Meeting Minutes - 4/21/2002

In attendance:
Brinn, Cemb, Cryheart, Deavon, Drallen, Eahlstan, Gilwen, Humongor, Matthiew, Morgiest, Ruffelin, Seesfar, Sylvarana, Thrudh, Typhus, Yviara, Zyanna

Guests: Matthiew and Sylvarana are the guests of Typhus.

Sir Brinn opened the meeting.

I. Squire Issues
Yviara as Zyanna’s squire was made official.
Seesfar Trailsman was tested and welcomed into the Order.

II. Election Results
Lord Cryheart Thaxin was made Leader of the Order.
Sir Ruffelin Highstem was reelected as First to the Leader.
Sir Brinn, Dame Deavon, and Lord Typhus were elected as Council (with Lord Drallen as alternate).

III. Hunts
A second hunt was agreed upon for one week from the meeting.

IV. Miscellaneous Items
By decision of the presiding leadership, tabled items will be discussed in order of written proposal after a formal discussion of the Order’s purpose and goals is held (to begin next meeting).

Lord Cryheart closed the meeting.