Meeting Minutes - 3/24/2002

In attendance:
Brinn, Cemb, Deavon, Drallen, Eahlstan, Morgiest, Ruffelin, Seesfar, Skorrian, Thrudh, Typhus, Yviara, Zyanna

Guests: Yviara is the guest of Eahlstan. Morgiest is the guest of Ruffelin.

Sir Ruffelin opened the meeting.

I. Vacant Positions
The position of scribe was filled by Drallen.
The position of Castellan was filled by Eahlstan.
The task force leader (tactical) position was filled by Drallen.
The open council position will be left open until the new elections.
The Herald position will be determined after the elections.

II. Membership
Sir Brinn tabled the discussion of open membership until after the elections.

III. Squire Issues
Seesfar was transferred from Jeanius to Sir Cemb for squire training.
Morgiest was made squire to Typhus.
Zyanna will announce next meeting as to whether or not she will take Yviara as squire. If not, Brinn will be training her.

IV. Hunts
Ruffelin put forth the need for including hunts between meetings.

Sir Ruffelin closed the meeting.