Meeting Minutes - 2/27/2011

In attendance: Sir Metadi, Evia, Shirkon, Sir Tebon, Geijon, Sir Cryheart, Perivan, Balantine, Sir Morgiest, a late arriving Xanith, and Caeledon (Sir Tebon's guest)

I. Caeledon was announced as Tebon's guest and put forth to become his squire. Barring any objections he will become official at our next meeting. Shirkon's squire Tagari has gone missing again, I believe this is the 4th time of said occurence.

II. Our History and Purpose of the Order event is scheduled for 3/20/2011. We'll have to begin broadcasting this information soon. It will be held at the Holding on our normal meeting time.

III. We discussed the current Summoners happenings, but as the information is sensitive it won't be contained in minutes.

IV. Genealogy was discussed. We have a working list that Shirkon is lead on.

V. We etched out a Timeline of the Knightings of all the Sir and Dame's in existance, the circumstances, and the year as best we could.

VI. Website Portal discussed for a while. Geijon and Evia hope to have the website ready for a full launch at the conclusion of our 3/20/2011 event.
A. Key Moments Timeline encompasses some of our goals with documentation.
B. Squire Genealogy may be an internal document or family tree type display on the website.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree