Meeting Minutes - 2/23/2014

Present were Balantine, Perivan, Evia, Deavon, Metadi, Maldon, Shirkon and myself.

Discussed some background scenarios going on in Talador:

1. Lordship Kuligar is engaged to Lady Cosima, daughter of one of the other council members.

2. The notorious Vleg, criminal and assassin, was captured in Talador. He is awaiting excecution.

3. Baronial Ceremony in Talador will occur this coming Saturday at 10 pm eastern.

4. Earl Jovery the Northern Sentinel, Baroness Delphurinia of Jantalar, Baron Malwind and his daughter, Ladyship Athalia will be present at the ceremony.

All should be addressed as your Excellency with the exception of the Lady Athalia. Wear your finest gear, not armor, but take a weapon which will be concealed at all times in a harness, sheath etc. Bring out only and only in case their is an emergency.

We have agreed to meet at the Holding 30 minutes before the ceremony and together travel as a group to Talador. The ceremony will take place in Doggoroth Keep, south of Talador City. We have decided to present simple but tasteful gifts to His lordship Kuligar and lady Cosima.