Gryphon Land Rights

Alright, recent events have lead to various Jantalarian, and hostile diplomatic conflicts concerning the landing. In particular Holswort, the Herald of Baron Lerep Hochstib of Jantalar. I have had this drafted in response with Frorin's assistance.
-Sir Cemb Chimera

The Knights of the Silver Gryphon are what are commonly referred to, as "Knights of the Shire", they are Knight Errant that have been assigned to a particular town, or borough such as the Landing, to aid in it's Government, and provide noble lordship and support to the town, where no Barony exists.

The Knights have claimed the landing for the Empire, and Empress or Emperor based upon waste law, evidenced by the fact that there was no Imperial contact for decades to this, or the surrounding area. It is also clear that no taxes, or representation to the Empire, or any of its Baronies occurred during that time. No Baron has carried a tenure for these lands, after the point that the last knight of Jantalar died, and was not replaced, and the seat of the Empire in this area was left to deteriorate for decades, and which the Silver Gryphons renovated and claimed.

Further, the laws of adverse possession make it clear, that the Landing as a self-governing borough and the Gryphons as recognized nobility held an implied tenure on Imperial wasted land. The adverse possession laws state that a trespasser (someone who is not on the lands by express permission of the owner, in this case the Empress or Emperor) is entitled to legal ownership of property if his occupation of the property is hostile, actual, open and notorious, exclusive and continuous for a period of 5-20 years dependent upon certain factors. Factors contribute to, depending upon the time that is agreed that has passed that those rules of law have been greatly met, or exceeded by our Order.