Meeting Minutes - 1/20/2013

In attendance: Sir Cryheart, Karibeth, Sir Ruffelin, Sir Metadi, Evia, Geijon, Perivan, Arpelli, Meureii, Ortar and Dame Deavon.

Ortar was presented as Meurii's guest.

I. Squire Issues. None

II. Officer Post Nominations are closed. Those nominated were Cryheart for Leader. Geijon, Metadi, and for First.

Cryheart for Leader.

Metadi, Geijon, Evia for First. Sir Ruffelin was nominated, but declined.

Geijon, Metadi, Perivan, Shirkon, Goldstr, Cinabar, Evia, Deavon, and Meureii for Council.

For Council vote in order of choice as they are weighted. Your first choice for Coucil receives 3 points, 2nd choice is 2, 3rd choice is 1.

Council votes for the individual elected as First will not be counted and that choice would move the position of the other choices accordingly.

Please send your votes to Dame Deavon.

III. Events for the Year Deavon asks, "How about something to celebrate the sad holiday, Voaris and Laethe Day?"

songs, prose, tales, and poems as a competition for prizes.

5 minute time limit.

Ortar tentatively says, "'the Griffins Cry, laments and prose on tales of love and heroism." (maybe sonnets)

Judges - Deavon, Metadi, Evia an' Arpelli."

Restday 17th of Fashanos at 4pm EST

Evia also proposed a meet and greet for a later event/recruitment fair/tour and history telling. Warrior tasks, tent outside fortress, Oleasta (April) 9pm EST, Leyan

IV. All the Lich King's Men Updates

By my hand,(Roughly :)
Geijon Khyree