Meeting Minutes – 1/30/2005

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 30 of the month Lormesta in the year 5105.

Members in attendance: Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Sir Kinshack, Kriztian, Mourdeyan, Murgin, Shirkon, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara

Squires in attendance: Tagari

Guests in attendance: Koleph

Shirkon facilitated the meeting.

I. Squire Issues

Tagari's back. Kriztian has volunteered to sponsor Tagari's renewed squireship.

Sir Cryheart declared that he will sponsor Koleph as a squire to the Order.

II. Current Events

Solhaven has been under attack by Morvule of the Dark Alliance for the past week. The intent of the attacks is to use the citizens and defenders of Solhaven as collateral to persuade the prophet Ulstram to give up the merchant who knows the location of the griffin sword blade.

The conflict has been heavy and casualties are daunting, but Solhaven still stands. The Silver Gryphons have been present for all of the battles in some form or another and will continue to support the defense.

The invading forces themselves are composed of both undead and living creatures of all ranges. The attacks typically begin with swarms of weaker assailants but eventually culminate in some very difficult elite forces. Be aware of the escalating difficulty of the battles if you wish to participate in the defense.

The Resistance has gained a new ally in the form of the Paladin of Phoen Lord Ablen. He has been an asset on the field and should be supported to whatever capacity possible in the defense of the town.

The Dark Alliance has reportedly been seeking bloodjewels and shadowglass orbs. Denying them these assets is an objective we should strive to maintain.

A renegade by the name of Jenovadeath has been adding to the chaos by practicing his sorcerous abilities on the defenders and attackers alike. He is to be treated with extreme caution, akin to how militant supporters of the Dark Alliance are.

Intelligence indicates the excavations in Illistim may unearth some kind of temple that will shift the interest from Solhaven back to Illistim.

III. Other Items

Kriztian and Dame Deavon have finalized the Order's meeting calendar and will redistribute it shortly.

Sir Cryheart reports over four million silvers have been added to the Gryphon endowment, with a comparable amount remaining in the reserve.

Dame Deavon reports the discovery of a hidden area beneath Leya's shrine where Egan's tomb is located, as well as an original meeting point for the Amazons.

Additionally there are two groups interested in working with the Gryphons to host a memorial tournament/event in honor of the late Dame Wanton.