Defeat of the Sea Wolves

Pirate Shock (4/6/2003)

At dusk the Sea Wolves and a half dozen ships or more were spotted in the Bay. The flags they flew marked them well, for the blockade of Solhaven had gone on for many years and the citizens knew many of the pirate captains and their ships by sight. Nothing drastic had changed and the Sea Wolves normally didn't raid or plunder, but they did this night.

Trumpets were sounded and enough warning went out that Captain Kimrella and her crew were on high alert. The Rising Swan was being readied for harbor defense and adventurers from as far wide as could be called joined her. Her planks swelled and as she sailed under the Market Bridge numerous more took the short leap onto her deck to join in the defense of Solhaven. Torsk and his ship the Krolvin Princess set out from Marshtown as well. Both of these ships had only recently been brought into the fold in Solhaven and would prove to be a boon from some watchful arkati indeed.

Mages were summoning powerful winds to push back the Sea Wolves vessals and make it difficult for them to find safe landing in the bays now choppy waters, catapults had been erected along with bay defenses now engaged them while they struggled to maintain control in the bay.

Aided by several other overflowing vessals the Solhaven defenders and the Sea Wolves met in the bay. Grappling hooks and ropes flew, planks were run and the ships began to harry one another as their decks erupted with combat. The Rising Swan rammed the enemy ship, Charl's Lady, causing her to list badly and adventurers swarmed over her rails.

Charl's Lady and it's captain were taken with a large, but inexperienced group that managed to overwhelm her with its tenacity and passion. The other ships were eventually dealt with as well proving that the Sea Wolves had grossly misjudged their raid and plunder strategy into a city long overcast by the shadow of their blockade.

[Mechanically each of the four Sea Wolves ships were level restricted, which allowed everyone who had gotten onto the Solhaven ships to participate against like level attackers.]

The Triumph of the Rising Swan

Fellow Solhaven Citizens and Distinguished Visitors,

It is with great pride that I relay the information of the occurences of two nights ago to all concerned. A sea battle of epic proportions took place on our own Solhaven Bay with the result being the destruction or capture of all of the invading Sea Wolf vessels. After much initial celebration I have spent some time writing down the events as I saw them. Hopefully this will serve as a record of the honored deeds accomplished by the brave adventurers who aided Captain Kimrella against the pirates.

-Revalos Lykanderon of Mestanir, Solhaven Fisherman

The Defeat of the Sea Wolves

The cruel pirates known as the Sea Wolves have long been feared and hated in the area around Solhaven Bay for their cruelly imposed blockade. Upon the evening of the 6th day of Olaesta , the Sea Wolves sent a massive invasion force to loot the port city of Solhaven, but the town was prepared for their onslaught -- powerful magic users becalmed their seven troop ships within the harbor, trebuchets bombarded the Sea Wolf vessels, and a trireme laden with enraged volunteers set sail to fight the pirates face to face. Within minutes, three of the ships were sunk, and the remainder were successfully captured by residents of Solhaven and assisting adventurers from surrounding cities.

The surviving Sea Wolves have retreated to lick their wounds and regroup, for this colossal failure has left the pirates with barely enough crew to sail their ships, let alone attack again. Merchant vessels still avoid the area, not willing to risk their livelihoods so swiftly, but, by and large, the citizens of Solhaven are relieved to foresee the end of the pirate dominion.

This evidence of Solhaven's strength has, perhaps, finally earned the respect of Baron Hochstib of Jantalar. Despite his long-standing record of war with Baron Malwind of Vornavis, Hochstib has turned his attention elsewhere. Hochstib's troops have begun to repair the roads leading northwest from Mestanir...

...which prepares a path for war that leads directly to Wehnimer's Landing.