Meeting Minutes - 3/15/2003

Presiding: Eahlstan

Attending: Aeryi, Sir Cemb, Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Drallen, Evia, Geijon, Goldstr, Kinshack, Kriztian, Morgiest, Pomic, Sir Ruffelin, Shirkon, Skorr ian, Thrudh, Typhus, Xanith, Yarx, Yviara and Zyanna.

Guests: Falicor (Kriztian)

I. Battle Report
Various members gave information regarding invasions in the Elven Nations. The Vaalorian elves have sent forces to fight alongside the citizenry, as have the Ardenai. These elven forces have been aiding the citizenry by healing and raising their dead, as well as fighting off the invaders. Invading forces include: hags, worms, mein soldiers, V'tullian scouts, V'tullian grunts, Mularosian Flayers, massive black beasts. The Dark Alliance apparently has members killing citizens as well as the elven defenders. Kendryth is organizing a group to build a fortification near the wall in Whistler's Pass.

II. Plague
There was a brief discussion of the dwarven illness, purported to be the Red Rot, which has begun to take the lives of dwarves all over the lands. It has been spread from Zul Logoth to the Elven Nations, the Landing, and even Teras. No information was available on a cure, though House Sovyn seems dedicated to finding a cure.

III. Krolvin
The Krolvin seem to have taken the comet as a sign for them to expand their territories. They've started with Teras and have begun invasions there. According to witnesses, the Krolvin have already presumed ownership of the island and are in the process of trying to remove the inhabitants. There was some mention of a group of Fortuneers who found an ancient Krolvin storeroom with a cache of items. Krolvin have been capturing and torturing island inhabitants as well as the dwarven Clan Leader. It's also said that the Krolvin have found some way to tap into the comet, drawing some unknown power from it. The Krolvin have been known to use stealth tactics and often attack healers and clerics, first.

IV. Krolvin Strategy Task Group
Since there is a possibility that the Krolvin may soon turn their attention to the Landing, a group was formed to study tactics and strategy for combatting them when they arrive. The group will be led by Kinshack and Xanith.

V. Report from Baron Malwind's Court
Malwind held another open court session during which it was announced that the Earl of Hendor is now the Northern Sentinel. The Earl is also still the Overseer of Solhaven. At the end of the session, Baron Malwind read a scroll from Baron Hochstib which complained about the behavior of a certain knight (Sir Cemb) and the killing of Hochstib's herald, Holswort. (With Sir Brinn absent, we were unable to determine if a missive was sent, from us, to Baron Malwind to apprise him of the events from our perspective before he heard of it from Hochstib.) There was also mention of Sir Cemb's removal from the Court by Malwind's guards after Cemb mistakenly addressed Malwind in an overly familiar fashion (by using his first name, Dunrith).

VI. Squire Reform Task Group
The Squire Reform task group met prior to this evening's meeting and will meet again next Restday. A report will be given to the Order at the next regular meeting. Task group members are: Drallen, Eahlstan, Evia, Geijon, Kriztian, Morgiest, Sir Ruffelin, Yviara, and Zyanna.