Meeting Minutes – 3/11/2012

In attendance of the meeting, this Restday, was Dame Deavon, Arpelli, Sir Brinn, High Lady Evia, and I.

We discussed how well our three discussions went, as part of the Friends of the Paladin event. We spoke of retooling the Winter Giveaway event. We also spoke of doing a Rally event, for fun. Lady Arpelli and Lady Evia will be providing some more substance later.

2012 Voting Results:
Leader - Cryheart

First - Brinn

Council - Metadi, Evia, Perivan

Alternate - Deavon. Replacing 2011's Leadership of:
Leader: Cryheart

First: Shirkon

Council: Metadi, Geijon, Evia

Alternate: Balantine

:OOC: Keep in mind that another storyline is coming in May for the Landing.