Meeting Minutes - 1/11/2004

Present at meeting:
Eahlstan, Metadi , Guarrin , Great Lady Deavon, Shallimar, Yviara, Ruffelin, Tebon, Kriztian , Kinshack, Shirkon, Xanith, Yarx , Cryheart , and Kytaara

Chaired By Yviara

Squire issues:
Tebon gave Errethe his first task. It was one of "Humility"
...and there was much laughter.

Yviarra and Eahstan were necking. as usual

Ruffelein has views to present on the final proposal for squire induction, but prefers to wait for Brinn for a tie to present.

Ruffelein confuses Kytaara's gender. But then --sometimes so does Kytaara , so no worries. It is suggested that Kytaara should wear 'fitted' armour.

Misc. News:
Shirkon gives us an update of the Wars of the Griffon Sword.
It appears the dreamwalker is back, and the Dark Alliance is poisoning members of Solhaven's population. Apparently it kills the soul, but leaves the body intact.
A mysterious person named Ulstram has been in those parts.

Guarrin informs us of lists being opened up on Sankir Island. A tent is set up on Tumbledown Lane for this purpose.

Tebon has taken up a personal quest involving the Griffon Sword. But it's purpose remains a mystery til he is ready to speak of it..

Yviara and Eahlstan have spoken with the Dreamwalker in the shrine of dreams.

Metadi slowly plots a raid on the Spitfire.

Ruffelein mentions we should be thinking of those we wish to lead the Order this coming year, as elections will soon be upon us.

Ruffelein calls for nominations process to begin on the 25th.

Security concerns have been raised: Apparently our footlockers have been raided. It is suggested that all members make semi-regular checks of the Holding to discourage theives.

Kytaara still wishes to see Shirkon dance.

Regular meeting is adjourned. Kytaara to chair on the 25th.

Xanith told a fascinating tale of his life --and how he views his place in this world.

Afterwards a lovely memorial ceremony was held for Dame Wanton and Lady Galadriel.

--as translated by this humble scribe from the incomprehensible ramblings of one Lady Kytaara Tsaphiri.