The End, or the Beginning?

Word from the Imperial Court today states that former Inquisitor Wurmth Murluth has concluded his week long inquisiton of Inquisitor Usyian Denturei and the Honorable Salnim Malwind, and has returned home. Further, it was announced that His Imperial Majesty, Aurmont Anodheles, will be releasing not one, but several decrees tomorrow evening.

The Honorable Salnim Malwind is currently staying with his father, Baron Dunrith Malwind, within the Imperial Palace, and seems to have handled the inquisiton by the former Inquisitor well. Inquisitor Usyian Denturei is still staying within his dwelling provided to him for being an inquisitor, and is only receiving visitors from the imperial inquisitors or other close confidants of His Imperial Majesty.