Meeting Minutes - 1/28/2001

Minutes for Regular Gryphon Meeting
28, January, 2001

Attending: Eahlstan, Yzan, Evia, Sir Hyoko (Welcome back!), Falicor, Kriztian, Sir Maldon, Dame Deavon, Strathe, Sir Cemb, Gilwen, Tilarium, Yarx, Drallen, Sir Ruffelin, Humongor, Haephestus, Metadi.

Guests: Shirkon (Ruffelin)

Items Discussed:

Falicor officially became Kriztian's Squire and was outfitted accordingly.

Drallen reported on the most recent invasion and gave descriptions of some of the beasts involved.

Evia updated us on Waldo2's condition. He has been released from Intensive Care, but is still hospitalized. He's listed in Fair condition, and reportedly pinching nurses at every opportunity.

Shirkon advised us of recent developments in Ice Mule Trace. Valicar (and the Northern Fury) have negotiated a truce with Thurfel. The Order will honor this truce, for as long as it stands, provided Thurfel makes no moves against the Landing. Apparently Valicar is assisting Thurfel in setting up a library and Thurfel hopes to attract the first Wizard's Guild to Ice Mule.

Elections will be held during the next two weeks. Ballots will be sent out along with voting instructions and a list of candidates. Sir Maldon graciously agreed to count the ballots for us and results will be announced at the meeting on February 11th.

It was mentioned that no recent tests have been held and that we have a healthy batch of Squires. The status of the Squires will be examined to see if we have any ready for slaugh ... er, testing.

Next meeting February 11th at 9:00 p.m. Elven.