Meeting Minutes – 2/27/2005

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 27 of the month Fashanos in the year 5105.

Members in attendance: Sir Brinn, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Sir Cryheart, Sir Kinshack, Kriztian, Metadi, Mourdeyan, Murgin, Xanith, Dame Yviara

Squires in attendance: Koleph

Guests in attendance: Jaernal

Xanith facilitated the meeting.

I. Squire Issues

Kriztian reports being out of contact with his squire Tagari for three weeks but plans to continue as planned with Murgin's assistance. We look forward to Tagari's return.

Murgin suggests for those who are squires or prospective squires that Solhaven is a great place to make your mark.

II. Sir Brinn's Gift

Sir Brinn entrusted the Order with the same blade used to knight all current knights of the Order with the express desire that we will continue to use it as such as we move forward. He expressed a desire to see the weapon wielded by the Leader of the Order whenever led into battle. If the Leader cannot wield the weapon, it can at least be held as a symbol of office.

To facilitate this new tradition, a vote was cast to update the bylaws to include the following addition beside the Leader's description in Article II, Section 1:

"The Leader will be entrusted with the falchion used to knight all prior knights of the Order, with the express intent of using it to rally the Order during times of battle and to knight future knight candidates."

Nine votes of Aye were placed in favor of this addition.

Because this is a change to the bylaws, any active members who wish to vote one way or another who were not present are entitled to do so over the next two weeks, though the quota of 2-3rds active membership has already been met.

The blade will be named Mithrandir in honor of its first owner, Sir Brinn himself.

III. The Siege of Solhaven

Solhaven has been under siege since the last meeting. The enemy is attempting to use the citizens and civilians as collateral to pressure Ulstram into handing over the merchant who holds the last piece. The supporters of the attackers have been conducting sacrifices on civilian defenders. Nershuul, the general of Morvule's army, attacked mid-day on the date of this meeting and set fire to Niima's temple. Mourdeyan cautions us that Nershuul seems to have developed an ability to deflect attacks directed at himself to other defenders, so exercise extreme care when attempting to engage him.

IV. Joint Event with the Amazons

Dame Deavon will work to set up a meeting with the Amazons to begin discussing our approach for a joint event to celebrate all things warriorly and honorable.