Meeting Minutes - 4/11/1999

Hi all,

We nominated people for leader and council after we held a vote to keep all the present people in place, which passed, but which Brinn vetoed because he wanted people to have a chance to vote in private.

So as such here are the nominations: Leader: Brinn.
For Council: Deavon, Wanton, Thrudh, Geijon, Ruffelin, Cemb.

Brinn says, "Each of the candidates should let the Order know, by scroll, when they will be available for interviews, if anyone would like to interview them. Each candidate should make themselves available for one hour of interviews. I won't force the full membership to sit through it, though. Candidates, please make yourselves available for interviews no later than 23 April."

We will vote through Maldon this time to make sure there is no argument about bias... and Brinn will be sending out information about that.

Next week there will be another hunt. Creature of the night to be determined by who shows up.

The week after next, April 25, the results of the vote will be announced and on May 2nd we'll be voting on Cryheart to see if he's going to shed a little blood on the sawdust.

Enjoy, and if ye see a Krol looking for Sue... ::tries to think of a joke about a boy named Sue or a Krol named Sue or just plain... oh forget it:: See what they say and let us all know :)