Meeting Minutes - 1/5/2014

Attendance: Balantine, Sir Cryheart, Geijon, Evia, Frorin

I. Current Happenings
With the Ronan shrine desecretated several months ago, Lorminstra's Temple slightly burned, the blood filling rain in Lake Marliese outside of Imaera's shrine the latest attack came recently when the Ivas shrine off the vipershroud was similarily attacked and it's priestesses killed. When people have asked about the Arkati, with Ivas being the first Lornon aligned of the group, only the shadow has answered with, "They are dead."

II. 1/28 Lecture
Balantine will be holding a lecture of Onoir that we may assist as a joint effort on January 28th. We'll be meeting at the Willow Hall garden and then traveling over to the Onoir Fortress.

III. Events for the Year
We set on the event Cryheart mentioned on February 2nd to talk about Talador. The mines and Maldon's son, plus some background on Earl Jovery are among the planned topics so far.

We also talked about a forging seminar, the dame wanton games, and the winter giveaway which should account for 4 of the 6 minimum events. I'd like to revisit the open house/fair idea myself and stump a knight night

IV. Leadership and Council Nominations
It's that time of year already. Officer nominations for leader are up! Get your nominations ready!

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree