. "

Morgiest blinks.

Morgiest deeply asks, "Sire. I am unprepared tae speak, but shall do my best tae inform ye of what ah may. Was there anythin in particular ye wished tae know?"

Morgiest deeply says, "Of the Empire that is..."

Morgiest deeply asks, "Or was yer interest mer of Daingneach Onoir?"

Dunrith says, "Only what I have asked, Lord Morgiest. And the ability to perform well under unexpected circumstances is a hallmark of a capable leader, hence my lack of forewarning."

Morgiest deeply says, "As ye wish Sire."

Morgiest deeply says, "Aye. I made a long trip across the length and breadth of the Empire."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah witnessed many a strange thing tae mine eyes."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ahm nae used tae such large, and grand cities as those that lie within the Empire M'Lord."

Morgiest deeply says, "And there are many strange customs within the lands, of that ah still hae much tae learn."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah did nae travel tae Jantalar, that bein one of the few baronies that ah did nae travel in."

Morgiest deeply says, "My travels lasted some twelve months though sire. Ah hae actually written a book of my travels..."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah could hae a scribe make a copy fer myself, and forward the original tae ye, ifin ye would care tae hae it Sire."

Morgiest deeply says, "It is essentially a diary of my travels."

Dunrith says, "I would be interested, yes."

Dunrith asks, "I had received word that two chapters of a new order had risen up in the wake of your passing. An order dedicated to the undiluted following of Kai and his principles. Do you believe these Orders of the Granite Tear are indeed a result of your journey and your actions, or do you believe their inception is coincidental?"

Morgiest reaches out and touches his granite tear.

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah canne speak fer the other sire, but aye, the granite tear is quite possibly related tae me sire."

Dunrith nods.

Dunrith says, "I see."

Ruffelin smiles at Morgiest.

Morgiest deeply says, "I was charged by Kai himself tae bring honor tae those ah could M'Lord."

Morgiest deeply says, "This tear was his symbol, givin tae me the day ah left fer the Empire."

Dunrith says, "Unlikely then that the rumors reflect mere coincidence. That is reassuring."

Dunrith asks, "And as to the other question, are there members of your other organization whom you feel might be fitting candidates for knighthood?"

Morgiest deeply says, "Ahm suprised sire that word of my travels would hae been spoken of. Yer hae caught me most unawares."

Morgiest deeply says, "Aye Sire. There are those among Daingneach Onoir that would serve well in that capacity."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah could arrange fer them tae meet with ye, ifin ye would care fer sure."

Dunrith says, "Then please forward a list of them to my chamberlain and we will arrange an audience. Perhaps with the Order of the Silver Gryphon's candidates, perhaps separate."

Morgiest bows to Dunrith.

Morgiest deeply says, "As ye wish sire, it shall be done."

Dunrith says, "I would expect that we will follow a similar format to the past examination of candidates. Once the candidates are ready and we have had time to prepare, they will be asked to provide answers to questions or situations which might give me some insight into their grasp of chivalric principles."

Dunrith asks, "Salnim, as an aspiring squire, do you have any comment or question for these members of the Order?" Salnim nods to Dunrith.

Salnim says, "That I do father."

Salnim says, "Cryheart, I pose my question to you."

Cryheart turns to face Salnim.

Cryheart bows deeply at the waist, honoring Salnim.

Salnim says, "What does the word chivalry mean to you, and how is it an important part of being a knight."

Cryheart says, "chivalry is the Oath I have sworn of the Order...was something I followed before I became a member of the Order...."

Cryheart says, "to defend those in need, to protect those who cannot....."

Cryheart says, "to serve with honor and to aid those with just cause"

Cryheart says, "if I find gear....I look for the owner"

Cryheart says, "if I see someone in trouble of dying, I come to their aid"

Cryheart asks, "does that answer your question?"

Cryheart smiles.

Cryheart says, "to be a knight is to serve and to protect"

Salnim nods to Cryheart.

Salnim glances at Athalia.

Athalia raises an eyebrow in Salnim's direction.

Salnim leans over and whispers to Athalia.

Dunrith says, "Captain Kimrella, I know you are not accustomed to courtly functions, but I am curious if you feel being here to observe some of those formally allied with the Barony has been of value to you, given your present duties."

Dunrith smiles at Kimrella.

Kimrella says, "Aye milord. Tis very useful for me to know more of your allies in order to plan for the future."

Dunrith nods.

Dunrith asks, "Any that look particularly seaworthy to you? Or would these be candidates for eternal shoreleave in your estimation?"

Ruffelin chuckles.

Kimrella appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Deavon chuckles.

Kimrella says, "They appear to mostly be landlubbers, milord."

Cemb shows Kimrella his eonake compass.

Kimrella cocks her head at Cemb.

Kimrella asks, "You don't use a compass on dry land?"

Cemb says, "Occasionally, but I spent many years at sea."

Kimrella nods.

Cemb says, "I trained as a navigator."

Cemb says, "Under my father"

Athalia says, "Using it and getting where you want to go are two different things."

Kimrella appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Athalia grins.

Kimrella asks, "Does this Wehnimer's Landing have a navy of any value?"

Cemb scratches his head.

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Zyanna furrows her brow.

Dalimar says, "the 'Star"

Dalimar chuckles.

Cemb says, "We have a nice dingy we can outfit with a cannon maybe"

Shirkon nods to Dalimar.

Eahlstan says, "The Glaesen Star, which travels between our port, and Teras Isle."

Kimrella chuckles.

Dalimar says, "Cannon ? ... you better patch da holes in it first."

Eahlstan says, "I belive it is owned by the Bothum Mining Company though."

Athalia chuckles.

Cemb nods to Dalimar.

Cemb grins.

Brinn asks, "In the cannon, or in the dingy?"

Kimrella asks, "I am familiar with the Star. Do they even have a canon aboard?"

Ruffelin says, "Nae decent ships 'round th' Landin', though th' Krolvin hae some fair ships in th' Rest."

Dalimar says, "both .."

Dalimar shakes his head.

Cemb asks, "Are you going to try to clear the blockade?"

Cemb peers quizzically at Kimrella.

Athalia cocks her head at Kimrella.

Kimrella says, "There have been some plans made."

Kimrella nods to Cemb.

Eahlstan says, "The Glaesen star is unarmed, but it is a fair ship. It could be outfitted for war."

Dalimar says, "if de dwarves decide it so .."

Eahlstan says, "The Bow is made of Glaes, it could be used as a ram."

Athalia says, "I am certain there are many eligible gentlemen assembled. Kimrella is single..."

Cemb says, "It ran the blockade before, so I'm sure it's possible of currently outmaneuvering the blockade ships, so it's probably possible to outfit it fairly heavily."

Athalia appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Dunrith coughs.

Thrudh chuckles.

Shallimar smirks.

Brinn glances at Athalia.

Cryheart fidgets.

Strathe chuckles.

Cemb begins chuckling at Athalia.

Kimrella gives Athalia a stern look.

Ruffelin asks, "I'd be int'rested ta hear yer plans fer clearin' th' blockade, Captain. D'ye plan ta do it by brute force 'r stealth, 'r a combination o' both?"

Athalia says, "She spends far too much time thinking about ships and such."

Athalia waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Kimrella says, "I am not free to discuss them at this time."

Athalia says, "Mhmmm."

Dunrith stands up.

Salnim says, "I have one more question, if there is time father."

Salnim glances at Dunrith.

Dunrith nods to Salnim.

Dunrith sits down.

Salnim asks, "Sir Cemb, Why did you risk yourself to rescue me all those years ago?"

Cemb smiles at Salnim.

Cemb asks, "Tis what I do?"

Cemb peers quizzically at Salnim.

Salnim says, "Well, you did it well. I thank you again."

Salnim bows to Cemb.

Cemb asks, "How do you mean?"

Cemb hugs Salnim.

Cemb grins.

Dunrith stands up.

Cemb says, "You've grown into quite a man too, I'm happy to see you"

Zyanna says, "I was thinking the same thing earlier, my how he's grown"

Thrudh says, "Uh Huh. Mus' Be Thrud Cookie Thing."

Zyanna grins at Thrudh.

Cemb says, "If you ever are in need again Salnim, don't hesitate to call on me"

Cemb smiles at Salnim.

Salnim smiles at Cemb.

Dalimar says, "on any of us."

Ruffelin nods to Dalimar.

Cryheart nods to Dalimar.

Dunrith says, "Well, before we place anyone else in uncharted waters, perhaps we had best conclude. Meetings beyond their agendas all to quickly become a field of hazards."

Dunrith smiles.

Dunrith says, "Herald Eahlstan, thank you for bringing your order to this court and for the opportunity to answer questions and to ask them."

Shirkon snaps smartly to attention!

Athalia curtsies.

Eahlstan says, "I am glad this meeting could be arranged, and thank you for your time, sire."

Dunrith says, "And we will arrange another meeting to question the candidates once it is decided whether to handle that in junction with Morgiest's candidates or not."

Zyanna winks at Salnim.

Zyanna glances at Morgiest.

Ruffelin smiles at Dunrith.

Brinn nods to Dunrith.

(Zyanna whispers to Morgiest, "leave the young girls alone!")

Morgiest grins at Zyanna.

Zyanna grins at Morgiest.

The chamberlain says, "Please follow me..."

The chamberlain just went through a small side door.

Cryheart's group went through a small side door.