Meeting Minutes – 2/23/2013

In Attendance: Arpelli, Cryheart, Deavon, Evia, Geijon, Goldstr, Karibeth, Perivan, Ruffelin, Shirkon.

Guests: N/A

Squire Issues: No squires present. Mention was made of both Ortar and Endoro as prospects. Shirkon's squire is still MIA and discussion followed about time limits for squires to be active. Reference was made to the Squire Training Manual and/or By-Laws as sources for those limits to be found. (Both are posted on the Gryphon web site.)

Agenda Items:
1) Meeting Day/Time - Since the Restday (Sunday) meetings seem to be a stumbling block to some prospective members, both now and in the past, there was discussion of alternating meetings between a weekday (once a month) and a weekend (once a month) for a total of two meetings per month. The consensus was to keep our Restday meeting as the weekend meeting day and Tilamaires (Tuesday) was suggested for the weekday meeting. Both meeting times would be 9:00 p.m. as the elves reckon time (Eastern).

Members are invited to discuss the weekday proposed as well as the possibility of their attendance on a weeknight. If you wish to propose another weekday, please use the poll on the Gryphon Forums and the discussion topic there. It can be found by following this link:

2) Election Results - Cryheart confirmed as Leader. Geijon elected First. Elected to the Council were Evia, Metadi, Perivan, and Shirkon (with a tie between Perivan and Shirkon). Shirkon volunteered to remain in his capacity as Castellan and serve as alternate Council Member as needed.

Since Geijon will be assuming the title of First, Ruffelin was appointed as Scribe with Goldstr assisting as needed. Ruffelin will also serve as Master of Squires and Scions, with a Council of Squires and Scions to possibly be created to assist. Dame Deavon retains the position of Herald.

A brief discussion of potential Scions/Squires followed. Names mentioned were Kerl, Clunk, Snowrok, and Drecador(sp?). A possible "waiting list" was mentioned for keeping track of candidates until members were available to mentor them.

3) Next Event - Evia discussed the idea to have a tent set up outside the Warrior Guild on a guild night so that our members could assist with guild tasks and speak to warriors about the Order. As Evia put it, so succinctly, "Warriors doing warrior stuff." Scions could meet with those unable to enter the guild, thus representing the Order to non-warriors who might be interested in the Gryphons. Arpelli mentioned answering questions and dispelling misconceptions about the Order. This plan was accepted by consensus of those present. It was generally agreed that the event would last one hour and was likely to begin at 9:00 p.m. Elven.

A date needs to be selected for this event and the information given to Sir Cryheart so that the event and its announcement could be coordinated with the town council.

4) Prizes - A discussion topic has been opened on the forums for suggestions. Post suggestions or discuss items at This topic is in the Restricted Message Tree, The Gryphon Keep sub-forum, "New Prizes for the Gryphon Prize Cabinet" topic. If you cannot access the topic, please contact Ruffelin (

Among the items mentioned were:
an armor/weapon care kit (polishing rag and whetstone)
talismans (possibly enhanced in some fashion)
arm bands or bracers (possibly enhanced in some fashion)
loincloths with pockets - REJECTED (with prejudice)
gem cutters/patterns
satchel or some sort of container for herbs, etc.
a dagger similar to those created by Storven
a shield similar to those created by Stovel
a crest (possibly enhanced in some fashion)

5) Open Invitation to Solhaven Colleagues - Evia discussed extending an open invitation to Sir Bristenn, Lady Misun, and others of the former Order of the Azure Sun. Our By-Laws provide a procedure for former members who wish to rejoin and we discussed the possibility of Scion status for others who wished to be associated with the Gryphons.

6) The Surrender of Drangell - Recent events, including Drangell's surrender and his proposed "deal" with Walkar were discussed.

7) Returning Adventurers - A fellow Gryphon member, Guarrin, has recently returned as has a well-known rogue by the name of Thorin.