Meeting Minutes – 3/13/2005

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 13 of the month Charlatos in the year 5105.

Chair: Kriztian

In attendance: Cryheart , Yarx , Murgin , Shirkon, Deavon, Eahlstan , Yviara, Mourdeyan

Guests: Danay, Sylanae - Both part of the Tribe of Amazons, and Jaernal

Arnakyl has been invited to the next meeting if no one obects.

I. Squire Issues

Jaernal is to be made the squire of Sir Eahlstan should there be no objections before next meeting.

II. Griffon Sword Saga

The seige has been lifted and Ulstram is in possesion of the fourth and final piece off the long missing town treasure. Rebuilding is well under way and most buisinesses are once again open.

Volierre is talking again in his usual cryptic manner, speaking about the threads of life and the ancient threat.

III. Event with the Tribe of Amazons

A tournament is to be held in honor of Wanton Destruction with the help of the Amazons on the 22nd of Ivaestan, includding drag races, tug-a-war, and a gauntlet.

Murgin says, "I move that we change it a bit. Let us commit to making this event happen, in partnership with the Amazons, with specific events and rules to be fleshed out."

Cryheart says, "Seconded."

Kriztian deeply says, "7 ayes, zero nays, two abstentions."

Next meeting will be in ONE week

Shallimar Wyldcat