Meeting Minutes - 1/10/2010

In Attendance: Sir Morgiest
High Lady Cinabar
Lord Balantine
Protector Aydan
Sir Cryheart
Protector Misun


Squire issues:
Tebon has taken Annelie as his squire.

Nominations for Officers reviewed:
Sir Cryheart for Leader

Guarrin for First

Cinabar, Perivan, Shirkon and Protector Misun for Council

Send a missive to the membership to vote for council and send in your agreement for Guarrin as First and Sir Cryheart as Leader to make it official.

Voting for council should take first, second and third positions. Vote one for first council posistion (3 points), one for second position (2 points) and one for third position (1 point).

Send votes to Deavon. F

loor opened for discussion of first event for the year.

Tebon's plan on his discussion of Lord Voln has been delayed until later.

Tebon suggested a talk on chilvary in reguards to Lornanites but was put down due to the idea that it would make us look like a religous order.

Fronin suggested a demonstration and discussion of forging and weapons choices.

All agreed.

Suggested titles for it were:
"Tha Grand Discussion of Relations of Forgin' an' Weaponry an' tha Proper Usage and Decision Makin' Process in following a pre-determined Path as Discussed by tha Order of tha Silver Gryphons."

“Maulering n' You.”

"Getting Hammered”

"Forging is Boring But Worth It, Unless Yew Makes the Wrong Weapon Type."

“Eonake’s Gifts”

The event will be held on the 21st of Fashanos.

Bristenn Mires gave a lengthy report of the current events happening in Solhaven concerning Luukosians and citizens.

Cryheart reminds us that we are not a religious order.

Sir Cryheart explains that the Order cannot offer it’s protection in this matter as our oath is to the citizens and town of Wehnimer’s Landing first and foremost. He explains that as members of the Order our first juridiction is to the Landing and that if we find ourselves in a situation in Solhaven it is as individuals and that only a few Knights have sworn an oath to the Empire.

Apparently Protector Aydan will be providing a report as well. I have attached Bristenn’s report to this missive.

Meeting was cut short due to a sudden event in Solhaven.