An Encounter with Holswort

My friend Ruffelin,

Last eve I encountered Holswort, th' Herald from Jantalar, right outside th' Gryphon's Holding. I was informed of his presence by Lord Roleon, an' ran down to see if he was correct. When I arrived, I put out a notice on th' crystal amulet an' Voln Net, telling th' Gryphons of th' threat, but only Sir Cemb responded to my first thoughts. A second thought later brought more Gryphons.

Titaniia Lightfooted

Here is what transpired.

[Abandoned Holding]
The stone tower rises above the surrounding marsh, narrow window slits and a battlement about the gabled roof giving it an almost sinister appearance. To the north, east, and west, the hillock slopes sharply downward and is quickly lost beneath the reeds and cattails. You also see a swirling mist, a large frog and a black and white cat who is sitting.
Also here: Lady Belnia, Blades, Delgoth, Elfstan, Lord Roelon, Holswort
Obvious paths: southwest.

Holswort leans against a small arched door.

Arwen says, "Good evening, Lord Holswort. We meet again."

Titaniia ask, "Care to state why yer here?"

Holswort asks, "I need a reason to be in the wilds?"

Titaniia says, "It ain often we get visitors from Jantalar."

You see Holswort Niffelheim the Human.
He appears to be in his 30's, has long, straight golden blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an elegant blue vultite longsword in his right hand and a silver vultite tower shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a satin belt pouch, a polished silver sheath, some highly polished black boots, a gold trimmed ivory-and-black quartered herald's tabard with a large red gold triskelion in the center, an onyx-inlaid white mithril belt, a polished gilt helm sporting a maroon horsehair plume, and a shining silver vultite hauberk.

Arwen smiles at Holswort.

Titaniia says, "An' right outside th' Gryphon's holding, at that."

Arwen says, "Lets just say it's not likely you're here without a reason."

Holswort says, "That's my business."

Roelon snorts.

Blades smirks.

Holswort asks, "Have you brought more goons to attack me, Titaniia, queen of the brutes?"

Titaniia asks, "You see anyone attackin ya?"

Kerl rolls his eyes.

Delgoth squints at Holswort.

Belnia nods to Holswort.

Belnia grins.

Roelon chuckles.

You say, "You are doin a good job of avoidin th' question, however."

Holswort shrugs.

Mnar shrugs.

Arwen asks, "Do you bring any messages or news from the Baron?"

Holswort says, "I don't need to work to avoid your question. I simply refuse to answer it."

Holswort says, "You are below my station, and deserve no response."

Lord Dantrotic just arrived.

Mnar smiles.

Kerl waves a hand at Holswort, dismissing him indifferently.

Elfstan gazes up into the heavens.

Blades says, "You have no station here"

Roelon chuckles.

Elfstan nods to Blades.

Roelon says, "You are not in Jantalar."

Roelon shakes his head.

Titaniia says, "My Lord, I am no knight, but if you ain here on official business, you hold no station here."

Holswort says, "But of course I am."

Dantrotic smiles.

Roelon snorts.

You ask, "If you is here on official business, then what harm is there in stating it?"

Holswort leans against a small arched door.

Titaniia asks, "If you seek an audience with th' Gryphons, I kin speak to them an' see if they are available. Would that assist you, Lord Holswort"

Dantrotic says, "I missed the harvest festival. A sight I've longed to see for some two years now."

[Abandoned Holding]
The stone tower rises above the surrounding marsh, narrow window slits and a battlement about the gabled roof giving it an almost sinister appearance. To the north, east, and west, the hillock slopes sharply downward and is quickly lost beneath the reeds and cattails. You also see a large frog who is sitting and a black and white cat who is sitting.
Also here: Lord Dantrotic, Lady Arwen, Lord Kerl, Icicycle, Lady Clearity, Lady Belnia, Blades, Delgoth, Mnar, Elfstan, Lord Roelon, Holswort
Obvious paths: southwest.

Lord Cemb just arrived.

Cemb raises an eyebrow.

Mnar asks, "We're to assume then, Holswort, that you consider this area part of Jantalar?"

Cemb blinks.

Holswort says, "It soon will be."

Mnar nods.

Elfstan snorts.

Elfstan coughs.

Blades says, "He'd consider anything he'd walks on to be Jantalar's"

Roelon chuckles.

Cemb bows to Holswort.

Blades smirks.

Holswort nods to Cemb.

Mnar says, "Well, a statement of intent is always a start."

Cemb asks, "Can I help you Holswort?"

Holswort says, "No, Sir Cemb."

Roelon says, "Methink's Holswort been damaged in the head."

Roelon shakes his head.

Armaxis nods to Blades.

Blades nods to Armaxis.

Mnar says, "However, I have the unfortunate duty to inform you that these lands fall under the jurisdiction of the Dhe'nari Empire, and that the

Mylan'lynna has no power here."

Armaxis furrows his brow.

Cemb asks, "May I ask why you are at our tower then?"

Roelon snorts.

Blades glances at Mnar.

Dantrotic chuckles.

Dantrotic just nudged Mnar.

Kerl says, "everyone wants a piece of this place it seems"

Kerl stares off into space.

Holswort says, "I am....out for a stroll."

Delgoth asks, "why?"

Blades says, "far from home for a stroll"

Dantrotic asks, "It is a fine fall day?"

Dantrotic peers quizzically at Delgoth.

Armaxis glances at Holswort.

Delgoth says, "it is every season.."

Roelon says, "So far from your homeland? Long stroll."

Lady Belnia went through a small arched door.

Delgoth says, "is that a reason"

Kerl asks, "perhaps he seeks... safe haven for unseemly deeds done?"

Dantrotic asks, "I often go for strolls on fine days such as this. Don't you?"

Titaniia says, "On a serious note, Lord Holswort, I wanna say something to you, if you will allow it. Formally."

Dantrotic says, "This is part of Jantalar, Roelon. But no need to debate politics during a stroll."

Roelon glances at Dantrotic.

Holswort says, "I will not stop you from saying anything."

Armaxis says something in dark elven.

Blades smirks.

Armaxis nods to Blades.

Roelon asks, "And what if I remove all Jantalarians? will it still be part of it?"

Roelon sniffs at Dantrotic.

Titaniia says, "I appologize fer yer death, during yer last visit, an' I take full responsibility fer it occurring. I promised you safe passage outta town, an' you were murdered anyway."

Holswort says, "That is true."

Cemb says, "Holswort should not have left our guard"

Cemb smirks.

Titaniia says, "Blame that on me, nae th' Landing. Th' town stood by its word, except for a renegade murderer."

Roelon nods.

Armaxis yawns.

Arwen leans on Kerl.

Armaxis clears his throat.

Titaniia says, "I doan like you, an' I would like to strike you down now. But, I ain one ta sanction murder of diplomats."

Holswort asks, "How many of you here would strike me down if I were to lay aside my weapon?"

Holswort asks, "You speak for them all, brute?"

Holswort peers quizzically at Titaniia.

Belnia says, " no, she doesn't speak for any group anymore"

Blades says, "I would only strike if you held it to me"

Roelon says, "I wouldn nae attack an unarmed person."

Icicycle says, "We do not strike at defenless persons."

Kerl says, "your weapon means little compared to the arms that are present. We chose not to strike you of our own will"

Blades put a deadly sickle inset with a dark soulstone and the name "Soulstealer" inscribed in deathrunes along the length of its staff in his hideous black scabbard.

Blades nods to Holswort.

Blades asks, "better?"

Dantrotic nods to Blades.

Titaniia says, "I ain a military leader anymore. I am just a citzen."

Arwen says, "I'm already without weapon."

Belnia says, " except yer hands"

Belnia nods to Arwen.

Holswort asks, "What do you all want of me?"

Belnia says, " simply wondering why your about tonight"

Dantrotic says, "News of the harvest at home."

Belnia nods to Dantrotic.

Holswort says, "I already explained that I was out for a stroll."

Cemb says, "If you don't have any business here as an ambassador, or a diplomat Holswort, I would request that you leave, and allow me to escort you as far as I can back to where you are staying, or to Jantalar"

Holswort says, "I will not leave the wilds, not at anyone's request. I have as much a right to be here as anyone."

Dantrotic says, "Cemb, though this area is part of Jantalar, you claim it part of Vornavis. Under Vornivian law, someone can not be denied access to public lands unless under arrest."

Armaxis says, "It isss not everyday a representative of your little...what is it, collection of villages? No matter...comes wandering around, you are rather far from home."

Cemb asks, "and how do you figure that Holswort?"

Blades asks, "right? when all you do in coming here is to spy for your Lord?"

Dantrotic removes a thick legal manual from in his Turamzyrrian cape.

Blades smirks.

Dantrotic shows Cemb his legal manual.

Dantrotic asks, "Law?"

Armaxis glances at Dantrotic.

Holswort says, "Because this place is not represented."

Elfstan glances at Dantrotic.

Armaxis says, "Put your coloring book away."

Armaxis coughs.

Cemb raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Belnia says, " take him back to the manor, center of social manners and well being there"

Cemb says, "Holswort, we have claimed this tower, the seat of the empire in this area, it is an outpost of the empire, we are nobles, and have been recognized by at least one of the other barons of the empire, if you claim otherwise, I suggest you take it up with the empress"

Armaxis smiles quietly to himself.

Cemb frowns at Holswort.

Holswort says, "We have the favor of the Empress, Sir Cemb. Your claims to this land and this Holding are preceeded by ours. Your noble status is in the squalarous barony of Vornavis, and holds little sway here, other than that I respond to you as a gentleman."

Belnia snickers.

Titaniia glances at Holswort.

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cemb says, "You have stated the important part Holswort, and admit that we have a prior claim, so leave! now"

You say, "Sir, mayhaps you should use more... diplomatic.. words."

Dantrotic says, "Actually, he just said he had it first."

Roelon asks, "Holswort, do ye know this symbol?"

Roelon shows Holswort his parchment scroll.

Dantrotic says, "Now cemb, if you would like to go to the Empress and tell her she is wrong in saying this area should belong to Jantalar, that is your choice."

Titaniia says, "In th' past, you have used th' krolvin to attack in yer wake."

Holswort asks, "Who built this Holding?"

Blades says, "I don't believe either of you are in any position claming this place for Jantalar if you'd look around you"

Blades yawns.

Dantrotic says, "The Traitor."

Dantrotic says, "Killed his own son in the mines of Tabador."

Titaniia glances at Dantrotic.

Belnia says, " fool he was"

Dantrotic nods to Belnia.

Dantrotic says, "That Dhe'Nar magic must have had his mind captive."

Roelon says, "Aye, after the krolvin recently tried to attack the town."

Roelon snorts.

Dantrotic nods to Belnia.

Armaxis says, "Mynal'lyanna's little collection of villages won't be able to last very long...she's human, after all."

Armaxis shrugs.

Titaniia says, "Sir Maldon has more honor in a paring of his toenail then th' entire center of yer being, Dantrotic."

Armaxis says, "I give it a few decadesss, really."

Cemb says, "Dantrotic, we have the prior claim, and have claimed it for her, if she chooses to state to us that our services are no longer needed here, then perhaps we will have to reconsider our position, but until that happens, as far as we have seen, Hochstib and his mouthpiece are nothing but lieing filthy backstabbers."

Mnar nods to Dantrotic.

Dantrotic says, "Cemb, this is a friendly stroll. Please don't call a good man such as Baron Hochstib such filthy names."

Holswort sneers.

Titaniia says, "But, once again, Lord Holswort, you turn th' question."

Blades says, "well if he has no intention of putting away his weapon, neither should i"

Dantrotic asks, "I don't speak ill of Malwind, now do I?" Titaniia says, "You seem very eager to do anything but answer th' question at hand."

Dantrotic asks, "Tis just rude. We treat you as a genetleman, extend us and our liege the same?"

Cemb says, "a friendly stroll, on lands, and the seat which we have claimed"

Dantrotic says, "Don't make me get out my legal manual."

Cemb says, "If he wants to walk over my face, he can get off when I ask him to"

Holswort says, "Your claim lies in treachery and theft."

Dantrotic smiles at Cemb.

Belnia says, " you really had no claim to it, at best jantalar was letting you use the land"

Titaniia asks, "Why ARE you here, Lord Holswort?"

Cemb says, "yours is the only false claim here Holswort."

Arwen raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Dantrotic asks, "Why do you go to Teras Titaniia?"

Humongor glances at Holswort.

Arwen says, "Hardly the language of a diplomat, sir."

Roelon says, "A simple question."

Holswort says, "Maldon is a traitor to his liege, and this Holding is a part of the Barony of Jantalar, and was built as such."

Kerl says, "the lot of you can make all the claims you want, I live here, and it's the only claim I need"

Blades nods to Kerl.

Dantrotic says, "No need to claim it, Titaniia. It already is part of the Barony of Jantalar"

Delgoth snickers.

Titaniia says, "Hush, spy."

Titaniia waves her hand dismissively at Dantrotic.

Dantrotic asks, "So you will fight an unarmed herald Titaniia?"

Dantrotic says, "Oh I do think that above you."

Blades says, "I claim this human scum, is from Jantalar to scout, and i could careless whose land his blood is spilled on if he does not leave"

Cemb says, "Maldon is a traitor only to a traitor, and is in rightful mission to his knightship, honor, and his prior lordship who was humble and mighty."

Kerl says, "go back to your home, or stay, makes no difference to me Holswort and your claims hold no water here"

Geijon just arrived.

Geijon glances at Titaniia.

Humongor nods to Geijon.

Holswort says, "Then strike me down, savage."

Holswort stares at Blades.

Cryheart climbed up the slope.

Blades chuckles.

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Geijon asks, "What is th' trouble?"

Blades says, "I won't attack you human, that is what you wish of me"

Titaniia says, "Lord Holswort, I almost think that is what you are hopin fer."

Cryheart glances at Holswort.

Geijon says, "Eve brothah"

Blades says, "but i can remove you"

Blades says, "otherways"

Cryheart says, "evening brother"

You ask, "Mayhaps an excuse is what you seek?"

Cryheart nods.

Roelon says, "Ye want us to attack first."

Geijon says, "tis nae yer concern folks"

Mnar says, "We're beating our chests, Geijon."

Dantrotic asks, "You have smiten down unarmed herolds of peace in the past Titaniia. Why not again?"

Geijon says, "it seems sae"

Delgoth glances at Dantrotic.

Delgoth says, "yer treading soft ground Dantrotic"

Titaniia says, "Lord Geijon, none of you would even know he was here if it wasna fer us. You are welcome. Anytime."

Geijon says, "Mmm..Sir Cemb responded promptly, and informed us also.

Cryheart says, "dinnae listen to Dantrotic"

Humongor smiles at you.

Cryheart says, "Holswort is the diplomat"

Cryheart glances at Holswort.

Arwen says, "Geijon, his presense here is our concern."

Kerl says, "by the gods, with such minds at the helm diplomacy is futile"

Arwen frowns.

Dantrotic says, "Holswort is a herold. I am a diplomat. A slight difference."

Kerl gazes up into the heavens.

Drugal asks, "Dantrotic, it is very convient for you to point to murder against "diplomats" here, yet you mention nothing of the murder of of many non-humans back in Jantalar, why is that?"

Geijon says, "then go' take yer circus wit, Holswort"

Geijon smiles at Holswort.

Cemb says, "Holswort, if you can proove to me, that our claim is not in ernest, and is not for the greater glory of the empire, then I will back off, but I will not take your word, or the word of Hochstib."

Cryheart says, "I disagree with thee Dantrotic"

Delgoth coughs.

Holswort says, "This is your rabble, not mine."

Kadesha asks, "Holswort, ye even clain ta know Dantrotic?"

Dantrotic says, "The Barony of Jantalar feels that all people are good people. Everyone is giving a chance to make their way in the Barony of Jantalar."

Dantrotic says, "There is no discrimination what so ever. Everyone is treated fairly."

Kerl covers his ears.

Armaxis asks, "Isss Dantrotic drunk?"

Blades squints at Dantrotic.

Titaniia says, "I already told you, Lord Holswort, we just seek to provide you with th' escort one of your.. station... deserves."

Drugal says, "Interesting, that is not what you told me when first we met."

Geijon says, "perhaps yer carrion, Holswort"

Arwen says, "Just insane, Armaxis."

Geijon says, "an' they're hungry"

Dantrotic says, "Such lies are simply nasty rumors by Maldon and others who wish to hurt the Fine Barony."

Armaxis says, "Probably all those concussions he's sssuffered."

Armaxis nods to Arwen.

Cemb says, "Until you can do this, this is our land, and I would escort you off of it, and if you refuse to leave I will force you off."

Drugal says, "The lies spring from your lips."

Drugal frowns at Dantrotic.

Titaniia says, "Dantrotic, I woan touch Holswort, but I have no qualms about striking you down. Watch thy tongue."

Roelon chuckles.

Delgoth smirks.

Belnia glances at you.

Belnia snickers.

Cryheart says, "be wary Dantrotic..."

Blades says, "this human isn't going to move by any means other then his own"

Belnia asks, " going for two cold-blooded murders in a year?"

Cryheart snarls menacingly!

Drugal says, "You said that it is in the best interest of Jantalar to eliminate the "inferiror ways" of non-humans."

Geijon says, "Bloodshed on this ground will not be tolerat' any'un save th' Arkati themselves"

Cryheart says, "Holswort will not be harmed"

Dantrotic says, "Cemb. So you claim to be an Imperial Citizen, even an Imperial Noble! Yet you do not allow others to stand on the land that is not yours? Sounds like selling a bridge."

Arwen says, "Cemb, I would tread carefully. Holswort is still the Herald of Jantalar."

Holswort says, "Cemb, our claim to this spot is a matter of record. The traitorous Maldon was sent here to occupy this Holding in the name of his liege. He turned, and claimed the Holding for himself, pulling together a band of fanatic, blind followers who claim it as theirs."

Blades says, "what bothers me is that the assassin does his dirty work while he speaks of his station"

Cryheart says, "I have seen no record Holswort"

Cryheart asks, "where is your proof?"

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Cemb says, "he did not claim it for his own Holswort"

Dantrotic asks, "The Imperial Librarys of Turamzyrr that record all land claims?"

Cemb says, "and he did not claim it"

Dantrotic says, "Or the Empress acknowledging this is Jantalarian, both work."

You say, "It was yer Baron who ordered th' murder of Maldon's own son, along with th' dwarves of Talador."

Holswort says, "Now you seek to cloud the issue."

Dantrotic says, "Maldon killed his own son, as well as the dwarves of Talador."

Titaniia stares at Dantrotic.

Drugal glances at Dantrotic.

Cemb says, "The order of the silver gryphon claimed it, a noble order, founded by him, it was unoccupied at the time, and it was our right to do so"

Titaniia says, "You an' I shall meet later, Dantrotic."

Cryheart asks, "Dantrotic, didn't ye try to kiss Berr once?"

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Armaxis says, "Dantrotic isss a wonderful jester."

Armaxis says, "Almost made me chuckle."

Geijon says, "Do it on yer own time, Tani"

Cemb says, "Dantrotic, unless about 10 others that I have spoken to, who witnessed the afair are liers too, that was just about the biggest lie and mistep I have ever heard"

Holswort asks, "It is unoccupied right now. If I step inside, may I lay claim to it?"

Dantrotic says, "Only a Barony can claim land for themselves. A group that is not such may not do such."

Geijon says, "As ah said there will be nae any bloodshed here"

Cryheart says, "nae "

Titaniia says, "I did say later, Lord Geijon. An' it may surprise you to learn that I doan take orders from you."

Cemb says, "and the order did claim it in the name of the empire, not for ourselves Holswort"

Cemb points at a polished silver plaque.

Dantrotic says, "Then it is purely Imperial Land, Cemb. Which has been ceeded to the Barony of Jantalar"

Mnar says, "Careful, Holswort... they suffer you to live because you are still a herald.. if they see you as trespassing, they might well lose their compunctions."

Cemb says, "Once you take down our plaque, and the other signs that it is ours Holswort...and if you touch them, I will hav your head"

Geijon says, "It wasnae an was a warnin as tae th' consequences fer such actions"

Geijon smiles at Titaniia.

You ask, "Have you a key, Lord Holswort?"

(Titaniia crosses her arms.)

Holswort asks, "No, Titaniia. Would you not sell me yours?"

Dantrotic says, "Cemb, I would recomend you take back your words."

Blades says, "Hes carrying this pointless conversation on for a reason, seems to be waiting for something to me"

Holswort says, "Interesting."

Arwen nods to Blades.

Arwen says, "Or someone."

Holswort says, "Then this Holding belongs to Titaniia."

Roelon snorts.

Cemb asks, "Excuse me?"

Holswort says, "She has the key."

Dantrotic says, "Titaniia just claimed it Cemb."

Titaniia says, "I didna claim it fer myself"

Titaniia says, "Eeesh. I was makin a point."

Humongor nods to Titaniia.

Cemb asks, "It belongs to who it says it belongs to, or perhaps you are a herald that can not read Holswort?"

Cemb begins chuckling at Holswort.

Cryheart says, "fruitless with these pointy heads Tani"

You chuckle at Cryheart.

Cryheart glances at Dantrotic.

Holswort scratches something in the dirt.

Cemb laughs!

Armaxis says, "Well, he's a delusional human...illiteracy wouldn't be sssurprising."

Roelon snorts.

[Abandoned Holding]
The stone tower rises above the surrounding marsh, narrow window slits and a battlement about the gabled roof giving it an almost sinister appearance. To the north, east, and west, the hillock slopes sharply downward and is quickly lost beneath the reeds and cattails. You also see a falcon and a large frog who is sitting.
Also here: Blades, Cryheart, Geijon, Humongor, Lord Drugal, Lady Kadesha, Lady Belnia, Mnar who is seated, Lord Armaxis, Lord Cemb, Lord Dantrotic, Lady Arwen, Lord Kerl, Icicycle, Lady Clearity, Delgoth, Lord Roelon, Holswort
Obvious paths: southwest.

Titaniia inclines her head.

Cemb exclaims, "a diplomat who can not read!"

Cemb points at Holswort.

Cryheart says, "ye forget about the dwarves Belnia"

Belnia says, "dwarves are good for three things, mining, forging and rugs"

Geijon asks, "Some could say that about ye tae, Armaxis, but yer one o' ebon skin..many similarities, nae?"

Cryheart says, "and protecting this Holding"

Holswort smirks.

Drugal says, "I will remember that the next time I hear that you're dead."

Drugal nods to Belnia.

Dantrotic says, "I have a dwarf hired to knock down any wall I wish. If I could find that red nosed dwarf he could open this up."

Geijon says, "Jantalar, Ta'Faendryl, same path tae their own downfall"

Belnia says, " no, we agreed starsnuffers tower"

Geijon smiles at Holswort.

Humongor asks, "What d' ye wish t' accomplish 'ere, Holswort?"

Blades glances at Geijon.

Cryheart says, "then ye at the wrong place"

Titaniia says, "Lord Holswort, one would wonder if you ain trying to draw a large crowd of Gryphons here, fer an' way you are staying so close to their Holding. We all know that you ain gonna agree with anything anyone here says."

Geijon says, "Folks nae learn from past mistakes"

Holswort glances at Humongor.

Geijon glances at Blades.

Holswort says, "Monstrous."

Cemb waves to Geijon.

Humongor asks, "Monstrous?"

Geijon chuckles.

Humongor asks, "Eh?"

Blades says, "and perhaps our feuds against each other will be our own downfall"

Armaxis says, "Ta'Faendryl does not sssend lackey's and lie. They are not out to 'prove' that they are ssstrong."

Dantrotic asks, "Titaniia, if this was an ambush, then why would he not announce his presence openly?"

Cemb says, "aye, it is a well known trick, as your assassins like to play it seems"

Geijon says, "nae carry fueds..twas jus a historical fact or th' nature o' th' beast"

Cemb snorts at Holswort.

Dantrotic says, "You think like a giantkin. Humans are the smart race"

Holswort asks, "My assassins?"

Cryheart says, "a ruse of a diplomat..simple"

Cemb nods to Holswort.

Armaxis says, "It seems this little...human 'empire' has to march armiesss to all places of the world to prove itself."

Armaxis snickers.

Holswort says, "I do not employ assassins. I am a herald."

Kerl says, "if this were an ambush, no diplimat would knowingly participate... at least not in person"

Geijon says, "aye, ah ahm a Giant, ah donnae pretend tae be a politician"

Cemb smirks.

Geijon chuckles.

Blades says, "well you would say that wouldn't you"

Blades nods to Holswort.

Blades rolls his eyes.

Kerl nods to Blades.

Cryheart asks, "so what is your purpose here Holswort?"

Cemb asks, "assassins from your town, Craban, the ta'gurr, and several others?"

Cemb raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Humongor asks, "What is it ye exactly Herald Holswort?"

Arwen says, "Well dear, he is but a Herald. Not even a diplomat....that makes him expendable."

Cemb asks, "DO you know of them?"

Blades says, "a human with a large mouth"

Cryheart says, "seems that if you were a true diplomat or herald you would be in the Landing speaking with the town council"

Dantrotic says, "Malwind has assassinated me in the past, Cemb. "

Holswort says, " have never heard of those people. Rogue elements no doubt."

Cemb asks, "or are you as missinformed and underinformed as Dantrotic is?"

Cryheart nods to Titaniia.

Cryheart says, "seems so"

Geijon sits down.

Kerl rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Cemb says, "I see you are, well, that's quite a shame"

Kadesha says, "now I Know I like Malwind"

Drugal nods to Kadesha.

Dantrotic says, "Dhe'Nar trying to stir up a war. The Dhe'nar were foolish to lay claim to Solhaven. That was a hoot."

Mnar glances at Dantrotic.

Kadesha stares off into space.

Cryheart asks, "ye speaking about Jantalarns being roguish Holswort?"

Holswort says, "Some are, yes."

Mnar says, "We hardly claimed the town, Dantrotic."

Cemb says, "they have all claimed to be nobles of Jantalar Holswort, they where no rogues"

Arwen rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Holswort says, "Not all claims are true. Witness your claims to this Holding."

Blades says, "He tried to persuade us to put away our weapons yet kept his out, enough for me to think he is up to something"

Cemb asks, "perhaps your claims are not then either?"

Arwen says, "Perhaps you're doing a bit of work on the side Holswort? Maybe you've thrown in with Traleon."

Mnar says, "I don't think this is a good time for that, Drugal."

Cemb asks, "and I have a perfect right to dispatch you, perhaps you are only a rogue, who has a herald who can not read?"

Arwen asks, "Is this a scouting mission on his behalf?"

Drugal rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Drugal nods to Arwen.

Dantrotic says, "Cemb. Do not make threats."

Drugal says, "He is gathering an army."

Drugal nods to Arwen.

Arwen nods to Drugal.

Geijon says, "He looks like a bit o' a pup tae be slaying a half dozen or so seasons battle veterans even if ahm unarm'd an' seat'd"

Armaxis says, "I would most likely think it isss a distraction for something. He's...leading us on."

Holswort says, "Then, Dispatch me as you are able, Cemb. I think you are outmatched."

Cemb says, "He is the one threatening"

Cryheart asks, "so why ye visiting us at this time herald?"

Cemb says, "If I can not, others in my place will."

Cemb snorts.

Drugal asks, "What better reason for Jantalar to attack than if we kill their herald?"

Blades says, "Hes to much of a coward to use his blade"

Armaxis says, "More fuel for the fire."

Drugal nods to Armaxis.

Holswort says, "I am not visiting anyone. I was out for a stroll."

Cryheart asks, "ye get lost?"

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Dantrotic says, "Not really, Cryheart."

Holswort says, "No. It is within the Barony."

Cryheart asks, "so ye here to claim something?"

Dantrotic says, "It is part of the Barony of Jantalar. So he is still home, per se"

Holswort says, "No, Cryheart."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cemb says, "If you wish to stroll, you may in areas that are not claimed by the order Holswort."

Cemb says, "There is nothing for you to see here."

Cryheart says, "an empty tower...tis all"

Cryheart grins.

Dantrotic asks, "Cemb, so you created your own Barony?"

Holswort says, "Look, my mark is upion this dirt. I claimed it, and I may stroll here."

Holswort points at some scratches in the dirt.

Cryheart asks, "where be your mark?"

Cemb asks, "excuse me Dantrotic?"

Arwen scoffs at Holswort.

Cryheart says, "dirt is dirt"

(Titaniia casually rubs the marks out with her foot.)

Cryheart shrugs.

Dantrotic says, "Well, you say THE ORDER claimed it."

Kerl shuffles his feet.

Kerl says, "so much for your mark"

Dantrotic says, "You said NOTHING about VORNAVIS"

Arwen says, "As Malwind said when last we met, you are a but claim nothing."

Dantrotic says, "You said, THE ORDER"

Titaniia says, "Dantrotic, calm down afore yer head explodes."

Geijon says, "Truly this towah is little more then some old stones"

Geijon shrugs.

Dantrotic asks, "So your order is now its own barony, or its own nation perhaps?"

Holswort asks, "Ah, so you attempt to usurp my claims to this dirt with your aggressive and hostile actions?"

Geijon says, "hardly worth yer time, Holswort"

Holswort glances at a polished silver plaque.

Kerl shrugs.

(Blades kicks some dirt over Holswort's mark.)

Roelon says, "You claim is the dirt."

Mnar says, "Holswort... that might not be wise...."

Roelon says, "Which is fitting for a Jantalarian."

Dantrotic says, "Titaniia. Do not be so thick headed, assuming you can kill anyone with an order of your militia."

Holswort whistles a complicated ditty, impressing you with his virtuosity.

Cemb says, "a neigboring friendly barony does not have the right to stroll around thier friends seat of power unescorted, or at will, let alone one that has sent no less than a half dozen overt assasination and invasions against them.,"

Dantrotic says, "You no longer head the militia, you can't have 50 people tackle him like kobolds and rob him anymore."

Titaniia says, "First off, I doan got no militia, which fer a spy..shows yer a lil behind."

Kadesha starts chuckling at Titaniia!

Armaxis says, "It's almossst too fitting...a worm of the 'empire' claiming dirt."

Titaniia says, "Secondly, I ain fiting no one."

Cryheart says, "ye are using threatening words dere Dantrotic..for someone who is misinformed"

Holswort says, "I was enjoying a quiet stroll. I will leave you here to argue amongst yourselves."

Holswort's group just went southwest.

He was in fact waiting for someone. The Dwarf named Vurk who was the dwarven liason to the forge and tunnels under the Gryphon Holding, but he would not meet with him this night. In hindsight he attempted to hire Vurk to kill Sir Brinn, Lady Deavon, and any of the other Gryphons they could manage. He would eventually attempt to hire others, but this was not the first attempt on Gryphon members lives, nor the last.