Meeting Minutes – 1/16/2005

In attendance were Sir Yarx, Sir Eahlstan, Dame Yviara, Shirkon, Murgin, Kriztian, and Koleph.

My guest, Koleph was announced.

No one had any squire isses.

I want to make sure that all meetings notices are sent out by the Day of the Huntress (Friday) preceeding the meeting time on Restday.

There was discussion about the golden one, Ablen, Paladin of Phoen. A week or so ago, Sir Kinshack, Shirkon and I had been down in Haven and listened to Ulstram the prophet speak about this new paladin. Seems Ulstram is going to seek the aid of Ablen to assist the resistance in the Griffin Sword War. All I know about that situation.

Mourdeyan, is going to make sheaths for all the Gryphons. I asked Shirkon to inquire whether she needs help in gathering the materials, which she is currently getting now.

We discussed that Gryphons should make Tier 2 level in PRO this coming March. Also discussed the need for planning future events, as we will need 6 to reach Tier 3 by the following March in 2006. We also discussed that begin making plans or presenting ideas about remodeling or building rooms or within the Holding after we reach Tier 3.Keep in mind the charts I had sent around from Sirina. We have to keep in mind the rules...but we immediately thought of having a fireplace with heat..logs and such...Shirkon mentioned a pugilist ring (not sure that will be allowed, hae to reread the building codes and restrictions). Kriztian suggested having the old forge room converted into a museum.

Also discussed the need for funding it is going to cost many silvers to remodel or to build. We thought of having an auction for one....I will add maybe having Gryphon hunts in future as well. Another possibility, a war widows fund due to the Jantalarian war where we would see if we could get a memorial built with some of the charitable funds we received..then we would have a definite purpose other than just filling our own coffers.


p.s. next meeting is two weeks hence...and Kriztian is going to send out a reminder..

Also, Koleph will be my guest at the next meeting as well.