Meeting Minutes - 1/18/2015

Balantine, Evia, Geijon and I were present. My guest, Jook, was there. He is interested in becoming a member and understands the process.

1. I want nominations via scroll for the following positions:

a. Leader

b. First

c. Council: three members

Sir Metadi is inactive for the time being so he cannae be nominated at this point in time.

2. We also need to come up with ideas for events this year.

Lord Balantine has brought up a discussion on a chivalry act, Franchise, which I do believe we hae never discussed. Lady Evia mentioned an event with the orphans, regarding Stand and Be Proud, or something like that. Please present some ideas for this coming year via the scroll.

3. We discussed at this point in time that we dinnae feel threatened by Earl Jovery's decree. I feel it gives us time to continue our oath to defend the Landing, and also to demonstrate to the Empire that we present no threat while honoring our alliance.

4. We will nae be meeting on February 1st, is that is when that blasted annual pig skinning contest renews itself. ;-)


Cryheart Thaxin