Meeting Minutes - 1/2/2011


Errick's wrong again! Doh!

****Apprentices must be announced to the Order one week before the apprenticeship is to begin.****

Sorry for the confusion! That was entirely my fault.

Anyway here's what we did this week:

Still trying to solve the question of what exactly we did pass in regards to non-warriors. Since the vote was never clear, Brinn will make a decision in the next two weeks about what to do about it. If anyone has a log of the "wait til after the invasion" vote, please forward it directly to Brinn.

Three new "POTENTIAL" apprentices were announced to make up for the confusion in February and for March:

Ingrid for Cemb
[Never became official]

Ronyo for Jafirnn
[Never completed training

Asglyn for Deavon

If you have any objections or concerns please get them to Brinn before Sunday when they will be confirmed.

Brinn says, "If anyone is becoming an apprentice next week, both the apprentice and the sponsor have to be here to make it official."

Brinn asked for volunteers to consolidate all our past motions into something coherent, so Ruffelin, Geijon, Wanton, Deavon and Metadi have volunteered for it. If you don't have any idea what a HUGE job it is, please consider that there are currently 93 logs, of approximately 200 single-spaced pages each and that many things that were decided weren't simply voted on. Give 'em all a hand for bravery ;)

There was a suggestion that perhaps after all this information is compiled there could be some kind of apprentice orientation meeting every so often to tell the old stories and bring them up to date with the Baron and so forth.

Task force leaders are asked to have reports in by next week about what your group is doing.

Remember that History and other information can be read at the website: Write it down... paste it to your forehead ;D

See you all next week!