The Demise of Baron Lerep Hochstib

Suddenly, a squad of Jantalarian soldiers converge upon you, and a sharp blow to the head sends you reeling! Blackness closes in as the ground rushes up to embrace you...

About you stretches the limitless, lightless void of unconsciousness, although you are able to sense the nearness of other beings who must be sharing your plight.
Also here: Haxley who is lying down, Lord Izalude who is lying down, Guarrin who is lying down, Great Lord Kabriel who is lying down, Cryheart who is lying down, Perigourd who is lying down
Obvious exits: none

Through a miasma of pain and aches you gradually become aware of your surroundings...booted feet climbing a worn stone stairway as you are carried upward...being dumped unceremoniously on a cold stone floor, and the world returns with an unyielding, sharp-edged clarity.

[Outlands Manor, Tower]
The arrow slits in this chamber face east, towards the Mestanir border and overlooking the eastern hillside where any foreign threat to the manor or the village would be expected. Surprisingly, the most noticeable feature in this room is the faintly glowing circle drawn in the center of the floor and circumscribed with arcane symbols.
Also here: Great Lord Kabriel who is lying down, Kriztian who is lying down, Ichiko who is lying down, Lord Izalude who is lying down, Guarrin who is lying down, Perigourd who is lying down, Cryheart who is lying down, Maldon who is lying down, Lerep, Orthen who is lying down, Inquisitor Philnep who is sitting, Lady Delphinuria who is sitting
Obvious exits: west, northwest, southwest

Kriztian deeply asks, "You would hold Empiric knights hostage?"

A pair of Jantalarian soldiers round the tower's curve from the northwest carrying Haxley with all of the care one might bestow on a sack of coal. With uncomplimentary grunts they lower his limp body to the floor, and, with their eyes carefully downcast, they return the way they came.

Delphinuria says, "Please Lerep, let them go."

You see Baron Lerep Hochstib of Jantalar.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He appears to be middle-aged. He has brown eyes and an uncommonly pale complexion. He has receding, light brown hair.
He is in good shape, although green veins pulse beneath his skin, and a web of azure energy shifts constantly along the contours of his body.
He is wearing a golden baronial coronet, a crystal amulet, a fur-trimmed cobalt doeskin doublet, a gold-trimmed black belt pouch, a pair of black leather leggings, and some black high-topped boots.

You see Maldon Wellesbourne the Warrior.
He appears to be a Human.
He appears to be wizened with age. He has grey eyes and tanned skin.
He has receding, silver hair.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pair of golden spurs, a pair of heavy black boots, a pair of grey woolen trousers, a black leather sheath, a belt pouch, a black leather scabbard, a black leather swordbelt, some mended brigandine armor, an emerald nautilus shell talisman, a sky blue woolen cloak, a trimmed grey beard, a large leather knapsack, and a silvered vultite knight's shield.

You see Orthen the Mystic of Koar.
He appears to be ancient and shorter than average. He has gold-flecked brown eyes and tanned skin. He has receding, shiny steel grey hair encircling his bald head in a short-cut wreath. He has a heavily grizzled face, a prominent nose and thick bushy eyebrows.
He has a pattern of golden knotwork interwoven in tight spirals upon his forehead.
He has minor bruises about the head.
He is wearing some soiled white robes trimmed with faded golden knotwork, and some wood-soled sandals.

You see Lady Delphinuria.
She appears to be a Human from Jantalar.
She appears to be in the prime of life and average height. She has almond-shaped sea green eyes and fair skin. She has waist length, flowing golden hair.
She has an angular face, an aquiline nose and a narrow waist.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a slender gold circlet inset with star-shaped emeralds, a teardrop emerald pendant, a satin-slashed wrinkled emerald silk roquelaure trimmed with pure white fox fur, a gold-traced silver brocade musette, a pair of torn gold lace gloves, a dusty emerald crushed velvet gown appliqued with gold and silver, and a pair of dark scuffed velvet slippers.

You see Philnep Chynchester.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He appears to be in the prime of life and taller than average. He has wide-set steel grey eyes and tanned skin. He has cropped, thick dark blonde hair shaved at the temples and somewhat mussed. He has a square-jawed and badly bruised face, a broad nose and a broad chest.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pair of scuffed knee-high black riding boots, some reinforced black leather trousers torn slightly along one leg, a crimson-edged black leather pouch, a gold buckled black leather belt, a wrinkled split-sleeved crimson doublet with a a silver sword behind a golden sunburst embroidered on the left breast, a gold-studded black leather scabbard, a small ruby-flecked gold amulet, and a silk-lined gold velvet cape layered with dust and soot.

Lerep says, "I hold anyone who workd against the Emperor or the Empire in general."

Orthen exclaims, "Look at him! He is no longer human! He is driven mad, he is a wraith of his former self!"

You say, "Baron Hochstib. I do wish we could have met under better circumstances."

Kriztian deeply says, "then capture yourself."

Cryheart asks, "hmm..why am I detained?"

Lerep starts chuckling at you!

Haxley says, "My head...oooh..."

Haxley asks, "Wha...who...?"

Perigourd says, "for the same reason as i, i guess, cryheart"

Kabriel calmly says, "Hmm...well that was rather unceremonious..."

Orthen struggles in his bonds.

You say, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Eahlstan Hjeldin, Knight Banneret of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Knighted by the Hand of Earl Eddric Jovery, Sentinal of the North."

Delphinuria says, "This is all so terrible. There must be an ounce of sense left in your head, brother."

You ask, "I assume you wish to offer terms for your surrender?"

Lerep says, "I am more than human, now. A blend of man and crystal that is beyond both."

Perigourd says, "eventually you will answer to someone hochstib"

You feel less confident.

Kabriel calmly says, "Ah...that explains the azure in yer skin."

Lerep says, "You shall die tonight, my sister. You could not resist turning against me while I was busy at the outpost, but you will pay for it tonight."

Guarrin calmly asks, "Brotha?"

Guarrin calmly asks, "sista?"

Cryheart asks, "I am Sir Cryheart Thaxin, knighted of the Empire by Earl Eddric Jovery, of Hendor...why do you detain us?"

Orthen exclaims, "Beyond? Beyond! You call that half-life 'beyond'?! And at what cost? Your soul!"

Haxley says, "Oh...oh my."

Delphinuria says, "I never turned against you! The power is blinding you."

Lerep bows to Cryheart.

Lerep says, "An almost-knight...of sorts."

Lerep smirks at Cryheart.

Izalude says, "Nice boots Lerep."

Lerep says, "All those who raise their hands against the Emperor must pay."

Cryheart asks, "so you serve to be a traitor to the Empire, Baron Hochstib?"

Kriztian deeply says, "almost?? This is utter contempt for the Earl Jovery."

Orthen exclaims, "If you think the Church found your occupation of its holy passages blasphemous, wait until the world hears of this... this abomination you have become!"

Kabriel calmly asks, "Well at the moment, we can't very well raise our hands, now can we?"

Guarrin calmly says, "Guarrin Rakinhelm, General o' de Protectors o' de Citadel, an' member o' de silver dis be de...mighty...Baron Hochstib"

Guarrin calmly asks, "An' his sista?"

Lerep winks at Orthen.

Haxley says, "Come on, what is it you want from us, eh? I didn't do anythin to ya."

Guarrin calmly asks, "Who else in 'ere?"

Kabriel calmly says, "Kabriel Dreamraven, Priest of Ronan, Warlord of House Onoir. And ye got an interesting place here."

Perigourd says, "bit of a hypocrit then aren't you? it was your fault the crystals were destroyed by not sending them to the emperor when he requested them."

Lerep says, "Don't you recognize this room? Has it been so long since you visited it? This place was set up by your brethren years ago. You used it to destroy the crystal in Mestanir and tonight it shall aid in my escape with the traitors who shall be taken before the throne."

Lerep bows to Perigourd.

Haxley says, "Waita...wait wait."

Lerep says, "A matter of perspective, quite so."

Cryheart says, "I believe the traitor does speak already"

Haxley asks, "As in...all of us?"

Kabriel calmly says, "Traitors implies that we have sword allegiance to ye, Hochstib."

Cryheart says, "then you have the wrong persons "

You say, "This is the territory your knights claimed as their own, as I recall."

Cryheart says, "Baron Hochstib, I never entered the territory of Mestanir"

Orthen exclaims, "Justice will be served, and you have time and time again proved yourself its enemy!"

Cryheart says, "thus your claim against me is false"

Lerep says, "No, you struck at the crystal near the Landing."

Delphinuria says, "This cannot go on."

Haxley asks, "Just lemme out and I can go spread word you're winning or something, yes?"

Orthen exclaims, "He wants bodies, he wants them to serve as the sacrificial goats in this mockery of a campaign!"

Izalude says, "I aided in taking out both Mestanir's and Wehnimer's Landing's crystals."

Cryheart says, "aye..that I did"

You say, "I struck no blow against any Mana Disruption Crystal."

Kabriel calmly says, "As did I."

Lerep nods to Izalude.

Perigourd asks, "surely his own troops must think him mad by now?"

Kriztian deeply says, "Well, get on with it then, I'm amused by how the Emperor shall handle your little explanation."

Izalude says, "I do not deny my 'crimes'.. However..."

You say, "I did ensure the guards of the crystal in the landing were occupied."

Kabriel calmly says, "And I raised the people killed in the destruction of the crystals."

Lerep says, "You may claim innocence all you like, but the Emperor will judge your honesty in Tamzyrr."

Cryheart asks, "Baron Hochstib, you disavow that you delayed in following the Emperor's decree for you to return immediately the mandis crystals to him?"

Haxley says, "You're taking us all the way to Tamzyrr? How thoughtful."

Izalude says, "I surrendured myself to Earl Eddric Jovery. He told me that I could be released on my honor. He did not arrest me."

Guarrin calmly says, "Then lets git dis ova wit, that er free our bonds"

Izalude asks, "Does Earl Jovery know what you're doing?"

Kriztian deeply says, "I claim that I had full knowledge and intent of destroying your little play things. If you think that makes one guilty, go ahead and present your case."

Orthen asks, "Will you be there, Lerep? Will you stand by and let the world see what has become of you?"

You say, "I doubt very much that my liege lord would approve of this."

Orthen scowls in his bonds.

Cryheart says, "does the Emperor truly sanction this Baron, or is this a ploy to trick even your staff"

Izalude says, "Bring me to Tamzyrr."

Lerep says, "All in good time."

Perigourd says, "this is just kidknapping to add to his other list of crimes"

Haxley quietly says, "Or bad time, as the case may be."

Delphinuria sighs audibly, glancing at her brother.

Kabriel calmly says, "Yes...let us see how azure his skin turns the longer he has the crystal inside him..."

Lerep says, "I have a few flies in the ointment that need dealing with yet tonight. Flies whose deaths can augment my power further."

Guarrin calmly says, "Delphinuria, ye kin stop dis madness..."

Cryheart asks, "Sir Maldon..are you able to hear or speak..good sir?"

Lerep smiles at Delphinuria.

Lerep smiles at Maldon.

Lerep smiles at Orthen.

Delphinuria says, "I wish I could! But there is no trace of my brother left in that glowing shell.."

Guarrin calmly says, "Release us from our binds us"

Izalude says, "Help us Delphinuria... Please..."

Ichiko says, "That is to be expected"

Delphinuria says, "I am bound, same as you."

Lerep laughs!

Orthen exclaims, "Yes, flies whose credibility would crumble this wobbly pillar you've erected!"

Kriztian deeply says, "Sir Maldon...long time. It is good to see you."

Lerep says, "You think I would leave here free here? She is bound as tightly by my will as you are."

Kabriel calmly says, "I am truly sorry for you, Lady Delphinuria..."

Haxley asks, "Your will?"

Haxley says, "Didn't know you were that powerful."

Izalude says, "From what I understand, she's the reason you haven't been hung already Baron."

Cryheart says, "the true Baron would follow the Emperor's edicts...I don't believe this is the true Baron"

Lerep glances at Haxley.

Delphinuria says, "It is the taint of that crystal, a great foulness."

Kabriel calmly asks, "You have will power, Lerep? That explain the mana sucking crystal in yer chest?"

Lerep says, "One of the advantages of the crystals."

Guarrin calmly says, "Kai gimme de strength ta break des' bonds"

Perigourd asks, "with a slight disadvantage of lunacy?"

Ichiko asks, "Advantages?"

Philnep says, "Good luck. I've been trying since I got here, Guarrin."

Kabriel calmly says, "Same as I."

Cryheart says, "great Lord Koar and Kai will take care of your follies"

You ask, "You have captured several Knights of the Empire, you hold an Imperial Guard, and free Citizens of the Landing. You do realize it will be your own undoing, do you not, Baron Hochstib?"

Cryheart says, "even great Koar smashed your crystal here"

Lerep says, "The Arkati are fools."

Kabriel calmly says, "Ah...yes, dig your own hole, Lerep..."

Kabriel calmly says, "Speak ill of the Arkati..."

Guarrin calmly asks in Giantman, "Philnep, ah gotta bane weapon in mah harness, kin ye reach it?"

Kabriel calmly says, "Lord Ronan sees all. As do all the Arkati."

Ichiko says, "Aye"

Perigourd says, "it seems as if we've been found"

Haxley says something in guild speak.

Kriztian deeply says, "ahh, seems your defenses might be slipping."

Kabriel calmly says, "Ye trespass in his balliwick even now."

Cryheart says, "I challenge you Baron, to release us"

Delphinuria says, "If any more come, they will be in danger."

Izalude says something in guild speak.

Orthen exclaims, "You see? You see?! You have no regard for what is Truth! You have been toppled by the greatest incarnation of Justice! You are craven and a coward!"

Philnep says in Giantman, "I wish I could, friend, but I seem to be bound against my will."

Lerep says, "They come as expected. Drawn in to be slaughtered, and we escape to Mestanir in the wink of an eye."

Lerep smiles.

Kabriel calmly says, "Feh..."

Guarrin calmly says, "Its a trap"

Delphinuria says, "No more innocent people will suffer. They just cannot."

Haxley says something in guild speak.

Kabriel calmly says, "Aye. No they shall not."

Lerep says, "There are no innocents in this."

Izalude says, "Sure there are."

Suddenly you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched. The feeling fades as quickly as it came.

Guarrin calmly says, "Hear me Hochstib, as Kai as mah witness, ye shall be held accountable fer yer crimes"

Cryheart says, "not as long as you pretend to be who you are...there will be only victims Baron"

Kabriel calmly asks, "No innocents, Lerep? Children? Pacifists? Simple merchants, and townspeople?"

Haxley exclaims something in guild speak.

Kabriel calmly says, "If you truly believe that, then the crystal is sucking your sense, not your mana."

Lerep says, "No innocent children come to this place."

Delphinuria says, "It has already done that."

Perigourd says, "it seems his humanity has left him"

You recognize Guarrin using the Symbol of Recognition.

You say, "what humanity was left...."

Kabriel calmly says, "Indeed."

Cryheart says, "no..only those who serve to protect the have become a traitor to the Empire itself"

Perigourd says, "some tiny shred perhaps.."

Lerep says, "Let us see...kill the useless old knight, or kill the traitorous sibling..."

Delphinuria exclaims, "No!"

You say, "You would kill your own Sister? Truly you have gone mad."

Haxley says, "Let the bounty hunter go to set a trap for the Haveners sounds good to me."

Perigourd says, "if one must be killed, kill me. i'd rather die then see one of them brutally murdered by a coward"

Cryheart says, "Baron, I will give my life for Maldon and your sister"

Izalude says, "Unbind me and fight me in honorable combat Lerep."

Kabriel calmly says, "Lord Ronan...see me. Hear me... Let the images of this night be burned into your night sky... Never forget what you see here...and never forgive."

Ichiko says, "I doubt he hears you, Lord Cryheart"

A young lad dashes into the room, hands Lerep a message and dashes off.

Delphinuria says, "No one else must die. There has been too much bloodshed already."

Izalude says, "Heh"

Cryheart says, "aye...he is possessed"

Cryheart says, "though I am bound, I fear no evil, I believe Kai will protect us"

Lerep begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Kabriel calmly says, "My soul is forever in Ronan's grace."

Ichiko says, "As will Lady Niima, the Protector"

Kriztian deeply says, "Amen Sir Cryheart."

Cryheart says, "you must truly fear us Baron, as we are stil bound"

Haxley says, "I don't think Liabo, Lornon, or the Neutrals are going to have a hand in this one..."

Kabriel calmly says, "The Gods of Liabo smile on you all, friends. "

Perigourd says, "he does fear us sir cryheart, else he would have no need to kidknap us like this"

Guarrin calmly exclaims, "Wulfhen!"

Lerep says, "They may smile, but that is all they will do. It is all they ever do."

Guarrin calmly exclaims, "Wulfhen, itta trap!"

Haxley asks, "So when do you takes us to Tamzyrr?"

Kriztian deeply says, "It's a good day to die for my Lord Kai."

Lerep glances at Maldon.

Lerep glances at Orthen.

Haxley exclaims, "We can hear you people. Stay the dreck back!"

Guarrin calmly says, "Don' do it Hochstib"

Orthen exclaims, "We may die, but there will always be others that will fight you!"

Lerep says, "Oh, the Emperor's inquisitor...another problem waiting to be removed."

Lerep bows to Philnep.

Philnep says, "Lerep, you've grown increasing maniacal."

Lerep says, "I think you should go first, tonight."

Orthen exclaims, "Even the Lord Koar Himself smote your wicked intentions, and He shall not forget your transgressions! The Church will not forget!"

Delphinuria exclaims, "Do not harm him!"

Cryheart says, "I would advise against that Baron"

Haxley says, "Oh, come on, let me go first. I'm not one for being scared and all that..."

Haxley says, "Scare the others with whatever happens to me."

Philnep says, "Take me first then, if it gives the others some measure of hope that with your back turned they can find escape."

Kabriel calmly says, "Power...all this for power..."

Izalude says, "Killing the Emperor's inquisitor? That'll get you favor with Aurmont."

Cryheart says, "as Kai is my witness, I will make sure you never get away with this Baron"

Lerep says, "The Emperor will know that he was killed by...Cryheart, yes, he'll do fine."

Kabriel calmly says, "I am burning every image of this in my eyes...and as Ronan as my witness, I will not forget. Ever."

Perigourd says, "think that speaks for all of us sir cryheart."

Delphinuria softly says, "Madness.. such madness.."

Lerep smiles at Cryheart.

Haxley says something in guild speak.

Haxley says, "Oh please."

Cryheart says, "you wish"

Haxley asks, "The knight versus the assassin?"

Izalude asks something in Elven.

Perigourd asks, "you're going to frame cryheart?"

Kriztian deeply says, "You underestimate so many, 'Baron'"

Haxley says, "At least lemme stab the inquisitor in the eye. That'll be more convincing."

Lerep says, "And by the time any reach Tamzyrr they will be witless, drooling idiots."

Guarrin calmly asks in guild speak, "Sir Maldon?"

Lerep says, "Oh, I hear guests below. Pardon me for a few."

Lerep bows.

Perigourd says, "gah"

Orthen scowls.

Cryheart says, "oh great Kai!..give me strength"

Izalude says, "Arrgh"

Perigourd asks in guild speak, "anyone have a plan?"

Kabriel calmly says, " away."

Kabriel calmly says, "Lerep is coming."

You say, "This is not how I expected the evening to end up."

Delphinuria says, "Oh no."

Haxley says, "Get me the dreck loose."

Guarrin calmly says, "Alrigh, lets tink"

Kabriel calmly says, "It's a trap."

Haxley says, "I have a bane sword, I have deathwort."

Guarrin calmly says, "Ah gotta banesword as well"

Delphinuria asks, "Can anyone move?"

Izalude exclaims, "Ulial!"

Kabriel calmly says, "Ah hell."

Perigourd says, "I have a bane weapon as well"

Izalude says, "I cannot"

Haxley exclaims, "I'm trying!"

Guarrin calmly says, "Nae, ah'm stuck"

Cryheart says, "nope..I cannot"

Kriztian deeply says, "me too."

You say, "I have a bane weapon as well. I cannot move to get to it though."

Cryheart says, "and I have me bane weapon"

Haxley says, "Come on..."

Izalude says, "I have a bane weapon too"

Philnep says, "You'll have to find the use of your hands first."

Kabriel calmly says, "I'm holding my axe..."

Guarrin calmly asks, "Delphinuria ye de only one sittin, kin ye move at all?"

Holswort just arrived.

Holswort bows.

Izalude says, "Aww man..."

Perigourd says, "evenin' holswort"

Delphinuria exclaims, "Holswort!"

Perigourd asks, "what do you want?"

Izalude asks, "Wanna unbind me Holswort?"

Holswort says, "My Lady."

Philnep says, "Holswort..."

Haxley asks, "So, who you executing first?"

You say, "ah, Herald Holswort, how good to see you again."

Holswort says, "Inquisitor."

Delphinuria says, "Please, help us Holswort."

Holswort says, "Indeed."

Holswort says, "Forget not what happens tonight."

Delphinuria says, "Though it has been ages since I have seen you, your face is a welcome sight."

Cryheart says, "surely great Herald, you are not part of this evil plot"

Haxley says, "Kind of hard to."

Holswort says, "M Lady, I have secured us safe passage in Vornavis."

Perigourd asks, "what will happen tonight herald?"

Philnep says, "To forget would be folly. For those that live."

Haxley says, "Waita..."

Kriztian deeply says, "the wand does not suite you, Herald Holswort. I must say."

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Delphinuria.
A dark haze surrounds Delphinuria momentarily, then dissipates. Delphinuria looks relieved.

Delphinuria blinks.

Delphinuria stands up.

Perigourd says, "hrm.."

You see Holswort Niffelheim.
He appears to be a Human from Jantalar.
He appears to be young. He has blue eyes and pale skin. He has long, straight golden blonde hair.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a bloodstone wand in his right hand.
He is wearing a diamond amulet, a gold ring, a shining silver vultite hauberk, a polished gilt helm sporting a maroon horsehair plume, an onyx-inlaid white mithril belt, a gold trimmed ivory-and-black quartered herald's tabard with a large red gold triskelion in the center, some highly polished black boots, a polished silver sheath, a satin belt pouch, a crystal amulet, and a silver vultite tower shield.

Guarrin calmly says, "Delphinuria..."

Izalude exclaims, "Unbind us!"

Haxley says, "Great. Now get the rest of us out."

Perigourd says, "mighty useful wand..."

Holswort says, "The rest of you have a job to do."

Kabriel calmly says, "At least the Lady is safe..."

Kriztian deeply says, "indeed."

Delphinuria says, "Thank you."

Perigourd asks, "what job?"

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Philnep.
A dark haze surrounds Philnep momentarily, then dissipates. Philnep looks relieved.

Cryheart says, "aye Herald..indeed"

Kriztian deeply says, "allow us to do it."

Haxley says, "Right."

Delphinuria asks, "Can you free the others?"

Kabriel calmly asks, "Would would you have us do, Holswort?"

Guarrin calmly says, "Aye, we do"

Delphinuria nods.

Haxley asks, "Will the bane blades hurt him?"

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Orthen.
A dark haze surrounds Orthen momentarily, then dissipates. Orthen looks relieved.

Guarrin calmly says, "we gotta Baron ta smite"

Holswort says, "Kill him."

Orthen stands up.

Delphinuria says, "You have always served my family well."

Kabriel calmly says, "Done and done."

Perigourd says, "we'll do our best, most assuredly"

Guarrin calmly says, "Unfetter us"

Delphinuria smiles at Holswort.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Haxley.
A dark haze surrounds Haxley momentarily, then dissipates. Haxley looks relieved.

Haxley says, "I want the kill shot."

You say, "Holswort, I will remember your deeds this evening."

Delphinuria says, "I will not forget this."

Haxley stands up.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at you.
You feel the grip of Baron Hochstib's will loosen, then eventully fade into memory. You are free to move.

Cryheart says, "it will take the combined effort"

Haxley rubs a blue crystal.

Haxley spits out a muttered curse.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Kabriel.
A dark haze surrounds Kabriel momentarily, then dissipates. Kabriel looks relieved.

Perigourd says, "form on cryheart"

Haxley put a blue crystal in his trimmed black cloak.

Kabriel calmly says, "Holswort...thy deeds are recorded in the eyes of Ronan."

Perigourd says, "as you get up"

Haxley draws his vultite longsword. It makes a strange sound as it slides from his backsheath, like the distant scream of a forlorn soul.

Kabriel stands up.

Haxley just went southwest.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Kriztian.
A dark haze surrounds Kriztian momentarily, then dissipates. Kriztian looks relieved.

Orthen mutters an incantation, and a glowing staff of light appears in his hands that slowly dims to a white oaken staff.

You hear the voice of Haxley say, "On cryheart"

Delphinuria tenderly rubs her wrists.

You put a handaxe in your azure pack.

(Kabriel rubs his wrists and ankles and growls)

Orthen says, "With pleasure."

Kabriel joins Cryheart's group.

Philnep flexes his hands and rubs at his legs.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Ichiko.
A dark haze surrounds Ichiko momentarily, then dissipates. Ichiko looks relieved.

You draw the vultite mattock. It makes a strange sound as it slides from your harness, like the distant scream of a forlorn soul.

You hear the voice of Haxley say, "Thank you, Holswort."

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Izalude.
A dark haze surrounds Izalude momentarily, then dissipates. Izalude looks relieved.

Izalude says, "Thank you Holswort. I owe you one."

Izalude stands up.

Orthen joins Cryheart's group.

Ichiko moves to a kneeling position.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Guarrin.
A dark haze surrounds Guarrin momentarily, then dissipates. Guarrin looks relieved.

Kriztian stands up.

Delphinuria says, "Please, we must stop my brother."

You say, "and so the end of Lerep Hochstib comes to pass."

Philnep says, "Thank you Holswort."

Ichiko stands up.

Guarrin calmly says, "May Kai smile upon ye Holswort"

Philnep nods to Holswort.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Perigourd.
A dark haze surrounds Perigourd momentarily, then dissipates. Perigourd looks relieved.

Kriztian bows to Holswort.

Kriztian draws his vultite mattock. It makes a strange sound as it slides from his harness, like the distant scream of a forlorn soul.

Izalude draws his vultite longsword. It makes a strange sound as it slides from his cloak, like the distant scream of a forlorn soul.

Guarrin put an elegant vultite longsword in his warclaidh harness.

Guarrin put a gold-trimmed dark blue kite shield in his warclaidh harness.

Perigourd stands up.

Orthen says, "I will lend what aid I might, fragile as my body is."

Kriztian raises his vultite mattock skyward!

Perigourd grunts.

You say, "and his own Herald allows it to happen."

Philnep dusts himself off.

Perigourd joins Cryheart's group.

Perigourd put a mithril claidhmore in his traveling case.

Perigourd draws his vultite greatsword. It makes a strange sound as it slides from his case, like the distant scream of a forlorn soul.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Cryheart.
A dark haze surrounds Cryheart momentarily, then dissipates. Cryheart looks relieved.

Cryheart stands up.

Guarrin joins Cryheart's group.

Kriztian deeply says, "let us get him."

You bow to Holswort.

Cryheart bows to Holswort.

Holswort waves a bloodstone wand at Maldon.
A dark haze surrounds Maldon momentarily, then dissipates. Maldon looks relieved.

Perigourd turns towards Cryheart and renders a sharp salute with his vultite greatsword.

Holswort asks, "Have I missed any?"

Cryheart says, "please take care of the lady first"

You say, "you have proven a worthy opponent in the past, and now a worthy ally."

You hear the voice of Haxley say, "Let's just hope we can nail this guy."

Kabriel calmly says, "Lady Delphinuria...stay safe."

Perigourd tries to pull Maldon to his feet, but he is too heavy.

You hear the voice of Haxley say, "Holswort..."

Kabriel bows to Delphinuria.

Holswort says, "My Lady, you should come with me."

Delphinuria says, "I shall."

Perigourd bows to Holswort.

Guarrin bows to Delphinuria.

Holswort says, "The rest of you....."

Holswort says, "Be victorious."

Perigourd says, "i will not forget your help"

Kriztian throws his head back and howls!

Izalude bows to Holswort.

You bow to Holswort.

You hear the voice of Haxley say, "That's the plan."

Delphinuria nods to everyone in turn.

Cryheart asks, "Lady Delphinuria..will yu be ok?"

Kriztian just kissed the symbol of Kai!

Philnep sets about preparing himself to be as presentable as possible.

Izalude says, "Thank you."

Kriztian softly kisses his Kai symbol, murmuring to himself.

Orthen says, "Get her out of here, should the worst happen, only she may bear testament to what has truly happened here and be believed by those in power."

Philnep says, "I'll take the lady to safety."

Holswort clasps Delphinuria's hand tenderly.

Holswort's group just went southwest.

Cryheart bows to Philnep.

Perigourd whispers to the group, "lets finish the madman"

Guarrin calmly says, "Sir Maldon..."

Cryheart asks, "Maldon..shall we form on your Sir?"

You hear the voice of Haxley ask, "Who we following?"

Kabriel removes a short-hafted dark vultite handaxe from in his waern skin harness.

Perigourd says, "sir maldon seems a bit dazed"

Ichiko just opened a skunkhide sack.

Cryheart says, "ok..lets move out"

Philnep says, "Excuse me while I see to our route of escape."

Philnep just went northwest.

Kabriel calmly says, "Stay."

Cryheart asks, "all joined?"

Guarrin nods to Perigourd.

Perigourd says, "when we move i said"

Guarrin calmly says, "lets go"

Maldon sighs.

Perigourd just nudged Kriztian.

Perigourd grins.

Perigourd bows to Maldon.

Cryheart says, "Sir Maldon, join me sir..unless you lead"

Perigourd points at Cryheart.

You say, "Sir Cryheart is going to lead." C

ryheart asks, "you know where he is?"

Maldon says, "I am afraid I am in no shape to lead."

Izalude says, "yes. He's downstairs."

Cryheart asks, "Sir Maldon, which direction?"

Guarrin calmly says, "Pleasur ta meet ye sir"

Perigourd says, "he's on the steps"

Cryheart nods.

Maldon bows to Guarrin.

Cryheart's group just went northwest.

[Outlands Manor, Tower]
Unlike the lower floors of the tower, this level was built with no dividing walls connected to the outer shell, so archers can move easily around the tower's perimeter. Also, counting reveals that each of the tower's walls visible from here are pierced by ten arrow slits. A steel-sheathed trapdoor, hinged along the side of the opening where the stairway comes up from the second floor, can be closed to isolate this level from access below and to provide solid footing for the arrow slits above the stairs. You also see an enruned modwir strongbox, a blackened steel battle axe, a polished steel plated breastplate, a polished steel plated breastplate, a blackened steel battle axe, a blackened steel battle axe, a polished steel plated breastplate, a blackened steel battle axe, a polished steel plated breastplate, the Svardin disk, the green Crausos disk, the Tazelhoffe disk, the Sherysse disk, the Scaxton disk, the Atoyoz disk and the black Brimzstone disk.
Also here: Great Lord Kabriel, Lord Izalude, Perigourd, Guarrin, Kriztian, Ichiko, Maldon, Cryheart, Mekthros, the body of Marcuccio who is lying down, Wulfhen, Sherysse, Olgretien, Crausos, Renowned Lady Sraven, Tazelhoffe, Kcutter, Ridgehar, Scaxton, Tatiyanna, Lumaco, Chomm, Syberus, Lord Mohrgan, Monax, Drakam, Lord Svardin who is lying down, Zosopage, Lord Brimzstone, Tyraesa, Lady Raulda who is lying down, Malikary, Ulial, Lerep
Obvious exits: south, southeast, southwest

Izalude strikes at Lerep harshly with a vultite longsword and threads of pale green energy blaze along the precise cut!

Kriztian hurls himself at Lerep and connects!
MS: +396 - MD: +345 + MAvA: -16 + d100: +17 == +52
Kriztian fails to bring Lerep down, but manages to scramble back to his feet.

You strike at Lerep harshly with your vultite mattock, and threads of pale green energy blaze along the precise cut!
Roundtime: 7 sec.

As Lerep glares intently at Cryheart, a whorl of essence rises up out of his body and spirals violently over to Lerep, where it quickly becomes one with the pale green web of energy that seeths across his skin!
Cryheart is stunned!

Cryheart says, "time to meet great Lord Koar"

A wave of power flows out of Kriztian and toward Lerep who is surrounded by a soft white light.

Yviara's group climbed a stone stairway.

Lerep says, "To finish what I started."

You say, "kill him."

Cryheart says, "we will finish this Baron"

You say, "use mandis-bane."

Kriztian hurls himself at Lerep and connects!
MS: +396 - MD: +345 + MAvA: -16 + d100: +66 == +101
Kriztian knocks Lerep flat and quickly jumps to his feet!

Syberus draws a glowing pattern in the air before Lerep.
CS: +483 - TD: +267 + CvA: +25 + d100: +100 - -5 == +346
Warding failed!
Lerep's eyes roll up into his head as his body goes limp on the ground.

Lerep wakes up startled at the attack of Falicor.

Falicor swings an elegant vultite greatsword at Lerep!
AS: +287 vs DS: +245 with AvD: +41 + d100 roll: +69 = +152
... and hits for 103 points of damage!
Massive blow smashes through ribs and drives Lerep's heart out the back.

* Lerep drops dead at your feet!

Tazelhoffe kicks some dirt on the corpse of Lerep.

Falicor says, "I said I would slay you, Lerep"

Falicor says, "And I have"

Cryheart says, "you are done for Baron"

As the energy that was Lerep dissipates, an inhuman shriek fades on the wind.