Meeting Minutes - 1/25/2004

Meeting minutes for the Order of the Silver Gryphon -- Restday, 25 Lormesta, 5104.

Members in attendance (17): Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Falicor, Goldstr, Guarrin, Sir Kinshack, Kriztian, Metadi, Sir Ruffelin, Shallimar, Shirkon, Strathe, Tebon, Xanith, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara

Squires in attendance (1): Tagari

I. Before the meeting commenced, a young halfling by the name of Mortimerr unexpectedly visited us with a 'business proposal'. When pressed about his proposal, he produced the heraldic banner previously stored in our locked equipment chest in the cellar and explained that our security was not as top-notch as we may have hoped. He suggested that his associate could be persuaded to return all the goods removed from the chest and keep his mouth shut about his exploits with other enterprising rogues for a price of 1.2 million silvers.

We removed the halfling to the cellar to discuss, and Guarrin discovered that said associate, Porcell, was still in the room with us, by cleverly invoking a presence scroll. Caught off-guard by our perceptiveness, Porcell was quickly backed into a corner, and was then hauled out of the discussion area so we could discuss our response to the proposal. Squire Tagari did an admirable job keeping them under a watchful eye in the cellar while the members discussed our response.

Ultimately, it was voted that we would not respond to the extortion of a petty thief, nor would we harm this particularly enterprising individual (16 aye, 1 nay). As a gesture of good will, Porcell returned our heraldric banner to us, but kept the other goods, including an enchanted shield. This occurrence also spurred a decision to add the responsibility of keeping the trapdoor locked at all times unless members or guests are leaving or entering. While a vote was called to add an amendment to the bylaws to cover this ruling (4 aye, 11 nay, 2 unspoken abstentions), it was decided that this would instead be added as a procedural task. The Castellan (currently Shirkon) and two chosen assistants (Kinshack and Goldstr) will execute this responsibility. In the future, we will make efforts not to store anything of great value in these chests. At the end of the meeting, Shirkon coordinated the transportation of all the valued goods upstairs to the more secure chest that contains the bracers and keys.

Ruffelin stepped in with the duty of chairing in Kytaara's absence. Kinshack took on the task of keeping notes and generating minutes.

II. When the meeting commenced officially, Guarrin brought up news of an invasion of umbral soldiers in the Landing the night before (Feastday, 24 & Restday, 25). The response by Landing defense suggests most citizens don't have any clue how to react to these situations. Exploding glaes soldiers and uncontrolled use of the implosion spell resulted in a number of unwarranted deaths. He would like to coordinate a ballista training session for the townsfolk so we can better defend the next such incursion, and will draw up a proposal for the training which will be submitted on the Gryphon message forums for discussion. Furthermore, there was some discussion toward having general combat leadership and group defense training as suggested by Frorin a number of months ago. These will likely be some of the events hosted by the Gryphons, probably on our non-meeting Restday evenings.

To complement this initiative, Ruffelin made the suggestion that we begin collecting names of various people from other professions we believe to be valuable associates of the Order. Ultimately, we would like to compile a list of two individuals from each profession to be approached officially to be recognized as 'Friends of the Order' for aid with coordinating these and other events, as well as involving them in our activities more directly. Proposed names are to be submitted to the message forums for discussion.

III. We then moved on to our first official agenda item, leadership nominations. I've compiled a list of nominations (including those declined by the nominees) as follows. To add to this list, please send your nominations and seconds to me and I will update accordingly:

Leader: Sir Eahlstan, Sir Kinshack, Sir Ruffelin
First: Sir Brinn, Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Kriztian (declined)
Council: Sir Brinn, Sir Eahlstan, Falicor (declined)*, Guarrin, Kriztian, Metadi (declined), Shirkon, Strathe, Tebon (declined), Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara
*declined, but overruled by scribe's power of selective transcription

A vote was held to hold discussion of nominee platforms on the boards (11 aye, 0 nay, 5 unspoken abstentions).

IV. Ruffelin had initially intended to discuss the squire proposal at the meeting, but given the delays due to our enterprising rogue 'friend' this item will be postponed until the next meeting. Ruffelin's responses to the various feedback posted on the forums will be posted for discussion by members only. Details of the squire training program will remain *undisclosed* to any non-members.

V. Ruffelin broached the last item of discussion which is joining the meeting hall organization recently established across the towns of Elanthia. Our official support from the town officials has dwindled, and in order to maintain official backing, it may be necessary to join the town organization. This will require us to start fresh like any organization and hold public events regularly to make our presence known. A number of benefits to being a member of the organization will include expedited citizenship for our members, use of the town crier to announce events, ability to rent the town meeting hall for special functions.

We will be able to keep our holding, but will begin as a first tier organization, with no extended privileges as we have been used to. It has been suggested that said privileges will be coming to an end soon.

A number of people are concerned that we will begin throwing 'silly' events in order to meet our quota; this includes dancing in particular. It is the belief of some that we will be able to meet our quota doing more appropriate events such as combat training, story telling, and historical education.

Of particular note is the potential conflict of those who wish to be members of more than one organization. While it is known that a person cannot be a leader in more than one organization, it yet remains to be determined whether or not a person can be a member of more than one. It is currently believed that there should be no membership conflicts, but more details will be posted on the boards.

(OOC: I believe Mikos will no longer be able to sponsor the Order officially as a GM, and unless we find an alternate sponsor to utilize their own free time to work with us, our only way of receiving official support as an Order will be through this system).

Discussion will take place on the boards.

Any questions, comments, additions, or subtractions to the minutes please let me know.