Meeting Minutes - 4/22/2012

Last night Lady Karibeth was welcomed as Friend squire of the Order. We also want to welcome back Sir Welan and Lord Falicor.

Discussed seeing a blue-green star in the sky the past few days. (OOC: Storyline beginning it seems)

Decided to use Lady Arpelli's ideas for a rally. We will combine Rally and Dame of Wanton tournament during Landing Frontier Days. (OOC: usually occurs in summer time)

Still waiting to hear from town council whether they will give us 3 credits for our discussions during the Friend of the Paladin fest. So far, we only have 2.

Still waiting for our turn for long term MHO benefits: 1. The NPC guard who will be Vurk's cousin 2. Updated food carts

I will resend the info for food ideas. No responses yet from members, squires or friends.