Devestior Warns the Wehnimer's Guard

Titaniia Says, "Ok. First order of business. We are preparing fer war. There is an army of Bregendians heading this way."

Titaniia Says, "Bregenda is...another place. An' they got different magiks' different people an' animals. Spike th' War Rat an' Devestior are from there."

Titaniia Says, "There are from what I can tell..two main opposing factions who wear either white or black clothing..An' they often use wyverns in battle. An' fer them of you who doan know what a wyvern is..tis a large winged a small dragon. Devestior has his own pet wyvern, an it is named Glotach. It is actually pretty nice, an' very intelligent.

Titaniia says, "I was standin around mindin my own business..when a man walked by...looked suspicious. Arwen an' I followed him...when we heard his name we knew it was him… Baron Traleon of Bregenda..whom Devestior had tole Blades was th' leader of th' army headin this way."

Titaniia Says, "Well..we find him at a table in Silvergate Inn. An' he was talkin to a lass there, very nice lass. When she came out..we got in contact with her an' asked her to give him th' questions we asked."

Titaniia Says, "It worked fer some time. An' then, as she was leavin..he tole her that he would take care of Titaniia an' her schemes"

Titaniia grumbles.

A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears. The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Devestior.

Ourac says, "speak of the devil"

Gonf exclaims, "My god!"

Annilyssa swoons.

Ourac says, "I take back everything i said about not believeing."

Titaniia Says, "Devestior, I been tellin em we hafta prepare to face an army. Anythin you kin add to that? I was just about to get to th' magik issues."

Devestior says, "I'll just listen for a while."

Titaniia Says, "Well, it seems that if an army comin wasna bad enough..we got more troubles. It seems that this army has some kinda ability to shield itself from magiks..much like we know th' Mandis Crystal does..but all different."

Devestior says, "Lemme touch up on that a sec Titaniia."

Titaniia Says, "Please, m'lord."

Devestior says, "They can be targeted by your magics, but, for some reason, it doesn't seem to effect them long."

Titaniia Says, "ahh. So we kin still mana disrupt em, fer instance? Or throw a cone of lightenin at em? But not sleep or bind or that kinda thing.."

Devestior nods to Titaniia.

Titaniia Says, "Well, that ain so terribly bad."

Devestior nods to Titaniia.

Titaniia asks, "Do we have any idea th' numbers yet?"

Devestior looks over at Titaniia and shakes his head.

Titaniia Says, "Well, folks..what is more then that we canna handle this alone..but our being organized might be very helfpul.."

Haelra says, "The Amazons will stand beside you, as well"

Mogonis asks, "is it just going to affect the Landing or all of Elanthia?"

Titaniia asks, "They are coming here first, an' then maybe elsewhere, aye, m'lord?"

Devestior says, "From the path they take, I forsee here."

Titaniia asks, "From what I could gather last night..they want our stuff..fer financing their war at that correct?"

Devestior nods to Titaniia.

Devestior says, "From what I can gather"

Titaniia Says, "As to th' Baron Traleon..He is...indisposed.An' will remain that way."

Devestior nods to Titaniia.

Buerrto says, "so both the white side and da black side are attackin us"

Titaniia Says, "There is a few things we need from you as Guardsmen. ne... if someone you never heard of starts askin questions about our defenses..."

Titaniia exclaims, "DOAN TELL EM!"

Titaniia flails her arms about.

Devestior starts chuckling at Titaniia!

Titaniia Says, "Second..if you think ya found a spy..get a runner or a private thought off to one of th' officers an' we get th' scouts on it."

Titaniia Says, "Doan try to attack em yerself, these folks are awfully powerful."

Shangarr asks, "...iffin' Ah saw Spike on me way t'town, does dat mean anythin'?"

Titaniia Says, "Spike is our friend."

Titaniia Says, "Lastly..this bit about th' magiks.. Bregendians donna know that we know that they have this ability. So..keep it quiet. Doan be talkin about it on th' amunet..An' if you tell it to folks..tell it in' warn them to do th' same."

Titaniia Says, "Okee..I think Haephestus has had his hand up fer like an hour... we start with him."

Haephestus says, "Ye say dere two competin armies and we da bone dese dogs fitin o'er..."

Titaniia Says, "Well, not really..We are more like... a way fer them to get coins to keep fitin each other… no more to them then that"

Titaniia Says, "It seems th' ones that be coming here are wearing black..but I ask Devestior about that"

Simone just arrived.

Titaniia Says, "Ahh… folks, this is Lady Simone. She be Lord Devestior's apprentice"

Titaniia Says, "M'lord, they want to know which side is on its way here."

Devestior peers quizzically at Titaniia.

Devestior says, "The bad one"

Titaniia chuckles.

Devestior asks, "What you mean?"

Titaniia asks, "They are th' ones in black, aye?"

Devestior says, "Both"

Titaniia Says, "th' colors thing has always confused me."

Haephestus says, "Varra good answer, eny as want what we hae be da bad side methinks."

Kytaara says, "Well --I gonnae confusifies dem by wearin's both black and white at the same time"

Vorctal asks, "I know details are scethy, but do we have an estimated time of arival for the army?"

Devestior says, "2-3 weeks."

Devestior says, "That is my best guess."

Yzan asks, "Erm, any undeads in da army we gonna fight?..and ..erm....kin Divestior tell us how ta kill a Wyvern, nae his..but deres?"

Devestior says, "As far as I know, there are no undead. And there will be no wyverns that will be attacking us."

Dantrotic asks, "What direction? The sea?"

Devestior says, "East is all I can tell they are coming from. As they get closer, I don't know what route they will take."

Devestior says, "They are surrounded by Bregandian magics, fighting them now would be like fighting with two hands behind your back."

Faerinn asks, "Well, what kind of age range are Breganda's troops are we talking about here? And is it possible to convince the over Bregandians to cut them off?"

Devestior asks, "The other Bregandians, as in Simone and I? They (meaning both sides) are both on their way here. But to answer your first question..."

Devestior says, "They are ranged from apprentices to grandmasters. It will be a tough battle on the top end, but, they will loose most of their army at the start."

Faerinn asks, "Could we perhaps use deception to pit them against each other, instead of us?"

Devestior says, "Also a good question, we can think on that. But to be honest, I doubt it. They are governed by a strong ruling, will be hard to do."

Dantrotic says, "this is an army, not some group of trolls with cup-cakes for brains and rocks for heads."

Melianne says, "I was wondering more about the magics. From what you said...Will we be able to spell ourselves up?"

Devestior nods to Melianne.

Devestior says, "They spells will not affect your magics."

Titaniia Says, "Tis only th' magiks like holding or bindin or sleep or stun..them kind..which they seem ta break"

Devestior nods to Titaniia.

Xexx says, "Milord, yesterday ye said, "Nasty critters, and will do well with the best of your mages and warriors.""

Devestior nods to Xexx.

Xexx asks, "I was curious if ye could describe some critters from ye lands Bregendia?"

Devestior says, "More I meant of the likes of races and professions."

Devestior asks, "Simone, come out a moment?"

Devestior says, "Simone is one of them."

You see Simone LeRinon the Bregandian Stalker.
She appears to be in her 100's, has long bony fingers, hollowed orbs that must have once been eyes, and cracked skin.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a soft black leather sheath, a crystal amulet, a black flowing cloak stitched with golden thread and a high collar, a blackened satchel, some black body leather stitched with gold, a blackened vultite shield, some knee-high boots, and a pair of black shiny leather elbow-length gloves.

Xexx says, "A stalker.."

Devestior says, "She is an apprentice Stalker to me."

Devestior nods to Xexx.

Titaniia Says, "Look for folks with th' long fingers"

Devestior says, "She, tho having great powers..Is small compared to what I feel is coming."

Ourac asks, "My question is this, Are we to be assimilated or annihilated?"

Devestior says, "No. Just the lands they want from what I hear."

Devestior says, "Now slavery comes to mind tho."

Simone shudders.

Thalass asks, "they are immune ta magics right?"

Devestior says, "Not truely...They can be targeted, but the effects are short. Bind, etc."

Amagick says, "Is Traleon still in Blades' tower? if so... don't we need to place defence there just incase of an attempt for rescue? and also, what sort of magic they have? I missed it earlier"

Titaniia coughs.

Simone chuckles.

Titaniia Says, "Baron Traleon is safely locked away."

Titaniia Says, "He ain movin an' that is all I gotta say about is best not spoken of in public.."

Amagick asks, "won't they wanna rescue their baron?"

Devestior says, "Traleon is out of the picture at the moment, and I doubt they will try and risk a rescue."

Simone nods to Devestior.

Titaniia Says, "Well..hard to rescue when you doan know where someone is."

Devestior says, "Ristasen knows."

Titaniia asks, "he does?"

Devestior nods.

Titaniia grumbles.

Devestior says, "Found out on the net last night."

Devestior asks, "Next?"

Vorctal asks, "Okay I'm Confused. Are the Bregandian on are side or against us. I thought we were fighting the Bregandians to begin with but seems now that they are sided with us since Devestior is workin with us. Which is the case?"

Devestior says, "Simone, and I are here with you, the army wishes the lands."

Devestior says, "I am here to help stop the army."

Dantrotic says, "if they come from another, plane lets call it… does the opening of this.. gate... chance to weaken the vvreal between our world and the Vvreal"

Devestior looks over at Dantrotic and shakes his head.

Devestior says, "no"

Devestior says, "They come from a distant land, not plane"

Dantrotic asks, "he wants this land, from what I understand. Does that mean wehnimers to turamzzyrian empire? Wehnimers as a base of opperations, or a beachhead."

Devestior says, "That I do not know."

Titaniia asks, "Do you folks even really worry about our politics an' such?"

Titaniia peers quizzically at Devestior.

Devestior looks over at Titaniia and shakes his head.

Devestior says, "No...."

Devestior says, "We worry about land and power, thats it."

Titaniia Says, "I didna think so..or I woulda been on yer doorstep afore"

Kytaara says, "Well if them bloody folk tink they gonnae trapse all over the Lady's shrine --they gots a pack o' amazons tae git thru first"

Kanla says, "i beleive we can split them into multiple areas, separate them"

Devestior says, "Defeat them with your swords, you magic bolts, and most of all, your cunning. How you do that, is up to you all."

Hjolmar asks, "Can we settle for two out of three?"

Titaniia Says, "So no box bashin on yer heads fer th' next couple weeks, warriors"

Jeanius asks, " large an army are we anticipating?"

Devestior says, "I am not sure at the moment."

Jeanius asks, "and me comment...ifn they just interested in land and our goods, what would they do to tha people?"

Jeanius asks, "they nae planning on killing us?"

Devestior says, "Bregandians..."

Devestior coughs.

Devestior says, "Are known to hold slaves."

Devestior says, "Not me tho."

Draegar says, "its a tendency for people to want to keep there belongings and land, so altercation is pretty much a forgone conclusion"

Kravax asks, "yes i was wondering on how you have planned for us to be...a large mob or are we going to try and make an organized unit?"

Titaniia Says, "err..I think that is more a question fer me then you, m'lord"

Devestior says, "That is up to you, I will not be a part of that as the closer they get, the more I will only be relaying information about them."

Devestior nods to Titaniia.

Devestior says, "correct."

Simone grunts, "there are some in this room whom are trouble, be wary"

Devestior nods to Simone.

Devestior says, "I know of them."

Titaniia Says, "I am reminded of something that Lord Devestior said last fall"

Devestior asks, "Yes?"

Devestior peers quizzically at Titaniia.

Devestior asks, "Continue Titaniia?"

Titaniia Says, "Last I was saying… I remember one day..Lord Devestior was very upset, an' he told me an' Blades that unless this town all learned to work together, we was doomed."

Titaniia Says, "I took that to heart."

Devestior nods to you.

Titaniia Says, "So, way I see it… even if folks ain in th' Guard… we all got a common goal. An' we hafta work together instead of infightin..or we ain gonna get nothin done."

Devestior asks, "Freedom?"

Devestior glances at you.

Titaniia nods to Devestior.

Titaniia Says, "So, our next order of business will be to make plans to work with whoever an' whatever organizations wanna organize"

Haephestus says, "A military quesion"

Haephestus recites:

"Lets talk aboot soom wee battle tactics are dey likely ta fight as a unit, or as individuals?
What is dere standard mode O battle dey infiltrate and attack, line abreast, Phalanx, Oe'rwatch...?
Do dey hae skill like unto da guilds, aside from magics?
What kinda fighting we facin aside da hard kind? "

Devestior says, "good questions… from what I know… Scouts will be entering the area. Kill them on contact. Bregandian Scouts they are."

Devestior says, "Second.."

Devestior says, "They most likely will fight as a unit. Bregandians take things by force, and a large force I'm sure it will be."

Devestior says, "Also… They are not quick to give up..."

Devestior says, "If they seem to fade away, do not count them as gone. I fear this will be a long battle."

Devestior says, "Also… as far as I know, they do not have guilds. Bregandians are not organized like that."

Devestior says, "They will be able to do about anything you can do here, and each of them can.."

Devestior says, "Bregandians specialized in magics..."

Devestior says, "I can tell you that a battle-mage I'm sure can swing a hefty sword."

Devestior says, "But thats about it."

Haephestus says, "Thankee, knowledge is a weapon we need ta sharpen fer now, bladeswerk coom later"

Valent asks, "We kn'w how meny er 'pposition is 'omprised of?"

Devestior says, "That is a good question also.."

Devestior says, "The highest ranks will be the battle mages I am sure of. but..."

Devestior says, "Do not count out the smallest of ranks, such as warlords, for they are not something you want to take home to mother either."

Draegar says, "in several pieces perhaps, but not whole"

Kytaara says, "Pah --we see how well a battle mage swing his sword wif Bessie stickin' outta his chest."

Valent asks, "An alsa we know when dey be knockin on our door anytam soon?"

Devestior says, "At my guess, the army is 2-3 weeks out, but once again, that is my guess as they have magics about them."

Devestior says, "I have time for about 2 or 3 more questions, then Titaniia will have to answer the rest."

Titaniia Says, "We appreciate you comin by, m'lord."

Lyvewyre asks, "I was just wondering if these latest invasion were related to this army in any way and if the Bregandians will be setting up a camp or barracks near their back lines?"

Haelra asks, "We know that we'll be facing mages and races such as our own.. will they likely be initiating the forces of creatures, foreign and native?"

Devestior says, "No to Lyvewyre, and yes to Haelra."

Titaniia Says, "two handed question answerin"

Devestior grins.

Graymorn asks, "I am sure this has been asked. And I know Titaniia Says you are on our side. But what is your take in this? Why are you on our side, M'lord?"

Devestior says, "I'd like to answer Graymorn's question as my last one."

Graymorn smiles at Devestior.

Devestior says, "Whats in it for me Graymorn asks."

Devestior says, "That, I think is a question that could really be answered in a simple form."

Devestior says, "But, I won't let it be simple."

Simone begins chuckling at Devestior.

Devestior says, "When I came to this land, town if you will. I was quite besides myself with my actions, of which I do nay wanna recall right now."

Devestior says, "I followed a path of living that a lot of Bregandians do."

Devestior says, "But, the longer I stayed here, and with the help of Spike, I learned to understand what you value here in these lands."

Devestior says, "Kinship, friendship..."

Devestior says, "But let me finish.."

Devestior says, "This I found most interesting to me, and the longer I stayed, the more I liked it.."

Devestior says, "This is a land that I do nay wanna see invaded, and if Bregandians take over..."

Devestior coughs.

Devestior says, "You are going to hate it with the likes of hate you have never imagined."

Devestior says, "I left Breganda. For a reason.."

Devestior says, "For here."

Devestior says, "That, my not be the answer that you wish to simply take.."

Devestior says, "But, its one that I will give you.. Take it or leave it, I'm here to help."

Devestior says, "If you can defend against this army.."

Devestior says, "Then you have more then they do..."

Devestior says, "And that is strength..."

Devestior says, "Strength in believing yourself.. Let me add this last comment.."

Devestior says, "It will nay be easy..."

Devestior says, "This army is ridden with the best of mages and warlords they have.."

Devestior says, "I'm sure it will be a battle that none have seen for since the wars before this town was here."

Devestior says, "And don't think you can kill them all off in a few short hours..."

Devestior says, "Its going to take a lot of patience, and fortitude to do it."

Simone grunts, "and working together"

Devestior nods.

Devestior says, "That is all I have to say."

Devestior says, "I shall keep everyone posted in the coming days on the progess of the army.."

Devestior says, "But mind you..."

Devestior says, "Its up to you to defend your town, not me."

Devestior says, "Good night everyone, Simone and I must study."