Bringing the Empress' Killer to Justice

Reports from the crowd on the day of the Empress' murder eventually began to form a picture of the series of events that took place leading up to the assassination and who the culprit was. The investigation made progress quickly by seizing on several eyewitness accounts and evidence that would start them down the road to justice for the Empress' death.

This is the combined reports and accounts of what transpired during the search and apprehension of the Assassin between

Rumors were circulating. People said the former Empress was rumored to have received her place with some help from the luukosians. She helped out Hochstib on many occasions by sending him the Mandis Crystals and allowing him to wage war against neighboring baronies. It was only when her opinion changed during her Tour of the Empire that she was killed just as she was going against popular opinion of Jantalar. This was coupled with the fact the killer is a suspected witch hunter, which are commonly used special forces in Jantalar against Mestanir during their war. Along with these many coincidences Luukosian Deathwort was used. Which most assuredly is a guarded secret among the clergy and assassins of that denomination.

It is reasonable to suspect that her shift in policy in regards to the non-human races was a significant factor in her assassination. It is even quite likely that she had revealed that she'd been considering abolishing Chaston's Edict altogether. It also seems reasonable to assume there is a sect of Lukkosians within Jantalar that have a vested interest in Hochtib's success. Of course, one has to wonder what that vested interest really is.

During the height of this rampant rumoring, some of which could entirely be valid, a fisherman made a peculiar catch. A hood matching the description of the assassin was caught in the Bay. A pair of guards questioned the person, but several onlookers were able to catch a glimpse of the item and it was taken to a bard to see if any facts could be gleamed from it to help in the search for the killer. The singing is where it went wrong, the hood injured three bards, and killed two who persisted. It turned up no additional leads and further speculation surrounding this rogue witch hunter ran rampant.

Information came to light either through the investigation or pure folly that the Assassin was a renegade witch hunter named Vitrienne. She was spotted on several occasions amongst the citizens of Solhaven getting spells and bragging of the feat. On those occasions when the authorities came to apprehend her she was able to make her escape. She could be further identified by tatoos covering her body that were rather distinct in the Solhaven environs.

The Imperial Blade Terrune was making appearances in Solhaven and at the Vornavis Gates as he had a vested interest in locating the killer of his emperor. In a few of those exchanges he would share information in his abrasive way, but he did mention at one point that an Elder Witch Hunter was enroute to help ferret out the assassin.

The reknowing Witchhunter Magusbane Sulphienne arrived that very evening. She explained that witch hunters could turn back spells on a caster and detect through their spell use trickles in the world. With the hood found they may be able to use any residual magic to understand the profile and magical fingerprint of the Assassin. She was questioned on her rank among the Witch Hunters to which she responded that she was among the Black Rank of their Order and that Vitrienne, the assassin, was of a lower Red Rank.

Later, using a small crystal pendulum, the Witchhunter could detect the direction that the renegade was hiding. A group of adventurers and Solhaven citizens had gathered and took to capturing the elf assassin. This took them to Crooked Way, a place where she could reside without others questioning her. We made our way toward the Royal Court, where, unfortunately, the renegade was waiting for us.

She struck out at Kilthal, destroying his eye, before running away. This manner of chase and hide continued on for a while. Finally, Tarandur was quick and landed blow that rendered Vitrienne unconscious. Terrune grabbed her and she was taken to the authorities under Terrune's watchful eye.

[Kilthal had a log of these events, but I have not been able to locate it. If Kilthal reads this or someone can locate the log I'd appreciate it and full credit would be given. I think an adequate, with some liberty, job of summarizing events has been made.]