Road to Ruin

Pressure from the Empire

Emperor Aurmont was becoming directly involved. Numerous messengers had gone missing and both of the Mandis Crystals that belonged to the Throne had been destroyed when repeated requests for their immediate return had been made. Hochstib was essentially a walking dead man and his actions from that point on were as one.

Hobb speaks (8/17/2003)

Hobb bows.

Hobb quietly says, "I'm in a bit of a hurry, but I heard you all talkin from outside."

Hobb quietly says, "Meself and others of us have been keeping an eye on Snotsack and his soldiers since they got kicked outta the town here. Turns out that when that big crystal got destroyed, a big cloud of dust from it went sky high and the wind took it...settled to ground a ways to the southeast."

Hobb quietly says, "And during the retreat of his army, ol' Snotsack runned across it and decided to hole up there. He's had his soldiers building it up as a new permanent base in the days since, and now since some dandied-up wordhaulers told him he's gotta go south and take some blame, he looks fixing to come back at this town again."

Hobb quietly says, "He did some kinda ritual where the dust made the area unmagical, kinda like he did with the crystals, but it looked like he performed them hisself, so it's clear he expects the area to stay no-magic and he has some kinda unnatural tie to it, but we haven't been able to get close enough to find out exactly what it means yet."

Hobb shrugs.

Hobb quietly says, "Just a word to the wise."

Hobb quietly says, "He's not done yet, and he's headin' his soldiers back north."

Hobb bows.

Assassination Attempts (10/19/2003)

The Gryphons were quietly holding a regular meeting in the Holding tonight on Jastatos the 19th. We were almost about to adjourn when we received an unwelcome visit, the following occurred as I recall -

(A momentary blur as it arcs through the window, an arrow *thunks* into the timber of the fireplace's mantel, pinning the fabric of her cloak to the wood between her ribs and the sleeve of her hauberk!

Subdued, but clear on the night air, a voice can be heard, "You arse! We's scoutin'! 'Sides, ya coulda kilt her if you'd a been lookin' at her head 'stead of her chest! Let's git outta here." The voices fade quickly along with the running footsteps.)

The arrow was meant for Dame Deavon it appears.

We went scouting and couldn't find anyone about.

Now the Gryphons about two weeks ago had received intelligence that Baron Hochstib was stirring again. This little episode makes us suspicious and we alert every group, clan, order..and citizens of the Landing to be vigil again. Baron Hochstib might be making another plan to attack and still desires the Landing as a port.

Cryheart Thaxin
Order of the Silver Gryphons

Hochstib Returns (10/30/2003)

Baron Lerep Hochstib launched two attacks against the Elven Village tonight, claiming we would pay for destroying his crystals. Though they were defeated, a new anti-magical zone now extends to the border of the Lower Dragonsclaw Grasslands. There are no dispelling/mana draining effects, however. It seems that the baron has somehow fused a number of crystal shards with his own body, thus making him far more powerful than your average mortal being. In fact, Hochstib himself may be causing this new anti-magic field.