Meeting Minutes - 3/28/1999

Korm came by and answered questions before our hunt and gave out some very interesting information.

It seems that Baron Malwind has taken it in mind to try and get the crystal that was damaged near Mestanir. Apparently this is also what is keeping Hochstib from attacking us, because he's busy with that situation. Also there have been more interesting tidbits given out. The Mestanir crystal has not yet been activated. It is still functional, but cannot be moved for fear of it shattering.

However we need more pieces of the crystal if we are going to make more than one or two bane weapons, and this might be our opportunity to get some.

With this in mind Brinn sent out a letter to Baron Malwind this very evening offering our support in the struggle.

In regards to when the forge will be opened again? "Soon" was the reply with the aside that this was not particularly a new answer.

The Baron has abandoned his alliance with the Luukosian priesthood, and the Empress, disenchanted with the Baron at the moment, is using his 2nd crystal as a toy, dangling it at the moment out of his reach. Yay.

Also the crystal does not have to be activated in order for us to get usable pieces for forging.

Remember no meeting next week :)