Meeting Minutes - 4/25/1999

Hey all,

I introduced my new squire, Tilarium, who I hope to make an apprentice someday. If ye do have any doubts about him, I would welcome your thoughts to me either by scroll or by finding me in the lands.

The votes for council and leader came out as Brinn won for Leader, big surprise upset there....

And for council, Ruffelin, Deavon and Wanton won.

Next week we're going to have a little vote for Cryheart for full membership.

Also, if any of ye know of a good laundry service... gnomes or otherwise, Brinn would like to talk to ye. Or even a brace of dwarves with hoses will do.

As his first act as re-elected leader, Brinn cut the meeting short.

Congratulations to the new council!

And may ye eat the bear this week rather than the opposite,