Meeting Minutes - 2/8/2015

Meeting notes for: Sunday, February 8, 2015

Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Evia, Shirkon, Goldstr, Balantine, Jook, Cinabar, Azanoth

Jook was a guest of Sir Cryheart, and will be a guest in the future as well, as he has interest in potential membership.

Squire issues: Evia reiterated that she has released her former Squire, Avalera, for abandonment of duty.

Agenda items: Nominations and events


Perivan and Metadi are both on leave of absence for the time being.
Neither should be considered for nominations due to this, and as Metadi was on Council, will need replacing.

Nominations are for the positions of Leader, First and three folks for Council.

Leader nominations to date: Cryheart, Geijon

Nominations for first, to date: Geijon, Shirkon

Nominations for council to date: Dame Deavon, Evia, Shirkon, Goldstr, Balantine, Cinabar, Geijon

Nominations will remain open for one more week and may be submitted via scroll.

Events Discussed:

Lecture on Franchise/Tour of Holding (Balantine) - March 8, 9:00 pm
Tale of Discovery of Leya's Shrine, and tour (Dame Deavon)
Forging Instruction
Sir Thadston invitation to a yet to be determined event.
Warrior Guild Night - filling in on Wednesday evenings for Metadi

Cinabar brought up the possibility and desire to invite Maldon to visit, should his whereabouts become known.

Some discussions followed, regarding perceptions of the Gryphons formal relationship with the Empire, and of a few recent events including the race for Mayor, the Sir Thadston Tea, and the Block Party.