Meeting Minutes - 3/7/1999

Heya all,

We welcomed 3 apprentices this month with Asglyn to Lady Deavon, Ronyo to Lord Jafirnn and Ingrid to Lord Cemb. Welcome :)

Secondly, Pyranth announced his intention to put Humongor forward for a vote to full membership next week, so all interested folks should be present for that.

Next Brinn named Cemb castellan

And then Brinn proposed the following:

Brinn says, "If you remember, I read aloud some tennets that I want to make lasting as the beginnings of a code of conduct for this Order. We also have our plaque which is our charge. I also didn't hear any objections (other than some gramatical fixes and an addition) to the code I read." (See below for the text of the code for those who didn't save those minutes of a couple of weeks ago)

Brinn says, "What I'd like to have from each of you, in the form of a scroll, is a description of which of these tennets and charges you believe will be violated if a non-warrior is a member, or which of them you believe a non-warrior cannot maintain."

Deadline for input in this matter is March 21st. Please send all thoughts to Brinn at XXXX.

Celtar addressed the order regarding the Warrior guild meeting of yesterday... any who would like the notes of the meeting can find them at Titaniia's website.

Titaniia announced that Ughsplat is now her squire. Kytaara announced that Hjolmar is now her squire.

Cemb will probably be giving a talk on the 21st of March regarding Bane Weapons and such. Everyone should try and make it for that valuable information.

Happy hunting :)