Meeting Minutes - 5/5/2013

Tonight, members present were Balantine, Perivan, Metadi, Shirkon, Arpelli and my guest Azanoth as well as me.

1. First order of business, I announced Azanoth to be my intended squire. I have already assigned him a task.

2. We all decided that each member, squire or friend of the Order could choose just one item as a prize...and share their ideas of the product via missive. Keep in mind it should reflect our Order.

3. Our next event, Metadi proposed it....lesson and discussion on the new Shield skills. We have Balantine and Shirkon who have stepped up to the plate, and we need others to share what shield skills they have and to be able to perhaps share in the lesson/lecture.

What we need to do is decide upon a date now!!!!!! So give me some dates for the next two months after May.

Our next scheduled meeting will be two weeks hence.

Enjoy Mother's Day next weekend!