Meeting Minutes - 1/16/2011

Attendance: Bernadette, Shirkon, Xanith, Balantine, Sir Tebon, Evia, Sir Metadi, Sir Cryheart, Goldstr, Sir Yarx, and much later Snowrok as a guest.

I. Squire issues. None.

II. Nominations have been completed for 2011 Gryphon Leadership. Voting is now open. Cryheart was nominated for Leader. Shirkon was nominated for 1st. Geijon, Tebon, Metadi, Balantine, Cinabar, Goldstr, and Yarx were nominated for Council. Please send votes to Deavon at Vote for or against Leader and 1st. Council votes are then waited 3 points for 1st choice, 2 points for 2nd choice, 1 point for 3rd choice. Election will be completed for the January 31st meeting.

III. Upon completion of elections we will plan our first non-annual event, the Dame Wanton brawl, and Winter giveaway are standing events.

IV. Upon completion of elections a Herald, Castellan, Master of Squires, and Master of Scions will be chosen/selected.

V. Cryheart then gave a detailed update of the Grisholm Stone and Mayor Walkar conflict as well as information regarding the ransom of Lady Chambeli and how it ties into the Summoners. A surprising visitor arrived and some of this information is sensitive. Expect a secure courier to reach Full Members after this missive detailing this discussion. It will then be diseminated as per the Leaders discretion.

VI. OOC discussion regarding the URL/Domain name for the Gryphon website. and gryphons(ext) along with osg(ext) are all taken. I'll be taking votes and suggestions until Wednesday midnight.

By my hand,
-Geijon Khyree