Meeting Minutes - 3/26/2000

1) Haephestus has been made an apprentice to Cryheart.

2) Brinn and the council have developed a new policy for former members of the order. The policy is:

The new policy will be as follows: Former members may approach the Order to request reinstatement provided the individual left of his/her own volition and has not, during the period of separation, denigrated the Order, its ideals, or its Members, nor conducted him/herself in any way which would have disqualified him/her as an Apprentice, said request will be given fair consideration. The requesting individual must agree to cooperate with the readmission procedure set forth by the Order. This new policy will be part of a two fold process for the reinstatement of former members. The second part of the policy is still under development.

3) Brinn brought up a discussion with Maldon regarding the status of locking the holding. Contention is that since people are extremely interested in what goes on inside the holding and are doing just about anything to get in. Some things were discussed regarding Maldon getting a home here in the country and leaving the main holding unlocked after moving the keys, bracers and other equipment. However it was brought forward that he resides in the holding due to the political ties with the empire. By his occuping the holding, he is claiming the surrounding lands in the name of the empire, of which his is a knight.

4) Evia was put up for full membership tonight and the vote was in favor. As well, her testing went well. Welcome Evia, the newest member of the Order!

Next meeting will be on 04.09.2000 @ 10pm EST.