Meeting Minutes - 1/3/1999

Howdy all,

Lady Wanton announced Metadi her apprentice this week.

Lady Deavon announced on behalf of Sir Hyoko that subcommittees were disbanded for now with a new structure in the works which caused quite an uproar. There is quite some debate about the duties and responsibilities of the leader and council.

As such it is suggested that those who have questions regarding the duties of the Leader and Council bring those questions to the meeting next week so the matter can be settled when Hyoko is in attendance.

A message has been sent to Talenni and company asking for information regarding Janatalar.

Since there was confusion, here is the text of what was voted on regarding the Leader and Council:

Proposal for a New Structure for the Order of the Silver Gryphon

Posts: One
Eligibility: Full Members Only
Represent the Order at Functions and Formal Occasions
Speak for the Order
Point of Contact for the Order
Make all Decisions regarding Policy, Behavior, and Rules
Make all Procedural Decisions

Council Posts: Three
Eligibility: Full Members only
Review All Leader Decisions
Veto Decisions on Case by Case Basis
Relate Full Member Concerns to the Leader and the Council
Monitor Leader for Performance and Signs of Megalomania

Full Membership
Posts: Unlimited
Eligibility: Open
Responsibilities for All Full Members (Including Leader and Council)
Vote on Apprentices
Vote on Full Membership
Make Opinions and concerns known to the Council and/or the Leader

Apprentices, Friends, Others
Posts: Unlimited
Eligibility: Open Responsibilities:
Give support, Aid, and Succor to the Order as Needed Represent Spirit of the Order in Action and Word

Live by the following creed:

To Defend Our Town and The
People Who Live Within It.

To Protect Those Who Cannot
Protect Themselves.

To Aid Those Who Are In Need,
If Their Cause Is Just.

To Serve With Honor,
By Example And By Deed.