Ideals and Perceptions of Knighthoood

Penned, April 5111.

Geijon says, "Let me give this a shot then."

Geijon grins.

Geijon says, "You had said yesterday that what sets these apart from a Warrior or anyone for that matter. It has to be th' sum of th' parts in some cases as some people will have certain qualities, but lack others."

Geijon says, "I also have a few I've disregarded, but I like them so I may bring them up to talk about the merits of them and th' drawbacks."

Vilkea nods.

Geijon says, "Th' basis of th' ideals I see is integrity, and as you mentioned it can vary a bit, or morality. Having a personal code of conduct and follow through. This can mean a few things as well I suppose, but I think it's th' philosophical foundation of my perception."

Geijon says, "Without integrity or morality I just don't think you can have many of th' other qualities."

Geijon says, "Next I mentioned Resolve. You have to have determination to press on, hold to your ideals, protect your friends, or just endure when you are injured, or in a bad situation."

Geijon says, "With those two, a Warrior may have them, but I think Valor begins to set these virtues apart. You need to be courageous in combat, you need to be brave in th' faith of loss, death, or defeat."

Geijon says, "But you don't want to be foolish, rushing into combat needlessly so you need temperance to balance and level your actions."

Geijon says, "If you are losing a battle it is not dishonorable to surrender, depending on whom you fight, Knights are ransomed when captured, but in kind you should show Mercy to your foes if they do likewise."

Geijon says, "I guess Respect would be sixth. You have to give it to gain it. When fighting goblins their numbers can be overwhelming. If you underestimate or misjudge your life may be forfit."

Geijon says, "Around here I wanted to include Passion. I think you need a certain zest for life, but it just doesn't entirely mesh with ideals. I think you can be passionate, but it has to be leveled and one should be aware that passion can lead to indulgence."

Geijon exclaims, "I liked comely also, but that is a bit vain and I joke mostly, yet Knights in stories are always handsome or dashing!"

Geijon says, "Next would be one that Brinn has always liked. Seventh you must have forbearance, patience, and a measured response when its easy to see a conclusion then err in that judgement."

Geijon says, "Eighth I'd expect would be judgement or wisdom. When measured against many factors you should come to the correct conclusion, not th' most obvious."

Geijon says, "Ninth. Loyalty. All Knights pledge themselves to a cause. You need to be true to it."

Geijon says, "And tenth I think would be generosity. People tend to overthink this one. You should be generous with your time, your friendship, a laugh or a joke, life is hard, war is harder, death is a reality so you should enjoy your companions and return kindness with kindness and be an example to others."

Geijon says, "A few of th' others such as courage, prowess, etc I think I encompassed in th' other ideals."

Vilkea nods.

Geijon says, "I'm sure there is no perfect list, but I think with th' ten I presented you can live th' knightly ideals. Perhaps you naturally encompass th' others by your own code and create a karma that would befit a Knight."

Vilkea asks, "If you could pick three of these that you think are the most important traits of a knightly ideal, which would they be?"

Geijon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Geijon says, "Forbearance, Judgement, and either Mercy or Loyalty."

Geijon says, "I struggle with mercy. I have never killed, but in th' aspect of making a decision. If you are lenient perhaps that person or situation will escalate."

You ponder the meaning of Geijon's existence.

Geijon says, "Let go a thief and he becomes a murderer, but you should show good judgement. A man could never estimate that change in a person and we are not their judge for future transgressions."

Vilkea admits, "Nor have I. Even in the duels I've volunteered to fight in."

Geijon says, "You then have to live your life with "Did you do all that you could at the time?" if so I would hope your conscious would be clear if that occured."

Vilkea nods.

Geijon says, "I have been a staunch member of Voln since I was a wee lad. With that my family has long fought th' demonic and forces of th' Unlife under th' banners of Phoenix. When Wehnimers or Elanthia has been threatened I've always answered th' call, but I have often struggled with service to th' Empire."

You see Geijon Khyree.
He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.
He is very tall and appears to be in the prime of life. He has piercing crystal blue eyes and tanned skin. He has long, tied back light brown hair with grey at the temples. He has an angular face, a straight nose and a small goatee. He is in good shape.
He is holding a superior maoral-hafted vultite maul in his right hand.
He is wearing a leather crafter's apron, a two-headed dog talisman of smoky quartz with brilliant emerald eyes, an enameled onyx night sky pendant, a crystal amulet, a white bearskin cloak embroidered with a midnight blue symbol of Voln, an engraved silver belt buckle, a stylized crimson phoenix crest atop crossed gold feathers, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a silver-edged blue pelican feather, a Warrior Guildmaster pin, a black braided hair tie, a crimson sun insignia overlaid with a small silver citadel, a gold-fluted blue velvet vest, a lacquered modwir keg pin, a white diamond phoenix pin, a maul-etched golden stickpin, a platinum-bound maoral badge, a golvern flame bound vultite shield, an imflass threaded war harness, a midnight blue veniom-threaded backpack, some spiked black alloy platemail embellished with a ruby encrusted phoenix, some brushed steel vambraces accented with banded panther agate, an onyx and ruby wedding band, a beryl-inset imflass ring, a polished gold ring, a gleaming mithril mesh satchel, a enruned dark imflass scabbard, some intricate ivory prayer beads, a golden imflass scroll tube, some black warrior monk breeches with a golden Voln symbol on the thigh, and a pair of striking dark panther pelt boots.

Speaking curiously to Geijon, Vilkea asks, "Why is that, sire?"

Geijon says, "I think when I was younger and a newer Gryphon I had difficulty with this quandry more so than now. It remains, for I am not a human, but I think th' representation of Knighthood and it's service to th' populace has allowed me to shave some of that square perception off."

Geijon says, "I also would serve a foreign lord, but truthfully I do not think we directly serve that liegelord. When a liege passes away we do not cease to be Knights. I think we serve th' people and that I have long done."

Vilkea smiles.

Vilkea nods in agreement.

Geijon says, "I used to think bending th' knee was to serve a Kingly type. Brinn, Cryheart, Ruffelin, Welan, etc. have helped me to see that their service is not rigid in that way. We fight for th' righteous and just causes."

Geijon says, "When Hochstib invaded or when Maldon was sent he saw that his Baron was wrong. With Chaston's edict I think each Knight had to make their choices wisely."

Geijon says, "Valor is an ideal and you can't be craven, but I think it reflects glory and prowess, which are not th' foundation. Generosity is a key because you can't be a miser, but for each of those virtues I felt that if you had th' foundation of th' other three your actions would be well accounted for."

Geijon says, "Brinn is fond of such challenges. You were his squire. I think for you to ask me it's because you are weighing our friendship and my thought process to see if it's possibly in line with yours. I could guess on some others, but I think thats th' core of us. Why would you not ask a friend their opinion on matters."

Geijon smiles.

Vilkea looks thoughtfully at Geijon.

Geijon says, "I will try to resist filling the silence. I tend to do that"

Geijon grins.

Vilkea amusedly says, "Your observation is astute, and I admit I was curious, but I was more concerned."

Geijon nods to Vilkea.

Geijon says, "I can understand that."

Geijon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Geijon says, "I'd ask why so I don't have to guess."

Geijon grins.

Speaking to Geijon, Vilkea says, "During our previous conversation, it sounded as though the qualities you saw in a knight were their physical prowess and the way others looked on them. Mix this with your views on the Empire and its easy to see how any would be concerned."

Geijon nods slowly.

Geijon says, "An answer to that would be difficult. I guess combat skills are oft at th' forefront of observation. Th' Empire with examples like Sir Kestrel, Kendryth who was Ulstram's companion, and served th' Order of th' Golvern Star have always given me a positive view of th' Empire as a whole, but service to it could appear that I shirked aspects of it's organization."

Geijon nods to Vilkea.

Geijon says, "Perhaps I am too outspoken on th' topic as it relates to telling a tale and it gives th' appearance of a narrow view."

Speaking to Geijon, Vilkea says, "Perhaps Brinn did rub off on me, that the one trait I find essential for a knight is their thoughts. A knight without thoughts is easily swayed in directions they would not normally be, even ones that could counter their morality. Indeed a knight without thoughts its a mere weapon. But the ones knighted are usually filled with thought and wisdom. So much so that they could even counter the one who knighted them if they thought the situation called for it."

Geijon says, "I think my actions speak more directly of my person though. I tend to ramble as a speaker sometimes."

Vilkea smiles.

Geijon agrees with Vilkea.

Geijon says, "Many of th' Knights or th' Spurs they wear are looked upon by th' populace as very black and white when all of us, Gryphons, th' Azure Sun, th' Drakes Vanguard, etc are far more grey and dynamic than that."

Vilkea nods.

Geijon says, "I guess by appearance and voice I am a bit different, but my actions and value of friendships is very much in line with theirs."

Geijon says, "I have always struggled with some of that. My outspoken nature and speaking without thinking."

Geijon grins.

Vilkea says, "Its for this reason that I do have quite a bit of respect for the Empire. I was hoping you would remember why these men were chosen by the Empire to serve them, and come to respect the Empire a little more for their choices."

Geijon nods to Vilkea.

Speaking to Geijon, Vilkea says, "Even if you don't agree with them on other aspects."

Vilkea winks.

Geijon says, "That frames th' Empire and Knighthood well."

Geijon says, "As to th' men who serve it. To a man or a woman I think I love them all in various ways."

Geijon says, "I think I remember that conversation a bit. I did not ever mean to slight those who would serve th' empire. This has definately helped me, and th' recent Solhaven chaos, along with th' battles in Mestanir along with researching from the beginning th' history of our service as Gryphons, to broaden my view and my own understanding of what it means for me."

Geijon says, "Besides Cemb. I always understood why Ruffelin, or Cryheart, or Brinn could wear th' Spurs. Perhaps that is why Guarrin was passed over. He was my squire and perhaps I did not teach him to not "Want" something so badly."

Geijon says, "And in turn with that, perhaps why I was never asked in th' past either."

Geijon steeples his fingers in his lap, quietly observing his surroundings.

Geijon nods slowly.

Vilkea says, "Truth be told I don't know their reasoning for selection. We can only guess at it, which is why there really isn't a right answer to the question I posed you. I only gave it to you to encourage you to think."

Geijon says, "Even if you percieve to have earned or owed something that is never th' case until it is bestowed upon you, you can expect and ask for nothing. This is true with everything such as a Blacksmith apprentice to becoming a blacksmith or a clerk looking to become the headmaster."

Geijon agrees with Vilkea.

Vilkea says, "I know others view knights as a servant to their liege, and perhaps in a way they are, ven if sometimes the way they serve is not the way one would expect them to."

Geijon says, "I agree. I never had a frank discussion on this truthfully."

Geijon says, "And that in itself is a bit surprising and awkward."

Geijon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Vilkea cocks her head at Geijon.

Geijon says, "Th' Gryphons themselves are moving towards fleshing this out also. Our Fair will start that followed by a Stump th' Knight discussion th' following month."

Geijon says, "I've had high level overview discussions about Knighthood, meetings with th' Barons, and Empire officials, but never a top down discussion of what it means to me or framed in a way like this."

Geijon says, "We also speak of an ideal Knight unfortunately. When Hochstib attacked he had Knights in his service. All Knights do not live these ideals."

Geijon says, "Some of them are Knighted for service, or prowess, or because of th' carnage they can bring, to secure lands, titles, and power for their liege or emperor."

Geijon says, "I appreciate this. Thank you Vilkea."

Vilkea says, "It depends on whom does the knighting, which is why a wise leader is essential, but perhaps Hochstib was wise in his choices that furthered his cause."

Vilkea smiles at Geijon.

Vilkea says, "I'm glad to have had this talk with you as well."

Geijon says, "When you were a Squire there was another squire who there was doubts about.

Vilkea cocks her head at Geijon.

Geijon says, "In my own past I made some mistakes in how I approached service and I think both examples illustrate that we always strive to these ideals, but sometimes we need to grow into them. We may be th' right choices, but not the right choice now."