Meeting Minutes - 1/10/1999

Decisions and Actions


* Brinn elected acting leader
* Thrudh chosen to act on Council
* Committees reinstated and under review


* All Committee Leaders (Battle plan: Welan as chair Public Relations: Titaniia Special Duties: Zyanna Diplomacy: Brinn Intelligence: Knightfall) to write reports of status, current, and planned activities
* Zyanna to write proposal of new structure, roles, and responsibilities, due 25 January
* Kytaara to coordinate team to evaluate status of battle strategies, Deavon to support, first report due 15 January
* Galadriel to review relations with militia, Titaniia and Gilwen to support, report due 16 January
* Titaniia to review plans for seminar on invasion tactics to Landing, report due 25 January