Formation of the Wehnimer's Guard

The Order of the Silver Gyphon had been in existence for several years and the trade route to Solhaven had opened. We continued to gather intelligence, train and hone our skills, and warn the populace of the Barony of Jantalar and it's leader Lerep Hochstibs intentions to annex Wehnimer's Landing in his conquest for greater lands and power.

The story winds a bit, but in 5096 the abandoned holding we call our home was discovered by several of our original members. Berr, Pip, Heinrich, Geoff, and Brinn accompanied by Sir Maldon investigated the building and located the corpse of the previous knight who dwelled there, also a Jantalarian like Maldon who had spurned Baron Hochstib as his liege, was murdered in his bed chamber.

Sir Trevar, as the Knight was known to Maldon, did not leave a great deal of information for us, but they did find a parchment folded into a triangle. Pressed into the fabric of the parchment, evidently at the time of its creation, was a triskelion woven from fine wires of red gold.

Maldon explained they called this a "three cornered pardon" and he explained that these are given to agents entrusted to a mission that may run afoul with the local law or government. Those officials then must take up grievance with the Barony or the Empire that issued the papers.

Then in Jastatos (Oct.) of 5098 at the wedding of Errick Dyfedd and Dame Deavon Lauren a dark elf assassin by the name of Craban Agnarkris struck during the reception shouting, "For Jantalar!".

He was highly skilled in stealth and slew Blades, Jala, and Brinn while triggering a meteor swarm through a glowing stone before the other guests slew him and the storm subsided. We found a belt pouch with a partial message written on it that left little to the imagination as to his intent. It read...

....Craban, You are to journey to the town of Wehnimer's Landing and seek out this group calling themselves the Order of the Silver Gryphon, You are to remove as many of these individuals as possible, as they have interfered with our plans too oft....the rest was indeciperable save..ron Hochsti...along the bottom

You see Lord Craban Agnarkris the Dark Elf Rogue.
He appears to be in his 150's, has very long silver hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a short sharp-edged dirk in his right hand and a blackened mein shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a short leather sheath, some black leather boots, some blackened hunting leathers, a long hunting cloak, and a glaes spider charm.

Around this time after the wedding reception assault by Craban it was decided by the Leader the Order, Sir Brinn Mithrandir, and the Battle Group that we needed to prepare Wehnimers for War and warn them of the threat of Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal. We also needed to formally train the landing residents to respond to regimented combat against regular troops who deployed siege weaponry and fought in formation.

In the early months of 5099 the Order held discussions regarding the Mandis Crystal Threat at Onoir, Phoenix, Aspis, and with other groups outside of Wehnimer's Landing including River's Rest, Icemule, and Teras. Previous to this the formation of the Wehnimer's Militia or as it later became known the Wehnimer's Guard was formed. The February discussion at the House of the Rising Phoenix also gave birth to the Phoenix Protectors.

For those of you who are unaware of the Mandis Crystals. They were powerful artifacts that looked like dark red, almost black uncut gems that rendered magic useless. They would come to play during the War of Nations, but that tale is for another time.

Then in Olaesta (April) and Ivastaen (May) of 5099 Krolvin attacked Solhaven and Wehnimer's in planned and coordinated raiding groups. During the Solhaven onslaught Roelon slew a Krolvin Warlord and a Chieftain who both carried a small parchment scroll. Which embossed on the fabric of the scroll was a large, red gold triselion identical to the "three cornered pardon" found in the abandoned holding in 5096.

We felt an attack was imminent and had heard the heavy snows that winter were the only thing holding Baron Hochstib and the Jantalar army from invading, but the attack wouldn't come from the south, it would come from the east and a much different threat.

The Bregandians.