Meeting Minutes - 5/2/1999

Heya all,

Titaniia announced the Lorekeepers official house gathering which will take place on Saturday. It is a masquerade. She wanted us to participate.

Geijon asked what the story regarding the Mandis Crystal near Mestanir and Malwinds's bid to take control of it. Maldon replied: "All I've heard of Baron Maldinws's attempts is that they've failed. A few came close, but none have succeeded, hence he is seriously looking into this Order being employed in that task (to recover it). There is no timeline yet, but he has commented that options and general layout of the area is being collected for our use."

Ronyo announced that he was leaving the lands and the Order, and expressed his deep regret at it. We all expressed our deep regret as well.

Cryheart was tested by Thrudh and in a very bloody match was made a full member. Congratulations Cryheart! :)

Wanton and Titaniia wrapped up the meeting with a funny song about warriors.

Next Sunday there is an emergency PR meeting slated for 9 pm eastern. All members, whether part of PR or not, are invited to attend. There is NO meeting next week, but a group hunt is planned.