Meeting Minutes - 1/2/2011

In Attendance: Cryheart, Shirkon, Geijon, Cinabar, Metadi, Yarx, Deavon, Cosannie, Balantine, Goldstr, and Tebon.

I. Squires. We discussed the importance of squires as the lifeblood of the Order. A few names were mentioned and Cryheart advised we bring them as a guest or visitor first. We also discussed having some basic principles and expectations across the board to ensure adequate training is met and accountability on the side of the Mentor is understood as we had a few Squires fail on the combat trial in recent memory.

II. Scions. We discussed some of Ruffelin's old documentation on Scion's, but it's likely unavailable so we may have to start over. We also talked about who could lead the Scions, a Member, or a Scion and if we had any candidates in mind to bring them as guests or visitors.

III. We talked about missives and having accurate runner/raven information for everyone. We amended this to include Your name, your mentor, the year you were squired and reached full membership, then if you were a Knight to include details of your Knighting. Shirkon is collecting these or you can mail the list. [Redacted email]

IV. We talked about the upcoming Officer elections for the Gryphons. Cryheart was nominated for Leader. Shirkon was nominated for 1st. Geijon, Tebon, Metadi, Balantine, Cinabar, Goldstr, and Yarx were nominated for Council. Please send votes to Deavon [Redacted Email]. I also believe that nominations and voting will remain open for 2 weeks and will be announced at our next meeting.

V. We talked about the Wehnimer's Landing Museum and anything we'd like to have put on display. Deavon plans to have a replica of the Trillium Blossom from the Leya quest placed there. We also discussed some swords, mithril claidhmores, and various other artifacts. I have a mandis crystal shard, as I'm sure many of us do and that could be another suggestion.

VI. We talked about the Mayor Walkar Wellington, our uncertainty about him, the Ta'Illistim convoy lost, how the Odilia mystery ties into the Mayor, if at all, and if he's one of the Summoners.

VII. Afterwards, Geijon shared his Dream. The meat of it was that he saw a Kingly soul's shadow leave this world, some kind of forboding balance or test was coming, and the visions of this shadow's passing left him with a feeling of unknown. Balantine and some others advised him to to Ronan's shrine. He's done so and will continue until he is heard by Ronan.

VIII - Addendum. Geijon also discussed that he had the Archives from Errick, Pomic, and Drallen. Any new stories since about 5103 can be sent to until the new Archive (Website) is built. Evia and himself are looking into implementation currently.

By my hand,
-Geijon Khyree.