The Empress' Mynal'lyanna Memorial Service

An Empire Mourns (2/4/2003)

The Turamzzyrian Empire was plunged into grief with the untimely death of Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles. The Imperial Blades, Baron Malwind's personal guard, and the Mercantile Guild of Solhaven are all engaged in the search for the assassin. It is certain that the guilty party cannot evade the eye of justice for long.

Upon the eve of Niiman, Fashanos 6, barring other developments, Baron Malwind will hold a memorial service for the fallen Empress at the site of her death. All who share in the grief of the Empire are permitted to attend, but those who show disrespect will be swiftly removed, with severe consequences.

The Empire grieves for the fallen Empress, but the Empire itself lives on, and the wrath of the Arkati shall surely befall those who would think this a time of weakness. Representatives of all appropriate parties are gathering in Tamzyrr to determine the Empress's successor, as there is no designated heir at this time.

After its use in this terrible crime, the Imperial ban against the prohibited herb Luukosian deathwort has been reinforced, and there is an extremely lucrative reward available to anyone who can offer information leading to the capture of those who deal in deathwort. A far greater reward is available to anyone who offers information leading to the capture of the assassin, so long as the assassin is alive and sensate.


The Service (2/6/2003)

Dunrith exclaims, "Ladies and Gentlemen, let us quiet down please...!"

A pall of silence settles on the area.

[Solhaven, Baron's Bridge]
Cargo ships and barges dock at Baron's Quay just to the west, the quay forming a breakwater that protects the canal and its shipping. To the north beyond Bayside Road and Charl's Quay, the timbers of the Market Bridge stretch across the waters of the bay from North 'Haven to Marshtown. South along the waterfront the South Market Pier is visible reaching out into the ocean, while beyond it the naked timbers of the shipyard and the stilted warehouses of the Bonding Pier can be made out. You also see the Kilthal disk, a dusky mastiff, a white cat that is sitting, a forest mastiff, the Aiya disk, the Kneo disk, a scratched modwir strongbox with a cricket on it, a falcon, a white panther, the Nanaya disk, a raven that is flying around and a large wooden platform that overhangs the canal on the east side of the bridge. Festooned with crimson and gold bunting, the platform is raised above the level of the bridge and looks large enough to hold a substantial entourage.
Obvious paths: north, south

Baron Malwind announces in a loud yet reverent voice, "We are gathered here this evening to pay our respects to the Late Empress Mynal'lyanna."

Baron Malwind continues, "Her time upon the throne was an energetic and forward-looking time for the Empire. One during which the Human Race was seen to take its rightful place out from beneath the shadow of its Elven protectors.

Baron Malwind says, "I will not dwell upon those aspects of Her reign which caused strife for some, for all rulers make choices which favor some as they create hardship for others.

Baron Malwind says, "But it is clear that Her reign was always focused on the good of the whole of the Empire and its citizens, and it is that aspect of Her reign which we should hold onto as a memory of Her time here.

Baronial guardsman Lainston takes a position in the rear of the gathering.

Baron Malwind says, "In particular, I am heartened by the brief conversation we had prior to her speech and to the beginning of Her speech, which spoke of an appreciation for the diversity that She recognized in this barony."

Baron Malwind says, "While I know that She and I did not share a similar regard for this particular barony or a common lack of regard for the Barony of Jantalar, yet I held out hope and was gladdened to hear Her words on the day She met Her untimely end."

Terrune stares icily at the crowd for a few moments, then turns his gaze toward the waters again.

You see Imperial Blade Terrune Metharnonne'.
He appears to be a Human.
He appears to be mature and taller than average. He has brooding blue-grey eyes and tanned skin. He has receding, thick silver hair tied into a short, tightly-braided ponytail just past his neck. He has a clean-shaven face, a straight nose and a broad chest.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a small crimson round shield trimmed in intricate golden knotwork in his left hand.
He is wearing a pair of tall crimson boots buckled with radiant golden sunbursts, a pair of rich crimson pants, a gold-edged scarlet leather sheath, a ceremonial crimson steel breastplate inlaid with a brilliant golden sunburst, and a lush crimson velvet cloak bordered in thick golden knotwork.

Baron Malwind says, "To see that potential of a new beginning wiped out with no regard for the promise that it held pains me as it should any who truly love this city, this barony and this Empire."

Baron Malwind finishes speaking, bows his head slightly and steps back.

Salnim steps forward, hands clapsed before him and says, "We all feel the loss when someone dies. Moreso when that person was a great ruler. The Empress was such a ruler, and we shall always honor her memory." He returns to his place next to his father, a very solemn look on his face.

Baron Malwind steps forward once again and addresses the gathering, "We do not presume to provide a formal religious ceremony for the Empress, the official ceremony will take place a few days hence in the capital city. Please take a few moments to consider the impact and untimeliness of Her passing and think of Her when you happen to encounter this place in your daily comings and goings.

Medwick sighs heavily.

Baron Malwind nods solemnly to the crowd to signal the end of the proceedings.

Dunrith's group just went north.