The False Death and Grave of Spike the War Rat (Spike's Quest)

Spike, our good friend and war rat hero died recently. But as it turns out, Spike was on a quest to help the lands. This tale was told to me and many others at Spike's grave by a companion of his, a small boy named Jake. I have been asked to post this story so that others may share in the tale of Spike.

Spike's grave is located in the Lower Dragonclaw. Currently, the grave has Spike's collar and a gravestone. Spike was buried by dwarves dressed in black and he was buried in the wee hours of the morning. A small boy named Jake was also at the scene crying. You may pay your respects to Spike here and leave flowers, etc on and around the grave.

Spike recently went on a quest to his homeland of Bregandia. He was trying to find a key, a golden key that would go with four others... one of which is the black one owned by Lord Thalior. Anyway, Spike tried to get the key from a Baron Devestior or find help in Bregandia. Spike was killed in a fire in his home started by unknown assailents. Now others have come from Bregandia. Dark wizards and white wizards and "big flying grey snakes with wings." (Wyverns) They want the keys too. So several of the most powerful lords are out looking for this key. They theorize that the key is in Greymist. I know that this location has something to do with Teras...

I can try to answer any questions sent to me. I welcome addendums. Escroll me for more info... I took this from my scribings of the event, but I am by no means perfect.

Drylnn Cadderce --- Scribe of Elanthia, Dark Elven Ranger

You look at the gravestone.
Here lies the war rat "Spike". May he forever rest in piece.

Thalior blinks.

Baalor bows to Thalior.

Thalior glances at a stone grave.

Thalior says, "spike's like me, he dont die"

Ashemu says, "boy still hidden somewhere"

You hear someone sniffle nearby.

Thalior asks, "er did anyone SEE spike dies?"

Thalior grumbles.

Thalior yells, "BOY ya comes out here, I wanna hear 'bout ya friend da rat!"

Thalior says, "well, he sure hides goods"

Thalior yells, "BOY, come outs here, ya got nut'n ta fears if ya was a friend wid Spikes"

You see Lord Thalior Farthor the Dark Elf Sorcerer.
He appears to be in his 120's, has long, straight silver hair, grey eyes, and tanned skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a staff twisted in the shape of a serpent with a demonic visage and capped with a dark diamond in his left hand.
He is wearing a pair of knee high gleaming black leather riding boots, a blood-soaked bag which writhes as if it has something living inside of it, a dark blue emerald eye, a gold-trimmed jewelled eye, an essence blasted cloak worked all about with golden threads, a pitch black satchel woven through with images of tortured souls, some extremely supple black leather body armor with a faint image of a bound dark reaver etched upon it, a spun glass anklet, a gold rimmed monocle, a solid gold Ivas earring, the gruesome visage of your face contorted in agony studded with rubies, a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, a writhing, black-scaled serpent bracelet with fiery ruby eyes, a dark elven battle shroud, and a twisted skeleton ring which appears to be writhing in agony with pulsing deathstone eyes.

A small boy just arrived.

A small boy sniffs at the air.

It is your typical small boy.
It is in good shape.
It has a spiked collar, some normal clothing (worn), a leather helm (worn) and some leather boots (worn).

You say, "He has a spiked collar"

The small boy drops a spiked collar with a tag that reads "Spike".

Brodius asks, "Little you know what happened to spike?"

A small boy says, "He died."

A small boy says, "In a fire."

A small boy says, "In his home"

A small boy sniffs.

A small boy says, "We were on a quest."

Thalior asks, "a quest boy?"

A small boy looks over towards Thalior and nods.

A small boy says, "We went to.."

A small boy says, "Breganda."

Thalior asks, "spikes purdy hard ta kills, quest, or fire or what nots?"

Thalior asks, "Breganda, where be that boy?"

A small boy says, "That is his homeland."

Thalior asks, "boy, you gotta names, or should I call ya boy?"

A small boy says, "Not sure, Spike got us there, and barely back."

A small boy says, "My name is Jake."

Thalior asks, "okies Jake, why dont ya start at da start?"

The small boy sits down.

A small boy says, "Spike wanted to get something, I do not know what."

A small boy says, "Something about a key."

Thalior asks, "okies Jake, a key ta whats?"

A small boy says, "He said he needed it, with the others that were here."

A small boy says, "From a castle, the fire broke out."

Thalior asks, "what others boy?"

A small boy says, "I do not know of others, he said they are..."

A small boy says, "All he said is that he needed one key, from someone who used to own it."

A small boy says, "The baron did."

A small boy says, "The man who had the keys before was..."

A small boy asks, "Devestior?"

Thalior says, "yes, Jake, I've one of those keys"

Thalior slings a staff twisted in the shape of a serpent with a demonic visage and capped with a dark diamond over his shoulder.

A small boy looks over towards Thalior and nods.

Thalior removes a polished black mistwood coffin with ornately-worked handles of silver from inside his pitch black satchel.

Thalior removes a glowing black key from inside his mistwood coffin.

A small boy says, "Spike died to get the one back."

Thalior shows a small boy his black key.

Thalior nods to the small boy.

A small boy says, "The baron said he would not let him have it."

A small boy says, "His was a golden key I think."

Thalior asks, "So Jake, any idea how one might start to find a way to this land?"

Darcayne says, "Lyichen has a unique key as well. A blue one."

A small boy says, "I wish I knew Thalior, but I do not. Spike only knew."

A small boy says, "Others come from Breganda I hear."

A small boy says, "Dark wizards, and white ones. I s s s saw em once"

A small boy exclaims, "And snakes!"

A small boy exclaims, "Big ones!"

A small boy exclaims, "With wings!"

Thalior says, "okies, I think I know where he's talk'ng about"

A small boy says, "He said that they wanted the keys also"

Thalior says, "its Greymist"

Omnirus says, "My thoughts as well Thal"

A small boy says, "He said that they wanted the keys also"

A small boy says, "Grey snakes."

A small boy sniffs.

Thalior says, "yups, it all fits, dwarfs, snakes...."

A small boy says, "I miss Spike."

Furrowfoot asks, "Perhaps this also goes back to the soothsayer?"

Thalior says, "Ohr, its all 'bout the Isle, I'm certain he's 'talk'n 'bout Greymist, I'm on da nst boat"

You see Lord Ohr Ladys_man the Human.
He appears to be in his 90's, has short, straight black hair, dark eyes, and dark skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a gold ring, a thickly padded leather jerkin, a ruby inset golden vultite clasp, a deep black concealing greatcloak, a jet black sash, some casual elven walking boots, a ruby amulet, a crystal amulet, a tightly woven spidersilk sack, a lovely starburst charm, a white gold wedding band encrusted with sparkling diamonds forming two intertwined hearts, a black leather scabbard with gilded mounts, a jet black camail, a silver Brigatta pin, a mithril juggernaut pin, a dark imflass alloy visored helm, some mithril alloy leg guards, a jet black jacket, some studded eonake gauntlets, a jet black bracelet, a braided gold and silver chain, a royal blue herbalist's satchel, a scraggly fake beard, a silver lockpick case, some thickened vultite arm greaves, an ivory and ruby buckle, some black silk pants with silver piping decorating each leg, a small silver holly charm, a golden herb pin, some wraith talon gloves, a woven vultite bracelet, a flowing spidersilk cloak, some steel-rimmed spectacles, and a jet black boutonniere.

Thalior says, "you’re talk'n 'bout a friend of mine"

This would also not be the end of Spike the War Rat, but that is for another tale.