Reactions across the Empire

Having been repulsed from Wehnimer's Landing after claiming it for the Barony of Jantalar, losing both Mandis Crystals, and having been forced to withdraw, in what would appear temporarily, the Empire and politicial firestorm comments from within the empire come to light. (11/7/2003)

A stone tossed into a still pool creates ripples across the surface of the water. If the stone is a small one, the ripples are brief and die quickly, but larger stones create more impressive and longer-lasting waves, while the largest can product waves of such force that they disrupt the form of the pool forever.

The Baron, it seems, is not so small a stone, and Elanith is rippling in response to his actions. Opinions range from fair to ill, and reactions vary as well.

- The Earl of Estoria recently commented during a meeting of the Emperor's Council in Tamzyrr, "I certainly hope Baron Hochstib is faring well in his hinterlands expedition. I am concerned that few of his peers seem to recognize the considerable risks he is taking personally for the Empire's benefit. Any time that an established noble expends time and resources to bring new territory within the Empire's borders it is a no-risk, pure-gain situation for the Empire as a whole."

- The Count of Trauntor has expressed some dismay over Baron Hochstib's recent failure in his campaign against the northern towns beyond the empire's borders. "While I can understand Jantalar's aversion to having to rely upon the somewhat innately chimerical support of magicians within his military force, his decision to employ those demonic crystals instead has given me pause to question his entire sanity." The Eastern Sentinel continued, "Also, from a military point of view it placed uncommon importance upon a sparse few pivotal artifacts which could not be adequately protected. Hence, while I heartily applaud his drive and determination, I must question his competence as a military commander on the whole."

- An imperial administrator, who asked not to be named, has suggested that Baron Hochstib's surprisingly prolonged preoccupation with establishing a fortified holding outside the boundaries of the empire has resulted in the blatant neglection of his primary duties to his holdings and to the throne. The administrator went on to say that the situation would surely have proven detrimental to the populace of the Jantalarian baronies and to Baron Hochstib's standing with the throne by now were it not for the able intervention of his sister, Delphinuria, who has stepped in to provide essential guidance and to render those decisions whose need could not be forestalled.

Outside the Turamzzyrian Empire, in the lands of the elves, Countess Endrienar of Ta'Vaalor has communicated her concern to the Turamzzyrian throne that it is fortunate for the Empire that Baron Hochstib's predations have been directed away from the Elven border rather than towards it. Citing a traditional lack of patience with "...such dim-witted and bigotry-ridden endeavors," the countess expressed surprise that "...the poor, hatred-driven fool did not precipitated an ultimately unhealthy reaction from our lands by allowing his well-known prejudice against the elder race to determine the direction of his campaign."

And what of the Empire's heart? Where does Aurmont stand?

Rumors have spread of imperial inquisitors being dispatched from Tamzyrr to look into the disappearance of the last pair of couriers sent to Jantalar by Emperor Aurmont. Varying reports have placed the messengers either en route to the barony, in the city of Jantalar or beyond the city and into the hinterlands towards Baron Hochstib's new outpost, prior to their disappearance.